Tard Fight Round 2- Genital Wart infested Yaniv vs DFS

For those wondering what the story was behind Jonny’s misleading, manic posting yesterday about him squaring off against Donald F Smith in court, MeowMix has it. We took a little extra time to verify what happened in court, cutting through the counterclaim fluff that both have posted.

Everything Yaniv posts in the above image is a lie. We genuinely wonder if he has suffered some brain injury because ever since Yaniv self-identified as a retard he has become even thicker than normal. It wasn’t vexatious and was dismissed only on jurisdictional grounds. Maybe Jessica Yaniv Simpson should have taken a law class instead of remedial nutrition at SFU.

Jonny has been stalking and harassing Smith online since 2019, when Smith, as a citizen journalist, covered the BCHRT wax my balls complaints. Smith moved to Alberta to try for a fresh start after being put on probation in Toronto. He was starting to get some traction as an amateur sports photographer, but Jonny continued the stalking and harassment campaign using not only his main account @SFUJessica but also a series of socks.

Friends of Smith suggested that he apply for a restraining order against Jonny. While they knew it might not be granted, it would draw attention to Jonny’s behaviour, especially if he managed to goad Smith into a probation breach with his many socks. What started to emerge during this time period was Jonny actively encouraging Smith to kill himself. That behaviour will be examined in a future article after a psychiatrist reviews not only Jonny’s online behaviour but his real-life history, including his genetic heritage of mental illnesses from Miriam, his mother.

Jonny began the hearing with his usual I am profoundly deaf lie so that he could have the captions enabled. Doing that allows him to ignore the court while it tells him to shut up when he interrupts other participants and to talk over the judge, which he does as usual. Unlike his recent criminal trial, the judge turned off his mic after scolding him for constantly interrupting.

The judge dismissed the application for the restraining order because neither Smith nor Jonny now live in Alberta. Jonny immediately announced that he was seeking costs of approximately $2000 and a contempt of court order against Smith. The judge patiently explained to Jonny why a request for a contempt order was not appropriate & would not granted. Yes, our domestic terrorist Jessica Yaniv Simpson yet again proves the only real knowledge of the law was in his balls, which we all know he literally waxed off.

Jonny’s notarizing expenses (no receipts submitted) and questioned by both Smith’s lawyer
and the court, according to his list, were:

1.) $50.00 for a Statement of Defence
2.) $100.00 for a Counter Claim
3.) $320.00 for Affidavits
4.) $1225.00 for appearance ($175.00 per appearance X 7).

In his usual foghorn voice, Jonny kept banging on about demanding $2000. The fat man is so deluded he actually thought he could claim expenses for the 500 pages of plagerised materials that the court rejected. The judge again patiently explained that the court does not normally grant costs to self-represented individuals except hard costs. In the end, after it was established that Jonny had
made (and admitted) numerous filing errors, the court granted him $80.00 for the one affidavit
that was properly filed.

Within minutes, Jonathon Jessica Yaniv Simpson emailed numerous people he associates with Donald Smith was sending threatening emails demanding payment of his $80. Yet again, Yaniv displays his complete ignorance of the law. But his comments about it being contempt of court after 72 hours are of interest. He states in black and white that he believes it is contempt of court not to make a payment within 72 hours of the order. What will the courts say about YANIV, the convicted criminal who still hasn’t paid Donald Smith his $300+?

The court did not pay for his incompetence in not researching the difference in jurisdictional expectations and limitations between Alberta and British Columbia. To sum up, Jonny did not win this case despite his claims. The action was dismissed because of jurisdictional issues. His losing streak continues except for the one BC CRT case where the lawyer couldn’t be bothered to show up. It was not a win for Donald Smith either. Jonny is still free to stalk and harass him, except now more people, the courts and Smith’s probation officer are aware and watching.

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29 Replies to “Tard Fight Round 2- Genital Wart infested Yaniv vs DFS”

  1. jaime

    I think this is a big loss for as people know what JV is up to.

  2. Vote cpc

    Jethro DFS is not going to pay you unless you pay him for kicking your ass in court

  3. ActuallyHuman

    This little piggy went to K-Mart.
    This little piggy slacked off.
    This little piggy had loads of junk food.
    This little piggy went nuts.
    And this little piggy – and we mean Yaniv – got beaten up by Scoutmaster Lumpus and Clint Clobber and sent to the slaughterhouse because he is extremely obese! His chimpanzee mammy never bothered to potty train him so he shits and cums in a diaper! He is the most homophobic piece of shit in the problematic state of Canada and masturbates to preschool shows! Many feminists have concluded that he IS the next Elliot Rodger, only that he is schizophrenic and inbred.

    Your life is forfeit, Fat Yaniv.

  4. Xmshkx

    Lmfao! The audacity of fat Jon to demand payment within 72 hours! When is DFS gonna see payment from you Jon? You owe him over $350! Remember that one? He didn’t harass you immediately after the judge ordered it, he’s been waiting. Tell ya what, you pay DFS, then go f yourself and he will pay you the piddly $80 chump change you think is a win. Loser.

  5. Meow

    Well. You know 80$ is one meal for our big girl and she’s hungry.

    Hell Yeah 10
  6. 177

    Imagine asking for $2000 but only getting $80 and that being treated as a brag worthy win LOL. It’s like he was asking for $35,000 for (physio table) physical injuries, being thrown $2500 and being “VERY VERY HAPPY” with that “considerable” amount”. Then again we’re taking about a numb-nut who smugly targeted $500,000+ from waxers and counsel and ended up paying them $6000. His stupidity never fails to impress.

    I am curious with “$1225.00 for appearance ($175.00 per appearance x 7)”…
    Am I reading this correctly? Is he trying to charge for his “legal” time ie is he, a “3rd year” community course student charging for his time in court akin to what a barrister would? Where the hell does $175 come from?

  7. Sydney

    First, I doubt Yaniv actually knows what “vexatious” means other than it being a word people smarter than him use to describe shitty legal actions.

    Second…. and this one is slightly off topic… But Yaniv blocked me on Twitter/X. I have a poor memory due to some stuff I have and don’t remember what I said to Yaniv.

    Does Yaniv frequently block people? I’m actually hoping the answer is “no” because that would mean what I said was extra offensive.

    1. nNancy

      Fucking rehotard pre-emptively blocks everyone who might even be in the slightest opponents of the trancel movement. You should be proud you are blocked. Just use nitter.net to see what the nitwit is up to. The idiot is too stoopid to realize he can be followed there with the same level of detail.

      1. Sydney

        I’ll try looking at bitter to see if I can spy on ’em. I am actually trans myself (I hope that’s allowed). I just don’t consider myself part of that community because we tend not to get along and I normally end up banned from something.

        I just find this Yaniv stuff to be absolutely fascinating.

        The stuff he’s able to pull and essentially get away with is unreal. Like you’d think at one point someone’s dad or older brother would show up at Yaniv’s door ready to dish out some DIY “justice”.

        And no, I’m not encouraging or inciting such things. I’m honestly surprised that hasn’t happened yet.

      2. ActuallyHuman

        Homophobe Yaniv blocks everyone because he refuses to accept criticism.

    2. Njord

      Yeah that Rhino blocks based on who you follow, he even got three accounts from me blocked, two of them i didnt even remember until i got the notification.

  8. Njord

    Does he really claim to have 8 Bachelor degrees in his footer?

    1. Claude

      Anyone know how the eunuch aka diaper boy was doing in university last term?

      1. jaime

        He did not brag about it so my guess is not well.

      2. 377


        Why did he want a second “vagina”?

    2. 377


      He also claims to be ”100% biological female” who “represent(s) all of the qualities of femininity“…claiming (studying for) 8 degrees is par for the cause.

      1. jaime

        You would be hard pressed to find any women that looks or acts the way he does.

      2. jaime

        If he is 100% biological why did he get the surgery and why.

      3. 377


        Why did he want a second “vagina”?

      4. Batman

        Miriam broke the original

      5. nNancy

        wouldn’t that be an interesting question to ask Jethro with him sitting in front of a blinding white light shining in his eyes while you get to ask him anything you want?

      6. Meow

        Don’t forget she’s Métis as well.

    3. Jon Yanivs Beret

      Njord, lol re the 8 bachelor degrees in his signature, I noticed that too. He seems to be working from the mindset that if you take 1 class in something, then you can claim to be majoring in it, or even have a degree in it. Dumbass.

      And he’s still posturing himself as a faculty member, despite being formally told to cease that by SFU.

      He’s so used to rejection that it just rolls off him and he doesn’t listen to the word “no”. Typical Jon, and typical predator.

    4. Sydney

      With a major like “legal studies” I don’t think he fares too well in the education department. I know very little about what this degree comprises but one thing I know is that it sure as hell ain’t law school.

  9. 377

    miriam is getting her $4,164 back from jonny’s ex-“ fiancée”.

    The batty bag better bank it for his next “girlfriend” as they cost her a packet.

  10. jaime

    If people want to throw up check his latest X post.

  11. Vote cpc

    Jethro I know you watch this site but DFS is not going to pay you unless you pay him when he kicked your ass in court. I know the RCMP watch this site. When you going to arrest the transgender pedo and raid his condo for kiddy porn even weapons

  12. Where is Rexy?

    I wonder how much Johnnys mom has spent on this fucked up child, between sex change surgery, school, a condo, etc. It must be sad that everything you own or have done in life is because your mom paid for it.

    1. jaime

      I would assume she pays most 90% of it and JV pays for the rest.

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