Meow Mix Summer Wrap-Up Part 2

The following day, July 21, Miriam’s scheduled postponed court appearance was postponed again, this time until August 10, but Miriam started harassing one of her elderly neighbours. The RCMP were called & Miriam, with some of her belongings, was removed. On July 29 (yes, a Saturday), she was granted a Judicial Interim Release by the Judge but was not allowed to return to her strata. We assume she has been bunking with her son as her car has not moved from his Strata 12-hour visitor parking in days.

According to the BC CSO, August 10 came and went and was postponed to September 7, a move initiated by the defence to consult with legal counsel. We hear that the Yanivs have been refusing to answer Miriam’s lawyer’s calls and letters, which caused the delays. The court will not be patient much longer despite her age & obvious mental impairment.

By August 3rd, the Yanivs were unravelling just before Jonny’s big day in court on the 4th. Just a reminder, both Miriam and Jonny are banned from Miriam’s Strata and any and all its property. But that did not stop the clan from standing in the parking lot next door to Miriam’s strata, causing a disturbance and then Miriam being involved in an attempted hit and run. It only took 4 RCMP units to deal with the shit show.
The following day, Jonny was in court the entire day trying to get his applications against Great Afghan Kabob and Miriam’s strata (it really is time for Miriam to hire a lawyer or tell her litigious offspring to fuck off before he totally bankrupts her). The GAK application hearing went so well for Jonny that his counter application was dismissed, AND The judge advised Mr. Peroz to file a BCHRT complaint against Jonny for racism. The judge also gave him instructions on how to make his countersuit more legally sound. But the best part of the hearing was that Rexy was declared not a real service dog.
After lunch, Jonny continued his losing hat trick with 2 separate applications against Miriam’s strata. The first was for a publication ban (tossed), and the second was his application to continue his harassment against witnesses at his criminal trial in the Civil Resolution Tribunal after being told by a BC Provincial Court judge that his lawsuit against Ted Callis & Gerald Funk was on hold until his criminal trial concluded.
Jonny tried to do an end run around that by filing in the CRT and got caught. That application was also tossed AND, for the second time in a day, a BC. Court declared that Rexy was not a service dog. While the pet dog was allowed to remain in the courtroom, it was noted that the dog’s behaviour was not that of a certified & trained service dog and commented on by the court staff & others in attendance. It should also be noted that there was such interest in Jonny’s day at court, that the Meow Mix servers could not keep up with demand. A big thank you on behalf of the team to all those who donated towards getting
more servers to handle the traffic. It also makes the redesign easier.

A MM team member pointed out that August 6 is Elmo Day, the anniversary of the infamous Yaniv Elmo sex post to an underage minor. We hope Jonny celebrated the memories & getting away with it, with one of his usual high-caloric frothy concoctions. On August 9, the CSO published the trial date for the lawsuit that Jonny launched against the Provincial Health Services Authority for his usual $35,000. It will take place on February 27 -29, 2024. For those that have forgotten, that is the one from last December when Jonny claimed that he was sexually assaulted by an EMT trying to protect Miriam from her out-of-control & violent son. Jonny was furious that the RCMP did not see him being pushed away from Miriam as the sexual assault it was & charged the EMT. So, spotting the chance to play the victim and maybe make some money, he sued. He was also very unhappy at the blowback on SM; after all, he was a victim of sexual assault! He finally decided that the reason he was not getting any sympathy and support was because he was surrounded by transphobes.
August 12 was a strange day, even for Jonny. We started posting that he had received a prank bomb threat, BUT there was so much off with the quick video he posted and his commentary, such as creating a code black at the hospital and the prankster was being tracked down by the police. Questions began to be asked immediately. How concerned were the authorities? Why was the building not cleared or locked down until the bomb squad declared it safe? Why were his media posts the only mention of it online? Bomb threats in hospitals or clinics, as well as their parking lots, always make the news. Surely, other people would have posted on their SM with their cell shots if it had happened. Why was Jonny and another curious bystander allowed to remain on the perimeter if there was a suspected bomb under a car within 50 metres? Of all the cars in the parking lot, how did the prankster know which one was Jonny’s? Was he followed? Why was only one lightly clad officer and dog dispatched? It looked & behaved more like a drug dog than a bomb sniffer dog, especially since it passed behind Jonny’s car without any reaction. Nearly everyone who viewed his various SM posts concluded that he called it in himself if there was a 911 call. He took the opportunity to spin seeing an enforcement officer & his dog probably carrying out routine security into a melodrama about himself & his projected fears. Jonny must have been expecting that scepticism rather than support and sympathy. As usual, the comments are turned off. Has anyone, besides the RCMP kept track of the number of bomb threats he has called in the past 5 years? They have stopped coming to the Hawthorne in any real bomb threat as an emergency. Is that why he had to change locations? Many questions, no answers. One further observation on Jonny’s bomb threat posts was the absence of Rexy. After stating & posting numerous times that he needs the dog to keep him calm everywhere he goes, where was the dog?

At that point, several people pointed out that it had been a while since anyone had seen the dog AND the kitten he had adopted, sometime in February. Calls began to be made for him to provide proof of life as there was a strong suspicion now that Rexy was officially declared not to be a service dog; he was of no further value to Jonny. It was a valid question, considering Jonny’s reported history with animals. On August 15, he posted proof that Rexy was alive, but those posts raised even more questions, e.g. Why just the dog and not the cat? His posts inadvertently provided proof that Rexy is not a service dog. For example, service dogs do not bounce around the interior of a vehicle untethered but lie on the floor, harnessed or in a travel kennel. It is for the safety of the animal. Another picture is of Rexy SITTING at a restaurant table rather than lying quietly on the floor or under the table. No wonder Jonny, Miriam & Rexy are being asked to leave restaurants more frequently. He is allowed in with Rexy, so he can’t complain about a service dog being prohibited. How does he up the outrage factor, by having the dog sit on a chair at the table? Also, by the way, Dumb Ass, when you are escorted out, it is not only people from the neighbourhood who recognize you. You are swearing at those you know & in general, making a scene only increases your visibility & being recognized. And, please take a refresher course on Photoshop or other similar apps. We don’t think you are noseless or that your face looks like it is melting in real life, although that post did provide some of the funniest comments on SM in a long time.

The lack of any proof of life for Princess the Kitten began an online campaign for him to provide proof of life. It is now over three weeks, and the silence from Jonny speaks volumes, as does his behaviour. He is doing what he always does – trying to change the subject. Even the release of his grades on August 21 did not deflect from the growing outrage online. His grades, for those that are still interested, were Human Nutrition A+, Introductory Chem. C, and History of Greek Civilization A. The only real academic course, as opposed to everybody, passes open book exam courses; Chemistry was barely passed even with almost double the time to complete the exam being granted because of his claims to be disabled. To quote another contributor from Simon Fraser University, he barely passed a recap of high school chemistry but passed the standard history for jocks course and how to eat course for those who forgot what their mother had taught them about healthy eating.

Summer ended with another lawsuit trial on August 29 – 31. The claimant obtained a publication ban, so we cannot report what we know, but can make some observations. If the claimant thought he had a viable malpractice case, why is he suing in Small Claims Court with its 35,000 cap & not BC’s Supreme Court with an unlimited cap? Did they really think that health orgs would not fight that one as vigorously and they would eventually get go-away money? Someone is learning how vigorously any organisation fights even a whisper of malpractice. The lawyers they are self-representing against are experienced malpractice lawyers. Use your imagination to picture what went on in that courtroom
during the dog days of August.

See you next month. If you would like any changes to the wrap-up content
format, please let management know.

If you want to hear more about the insane world of Jessica Yaniv a.k.a Jessica Simpson look no further.

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5 Replies to “Meow Mix Summer Wrap-Up Part 2”

  1. Trevor Dunen

    The cats dead. He got flogged in the malpractice case just like he got flogged in all the others. All those posts he made on Twitter about Chemistry and Biology, he understands none of them as he got a C in basic entry level chemistry. If your relative has been murdered and they find DNA evidence do you really want a scientist who got a C to do the analysis? Jon has the world record and has applied to the Guiness Book of Records for the transgender man who has received the most bomb threats in a year at 3500. He’s also trying to break the world record for the most suicide threats and the most failed suicides. He is bouyed by the fact that he now holds the world record for the most failed civil court actions. If he’s living with his mother then pretty soon sparks will fly and Miriam will cop a bashing, police will turn up and Jon will accuse them all of trying to root him while his dog humps a police officers leg. he will lodge another sexual assault claim just to get his numbers up on his lawsuit losses. It is very worrying that the court clerks and the magistrates keep enabling this dick head by allowing him to run case after case and loss after loss. Surely it’s time to declare him a vexatious litigant, he lives at the courts but he does not live off the winnings for he has never won. As far as the Kebob case goes, he has basically filed a document that says it’s not fair that the other side are using the law against him, and they are winning and this is hurting his feelings, also he demands that the defendant simply cease becoming a Muslim or else, so here’s a few irrelevant legal terms (so it sounds like he’s up with the law) and a demand that you let him win or he’ll lodge a complaint with the Law Society against their lawyer and then he’ll let Rexy loose on the judges leg- again! I can see that if he keeps losing that he will attempt suicide for the 250th time and then we’ll have another Jeffrey Epstein situation on our hands, dead before he got to court to face the music.

  2. nNancy

    MM team and Trevor!
    Brilliant in all ways. Stated eloquently and with humour.
    Princess is dead and gone, thrown away like trash.
    Rexy was twice determined to be no more than a pet
    Interestingly, even as a pet he was allowed to stay in the courtroom
    Jon is a cretin, barely passing Intro Chem (I bet $20 he cheated with a phone or similar)
    He can’t stand when the law is used against him, it’s his own personal tool to wreak havoc
    Rules never apply to Jon, his pet is welcome to sit with him at the table
    It’s between Jon and Hayden who files the most malicious and vexatious suits
    Jon lost the Pac Coast case but they didn’t award costs against him, nobody knows why
    Jethro’s racism front and center in his filing, he’s terrified his trans card will be trumped by the Muslim card
    If Miriam is living with Jethro a punchout is sure to ensue
    It will be over money, at $10k per pop per criminal trial Miriams account balance is 0
    The 4 RCMP who attend will be accused of rooting Jethro, even the females
    Rexy was TWICE determined by the courts to be a mere pet
    Jethro still insists Rexy is a service dog in his latest filing, the NeverEnding Saga
    Genuine suicide or mass murder ideas are now formulating in Jethro’s head.
    He won’t let the transphobes win.

  3. Claude

    MM, can you comment on how he managed to get a publication ban?

    1. Avatar photoMeow Mix Online

      We will be doing this in the next article.

  4. IHateJon99

    Good god….. he ate the cat didn’t he??

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