Jessica Yaniv Simpson Sued Over Dangerous Dog

Jessica Yaniv Simpson

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12 Replies to “Jessica Yaniv Simpson Sued Over Dangerous Dog”

  1. Ladylaw

    Talk about coming back with a bang Well done.You were missed.

  2. Trevor Dunen

    My view is a) The strata deserve it because they never took action against this fat tranny fool. and b.) I also believe that it is well known that Jessica John Yaniv Simpson, the Elephant man of Canada is a legal genius, after all, he’s a fourth year law student after just studying law for about a year, he has also won two times out of 100 cases he brought and one of them he won because the defendant forgot to respond,, therefore they shouldn’t bother with a court case, they should just give him the win on his reputation alone & award him free food at the Olive Garden Restaurant for a whole year, this will only cost a million dollars or so. Looks like fatso will have to get rid of Rexy, play stupid games & win stupid prizes. Nice story Meowmix, thanks for the update & keep up the good work, I cannot wait for this one to go to court, this will cost him a packet & he may have to declare bankruptcy.

  3. Reader

    Hope they don’t euthanize Rexy for being “dangerous”. Not his fault he’s an emotionally crippled mess of a pet dog.

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    Fuck This Comment 1
  4. Jack Yaniv

    A service dog doesn’t bite people. I hope he brings rexy to trial.

  5. Meowzers

    What was the previous attack/serious injury that Rexy caused? Sounds like it (the dog) has injured someone before? I know for sure Kamal and the reporter were lunged at. I hope this lady sues for 35k!!

    1. Avatar photoMeow Mix Online

      We do not know. It is clear from the documents that there has been at least one previous attack. We are always open for any information!

  6. Xmshkx

    We all knew Rexy was being abused, most of us reported it and nothing was done, all because they dont want to seen as transphobic! Gfto. My hope is they take this poor over abused beast, evaluate him after a few months of being in a foster that has training in abused pets, and maybe actually give him a good life on a farm or ranch somewhere. We all know what could happen right? They will take Rexy and put him down, since this isn’t the first time. Its just really sad that he got a horrible start in life with an abuser pos. Now we know what happened to the kitten, Rexy is animal aggressive, and it was probably funny to Yaniv that his prop attacked the poor thing. I cant imagine the terror that poor little kitten went through in the house. Criminal charges for animal abuse, animal at large, assault, anything they can think of to charge him with i hope they do. Yaniv needs to rot in a prison cell alone the rest of his miserable life, and not a womens prison, a solitary cell so he cant manipulate anyone ever again. They need a “trans” unit in prisons now since so many of these men wanna play dress up all of a sudden, let them all be degenerates together!

  7. Yaniv Trash

    I hope the Rcmp raid Yaniv place for animal abuse

  8. 377

    Will “fearing for my life”, Donald, the marauding gangs of armed transphobes roaming the strata hunting him down or perhaps jonny’s disabling excessive pubic hair surface in Rexy’s defence?

    My fave has to be jonny was about to be sexually assaulted. Again.

  9. ActuallyHuman

    Yaniv is so stupid to realize that Rexy is a mongrel who cannot learn basic commands and will attack anyone on command. I hope Rexy gets euthanized. Yaniv is already becoming like Elliot Rodger as he is killing animals. Soon, he will kill people. America needs to be more alarmed at what this pedophile has done because everything Yaniv has done in his life is Typical Incel Behavior.

    1. Lulu

      It’s not Rexy’s fault he’s a menace! He’s a product of his environment. Poor baby.

      Hell Yeah 2
      Fuck This Comment 1
  10. Watcher

    The damn smelly thing needs to be muzzled when in public and banned from being allowed entry to all businesses.

    When that’s been done then it might be worth considering a similar set of restrictions for the dog as well.

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