Meow Mix Summer Wrap up part 1

You asked for it, so we are back. When the new team took over MeowMix, they started reviewing everything from layout to content, including the wrap-ups. We made the cut, so here is our first under new management. Jonny’s summer can be summed up as lawsuits, lies & Miriam. Jonny spent the first month of the summer trying to remove MM permanently by claiming that he had court orders and publication bans, but could never produce them. When asked to produce them, he whined to the RCMP, who (he claims) told him not to provide the court orders that would require any hosting company to take the site down. When the new hosting company refused and started to ignore him, he emailed the new owner on July 11, telling him to FO. He then did what he normally does when frustrated and angry; he turned to trying to set Donald Francis Smith up. The saddest part of the DFS issue is that it is clearly unrequited love or lust from Yaniv to Donald.

He promptly started flooding the comment section with racist and Islamophobic comments posted under Donald’s name and a few others from his enemies list. Reading his MM comments and what he posted on
the SFU student Discord really begs the question, why has he never been charged for inciting racial hatred? Has he been let off until now because he has always been viewed as intellectually challenged – more of a nuisance than a danger? That has changed. He now has a criminal record and is on the various enforcement agencies’ radar.

Jonny is basically broke and heavily in debt. On June 23, he tried to set up a situation where he could use his “service dog grift”. Instead of going to any of the other half-dozen food outlets with half a block to get  something to deal with Diabetes “emergency” issue immediately, he picks the one place where it would take time to prepare HALAL food (we already know how much Jonny loves halal). The fact that it was owned by what he thought would be easy marks – Muslims, people of colour, and immigrants- makes this grift even more egregious. Things went as he hoped, allowing him to whine all over social media about Muslim transphobia, and then he filed a lawsuit in the BC Small Claims court on June 26. Jonny then went to his marketing playbook from his bankrupt, defunct companies – Trusted Nerd, JY knows it, and Peanut Marketing (his latest & still active according to his dating profile) to try to pressure the restaurant into settling quickly. He posted terrible reviews online about the Great Afghan Kabab (GAK) under several sock accounts. MeowMix took great pleasure in exposing that scheme and forwarding all the evidence to the AAK legal team. Yes, legal team. Jonny picked the wrong brown people to try to extort. The exposure also forced Jonny to stop using a Meta account that he still operated under the name of Lauren Cimorelli. The account was created in 2012, and he has been pretending to be her, asking her Cimorelli“fam” to post negative reviews and comments about GAK. When exposedJonny quickly changed the name to Jessica Simpson, but it was too late. We really do love that little history of feature on Meta.

Still trying to set the stage for him being a victim of Muslim Islamophobia, he asked the court to provide increased security in the courtroom for the August 4 application hearing after his application to appear via Teams was refused on July 5. He was also curtly told to apply for CART interpretation services properly and not try to get special, expedited treatment by using the application process. Jonny wanted extra protection because he claimed that pictures had been taken of him in the courthouse & he had been assaulted outside of the courthouse by transphobic activists. Yes, people have taken of Jonny in the halls of the courthouse. It is hard to ignore the Yaniv circus, but if he was assaulted by harassing conduct -why no charges? He also claims that he will be threatened by pro-Muslim supporters while at the courthouse. Looks like he is using the old all Muslims are terrorists cliche. He is also trying to set the stage for future claims. The court denied his application on July 7.

July 11 was the date that Miriam was supposed to be sentenced after pleading guilty, but there were so many victim impact statements to be given, that Judge postponed it until July 21 to allow the court the time
needed to hear them all. The Yanivs were not pleased.

On July 12, Great Afghan Kabab filed their response. If they are successful, Jonny is finished financially and legally. An application will be made to have him declared a vexatious litigant.

Meanwhile, the local community and the students of Simon Fraser University have obviously decided that they have had enough of the Yaniv clan. Once again, warning posters started to appear in Langley and on
campus. A student action committee to get him permanently off campus is being discussed. One local business owner even contacted MM, asking them to thank whoever was putting up the posters. Various students have also started coming forward with their own Jonny stories, which are not shared at this time to protect those kids.

Next up, the legal whiz filed papers suing the Government of Canada, but in his usual attention-seeking manner, rather than filing it properly as the Attorney General of Canada, Jonny showed his absolute stupidity and chose to name His Majesty the King. He was hoping for some reaction and media coverage because of the amount he was asking for. The British media reacted, of course. They may have contacted Jonny for a comment, but they also contacted several members of the MM Team. Pointing out it was old wax my balls again trying to circumvent an already standing court order, witness tampering in not only his criminal trial but also his mother’s, as well as demanding that RCMP officers who arrested him be fired, effectively killed the story except as a only in the colonies joke filler.

July 20 was a big day, and we have the photos to prove it. Jonny was arrested. It was the usual catch & release. No charges have appeared on the Court Service Online yet, but while Jonny denies being arrested,
despite the photo, which now has over 1.5 million views. Nearby strata residents also confirmed that the RCMP entered his unit to search. Maybe we should run a fundraiser for the poor cops who had to see and be in Yaniv’s lair.

Keep watching for part 2!

If you want to hear more about the insane world of Jessica Yaniv a.k.a Jessica Simpson look no further.

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6 Replies to “Meow Mix Summer Wrap up part 1”

  1. Mickey

    There goes Jon, dreaming of big, fat ***** again!!! C’mon Jon, we all know you are a gay man, just embrace it. It doesn’t really matter though because there is not one single person on planet earth that will ever “date” you unless they are paid and astronomical amount of money and we all know you are broke. Still looking forward to you losing the Van Coastal case and then eventually the pigloo. Gross, smelly, obese grifting loser. Say hey to your mom for me!!


  2. nNancy

    I was going through prior posts and in early Aug you mentioned the most recent suit against the strata would be covered. Whatever happened there? If Jethro is stupid enough to piss off the strata AGAIN for whatever frivolous reasons it’s well, good for us to know and have a laugh,
    I really hope Peroz follows through. He can cause the most damage to this vile prick by having him declared vexatious. The Amy Ham suit is a fucking mystery. Does ANYONE know what’s going on there? It’s been almost 3 years I think and a lot of other suits filed much later than hers have been heard. I asked her directly on X for an update which she ignored. I hate to say it, but if she has dropped the action then she deserves everything this revengeful prick decides to come at her with. She could have easily put him $200K in the hole, one he’d never, ever climb out of.

    1. Crabbyoldbiddy

      The applications against the Strata were covered in the 3 Times a Loser posted on August 5. The Amy Hamm lawsuit is still listed on the CSO so it is still active. It is up to her, when and how she wants to proceed. She may just be waiting until Jonboy actually has some assets to seize rather than getting in line with all of his creditors.

      1. nNancy

        The rule about assets is pretty simple, The last ones to file get to split an empty pot. Surely her lawyers have told her this and if not she might need better lawyers.

        The article about the strata is a bit confusing, so did Jon enter another action under another umbrella, one that only pays a max of $5K and that was tossed out? It would have only affected the two seniors had it been allowed, not the strata at large? See, when someone says he initiated an action against the strata I expected an action that would impact every resident in there. Lord knows, both stratas need to be pro-active and take out restraints, levy fines, hire extra security and bill to Yaniv, etc. If the strata wanted they could make life unbearable for both Yaniv branches. A strata in Toronto drove a man to kill because they put the screws to him relentlessly. Yaniv is cowardly, he’d never kill.

  3. Vote cpc

    DFS is doing well in Ottawa with the Photography Covering Hockey Games and More But The Fat POS Keeps harressing DFS Which DFS Had To Change His Number
    The Fat Pos Needs To Be Jailed

  4. I wonder if there is record of the cat during the police search of the pigloo?

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