Yanivs Miracle Brain Tumour Madvent 16

For day 16, as a guest writer, I would like to step forward on the topic of Jys’s brain tumour. If you remember the one he said would kill him within a year. Unfortunately, no one told Jon that his body was just one big tumour.

Jon Boy’s tumour turned out to be an arachnoid cyst. There was no chance of it killing him, but it didn’t stop the drifting pervert trying to convince young girls he was dying.

Ao as a guest writer I have to confess that this is a very sensitive subject for me.

In Early 2023, I got diagnosed with a tumour that is growing latched onto my brain bag or the dura as I believe it is called. Found by accident, and its size was already too big for radiation, and my only choice was a scary operation, one that – as many operations – held risks. I had my skull cracked open and, my brain bag cut while cutting out the lump, so my brain liquid was out and refilled, and my skull closed again and stitched up. You get the idea.

This is years after Jys’s alleged brain tumour, and it has ever since come to light that Jys’s wasn’t more than pretty much, well, an arachnoid cyst, that he exaggerated for attention.

Or, in simple terms, a  sort of a pimple, and I do remember reading it was pretty much harmless, and no action had to be made if not necessary, just some occasional monitoring, and you’re fine.

The comparison of what I did when I heard of mine, compared to his is ever so telling in my opinion. I have no shame in writing that I sobbed for months until right before the surgery.

While the perverted landwhale was out there casually grifting for money and playing the victim. I was saying goodbye to my loved ones, in case surgery went wrong.

Saying goodbye to family, close friends, and a few online people was horrific. Meanwhile, Jys was sitting in a wheelchair with ugly chicken filet breasts, Grifting. Money. Money was the last thing on my mind in such a situation. Just thinking of their actions in being in a somewhat similar situation just makes my right eye twitch.

Ever since the transgender terrorist’s announcement of their oh-so-dangerous tumour, no one has heard anything else about it. As is his usual MO the moment his lies and fraud don’t work he drops it.

And it makes me wonder, are they too lazy to get it checked? Did it solve itself? And why wouldn’t you do anything to save your own life? Perhaps too busy with, still after all these years, the grifts, scams, fraud, harassment, etc. I don’t know. I guess only Jys knows the truth about that I guess and perhaps we will, as well one day. We’ll see what the future brings for them.

Meanwhile, I’ll be rooting that it’s karma, a lot of karma. Because let’s be honest – and this is addressed to you directly, Fat Jon – F-you for being such a scummy person, F-you for appropriating things that people go through only so you could benefit from it. You have no right to do so, all the while hurting people with your fakery. F-you for wasting valuable and scarce medical resources
F- your grifts and scams, your assaults and harassments and everything about you, and so much more.
You truly are a very horrible person, and there are not enough words in the world to describe that. Have a very unhappy Christmas and a horrible New Year.

And for everyone else, have the most amazing holidays and New Year, knowing fat Jon is on his own, miserable and stinking in his pigloo.

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  1. nNancy

    I’m glad you came out the other side. I had my scare 5 years ago and am still not totally clear. Even when you’re clear you’re never completely done with it. There are zillions of folks pronounced clear only to wind up battling it once again and fatally. Grifter Jethro will appropriate anything he can if it can buy him any leeway in life but especially with young girls.

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