Tales Of The Tenapad Tribe – Madvent Day 17

This is the first part of a new regular article. Exploring the fictitious world of the Tena Pad Tribe and their most famous member.

We start this tale by going back to the late 181980’s, to the small native village of “WoundedImplant”.
A young girl called “PokesHerNoseIn”, sits next to the fire, where her Mother “TwoBreastsDraggin” works quietly on her beads to barter locally.

“TwoBreastsDraggin” came to Wounded Implant from the Far North, where she had hunted Polar Bear, Seals and whales. Her usual method of hunting was that she would mount her False Teeth to the end of her harpoon, thus ensuring a better kill rate.

Time spent handling & butchering whales prepared her well for Motherhood, although human her child exhibited many whale-like attributes, such as her size & seasonal blubber.

“Pokeshernosein” is not a popular local child as she is well known for spreading gossip & lies about her fellow members of the LangleyBigSmoke Reservation.

Alas, her Father “QueitlyDeadandBuried” disappeared as part of a Hunting Party many Summers back. Some wonder if it were his false reports to the Canadian Revenue Agency in “WounedWallet”; others suspect he just ran away and faked his death to put “TwoBreastsDraggin” & “PokesHerNoseIn” off his trail.“QuietlyDeadandBuried” had no sooner left the village that his Wife & Child had sold his Teepee and his rare bead collection, using the proceeds to invest in the Teepee Rental business.

“TwoBreastsDraggin” eventually became the Village Shamen. She possessed the 2 main qualities for the role, the first being that she required no make-up to create a wrinkled old crone, and the second spoke fluent gibberish.
As Shamen, her duties were varied and included shouting false reports about fires in the Village Teepees, annoying & physically abusing her fellow Village Elders, and lastly, stealing as much as she could carry from the Pale Face’s Hotels when she visited them.“TwoBreastsDraggin” & “PokesHerNoseIn” lead a relatively quiet life, and yes, they annoyed the other members of their Tribe, but on the whole were content.

Then, one day, “PokesHerNoseIn” discovered the Pale Faces Social Media Smoke Messages and posts. She spent so much time on social media that her nose grew, her hands became clawlike, and the smoke also affected her mind making her a very self-obsessed Squaw!

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10 Replies to “Tales Of The Tenapad Tribe – Madvent Day 17”

  1. Batman

    This one is a yawn. Can we stick to articles/news?

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    1. Jim Norton

      Or you could contribute one.

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    2. Avatar photoMeow Mix Online

      We are doing 25 posts in December – If you think you can do better please email is your article at legal@meowmix.online.

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    3. Mickey

      Yikes. Really rude and better off kept to yourself. I look forward to seeing your submission soon.

  2. jaime

    I am very greatful for the team posting any content.

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  3. Vote cpc

    Jail time for Yaniv dec 18th

    1. Avatar photoMeow Mix Online

      Do they have a cell large enough for him?

      1. Jim Norton

        Just put a yoke around his neck and tether him to the jail.

  4. Vern Thurston

    The only Tribe Yaniv can claim as a relation is the Ashkenazi Jew Tribe. Genome Research shows that interbreeding was an issue. Researcher Itsik Pe’er said everyone in the lineage is a 30th. Cousin. Yaniv shows signs of close cousins breeding. Perhaps Yaniv’s Grandparents went to Family Events to meet their spouses or have flings Lopsided dis-proportioned head, eyes offset, and many medical/mental problems are clear evidence of line-breeding. Metis, yea right-No Yaniv you are descendant of your parents who were Ashkenazi Jews who unfortunately saddled Canadian Taxpayers with a huge Sponge-John.

  5. Jon Yanivs Beret


    I’m fairly articulate at writing when I attempt to be, but I wouldn’t know where to start with an article or topic.

    If you have a list of topics or ideas, please email them to me (on the email I use here) and I will let you know if there’s any that I think I’d be capable of doing proficiently, without embarrassing either of us. Lol

    As always, thank you for all your hard work.


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