Liar Pants On Fire – Jessica Yaniv Liar Plays Dangerous Games

Jessica Yaniv Liar Simpson

This article is based purely on paperwork filed by Ms Jessica Yaniv Liar Simpson and is in the public interest. Meow Mix News were in Calgary today picking up paperwork. We weren’t expecting anything exciting, so it was to our extremely happy surprise that a previously unseen attachment was included, and it turned out to be comedy gold. For us, that is.

Jessica Yaniv Liar Simpson is scared. Jessica Yaniv Simpson knows they have gone too far and doesn’t have a clue how to extricate those 400 pounds of predator out of the shit. As we exclusively revealed yesterday, Donald Smith is suing Yaniv for a restraining order to prevent Yaniv’s outrageous and frankly dangerous stalking. We also recently brought you news of Yaniv’s desecration of a memorial and his utter fabrication about Donald taking part in a home invasion. These are just two small parts of a campaign of hatred that Yaniv has been pursuing against Donald. Yaniv’s only aims are to drive Donald, a severely disabled man, into committing suicide OR breaching his conditions and being taken to jail.

Jessica Yaniv Simpson had, until she accidentally confirmed it through a sock account, denied being served. We all knew she was lying because her behaviour was off the wall, doxing and harassing various people on top of Donald. Discree is not in the Yaniv vocabulary. Which leads us to today. Our little bonus.

Nothing of note here. But we would like to highlight I owe an actual First Nations friend $50 after she bet that Yaniv would apply for it to be changed to remote. Going to court and following the law isn’t something that applies to Yaniv. But it was LW’s reasons that made us laugh.

It seems that Calgary is far too far away for JY. Despite being fit and able to travel to Montreal for major surgery at Dr Brassards, she now claims Calgary is out of the question. There was also never an issue travelling to Toronto or even, according to Yaniv and Miriam – Hawaii. So why can’t Yaniv travel to Calgary? She has also stated on record that she was willing to travel to Calgary to give evidence against DFS! So, it is not impractical at all. It is Jessica knowing what she has done and being too scared to face the consequences.

The next bit gets more interesting with lots of details. Would it surprise you if we said it was a mixture of lies and Yaniv’s ignorance regarding the law? We will start from the top. Italic and red are Yaniv’s words.

“Jessica Simpson is a profoundly disabled woman with a multitude of health issues that resides in Langley, British Columbia,” No, Jessica, you are not profoundly disabled. You are a narcissistic asshole who fakes disabilities to defraud people and the country. You do not need CART – Something that has been entered into a formal decision in the BC courts. We will be letting both judges know that you continue to lie to the courts on this matter.

In addition to such, Ms. Simpson has a service dog which has full access rights in BC, but is not prepared to certify him in Alberta for the reasons of this proceeding.

Ms Simpson does not have a service dog and no medical need for one. This is an outrageous lie, and it is being made directly to the court. THREE judges have ruled that Rexy is a pet with body odour. The dog has zero rights in BC, and you hope a Judge won’t know about your history and side with you. Guess what, JY? Calgary knows all about you. Mainly because of your harassment of DFS’s parole officer. ALSO we love you new version of AS SUCH.

Ms. Simpson is currently a University student at UBC and SFU in 6 courses presently and will be in 9 courses starting in January 2024.

If you are fit to do that many courses at University, there is NO medical reason for you not to attend court. As you brought the University up, though, I am sure the Judge in Calgary will want to know why you needed a handler on the SFU campus. That’s really strong evidence that you pose a risk to others. I hope DFS knows this.

 the filing by Mr. Smith is a criminal offence that breaches his criminal probation conditions. Mr. Smith is also under a Criminal Canada wide no-contact order in relation to Ms. Simpson that was initiated on May 18, 2023. Mr. Smith cannot contact Ms. Simpson and cannot be within 500 meters of Ms. Simpson anywhere within Canada.

Where do you even start? The grammar, the punctuation or the sheer willful ignorance of the actual law. Yaniv is either proving himself to be seriously lacking in educational skills or an out-and-out liar. Yaniv really needs to sue the institutions she claims to have spent three years studying law at because they must be incompetent. 

You see, Yaniv, King of the BCHRT, seems to have forgotten one thing. Conditions only apply to the point of denying Canadian citizens human rights. For example, Donald is not allowed within 500 metres of a University building except where it would breach his human rights. So, picking up a media pass to allow him to work isn’t a breach. He has a right as a Canadian citizen to justice and to be able to go about his legitimate business in peace and without molestation. If he has evidence that you are harassing him, which he has above and beyond the threshold, his conditions do not prevent him from taking appropriate legal action. He is legally entitled to that, and there is NOTHING you can do about it. Once again, Yaniv, your hate and own evil actions have come back to haunt you. But on this, there is a final note: you have actually written to the court that you believe that DFS is breaking his conditions and the criminal law by serving you and taking legal action against you. I wonder what Mr Calis and Mr Funk think of that? 

We will be publishing the documents when we are permitted to do so. The reason we haven’t put the full document up is for one simple reason. We do not want to help Yaniv and there is one hell of a fuck up in his filing that no judge will accept. What are prisons like in Calgary?

If you want to hear more about the insane world of Jessica Yaniv a.k.a Jessica Simpson look no further.

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27 Replies to “Liar Pants On Fire – Jessica Yaniv Liar Plays Dangerous Games”

  1. Jim Norton

    6 courses this semester and 9 next? Oh fuck me! Prove it jon, post your registration.

    Hell Yeah 19
    1. claude

      I needed extra permission in University to take 7 courses a term and no one takes nine courses a term. Most take 5. There is perjury right there.

      Hell Yeah 19
    2. ActuallyHuman

      Yaniv does not take classes. He justs sits there in his rat infested hole masturbating to child porn and preschool shows such as Dora and Caillou. His IQ is well under 70. He was nonverbal until senior year in high school except for a limited and vulgar vocabulary in Hebrew.

      Hell Yeah 11
      1. Wrongtoy

        He should just go back and pester the idf saying he’s making Aliyah.

  2. Jayme

    Alberta for the most part is very right leaning this is part of the reason he does not want to go there.

    Hell Yeah 17
  3. Deep Throat

    Didn’t Jessica’s conditions of release state it wasn’t to have contact with Mr. Funk or Mr. Caillas, but it didn’t stop it from suing them in Small Claims – even after the Judge told it to put them all on hold? Guess the law doesn’t apply to fatboy!

    Hell Yeah 17
    1. Avatar photoMeow Mix Online

      You got it in one!

      Hell Yeah 16
    2. @fasterpussy

      Yeah I came here to say this. He was guilty of witness intimidation in a criminal court case where he is the defendant. He sued his victims and served them (or was his mad mother that served them) useless twonk. Howling 🤣 but good for you Donald. Good for you.

      Hell Yeah 12
  4. Hilary Trotter

    Team Meowmix
    Hold the Front Page, didn’t the Hindenburg take action against 2 of the Residents from his Mom’s Complex?
    Also been thinking about Carbon Offsetting for it’s Trip to Alberta, the Fat Turd can roll downhill from BC to Alberta going so that should save a few trees x
    Sorry about about the sweary word, but it gets on my tits
    p.s. keep up the good work

    Hell Yeah 13
  5. ActuallyHuman

    Yaniv’s right to be a citizen should be PERMANENTLY REVOKED!! He is LITERALLY destined to be the next Elliot Rodger and have a “Day of Retribution” FAR worse than Rodger’s! He pretends to be “an autistic 19 year old princess of Canada” whereas he is actually a 500 pound brain dead schizophrenic with a major scat fetish who masturbates to child porn every waking moment of his life and whose mother is not considered to be an ACTUAL human being. I deeply fear that Yaniv WILL cause a massive collapse in western civilization and it WILL revert America into a developing country. WE NEED YANIV IN PRISON!!

  6. MrEd

    It would be so sweet if Donald is the one that finally brought jonny down….Not Amy, not rebel media, not the Afghans …but Donald. jonny will blow a gasket.

    Hell Yeah 10
  7. nNANcy

    Hahahahaha, Jethro Bodine, erudite scholar of law fucks himself royally with a cactus again! This wanker is going to die by his own sword and the bullshit he’s been flinging around for a decade.

    I can hear the defense Jethro is going to use. I guarantee the two words, “prove it” will be the first and last things he says both on and off the stand, that’s if he doesn’t fake a seizure or something to buy him some time.

    It will be wonderful watching the judge order the dog out with Yaniv kicking and screaming like a toddler.

    I guess Rexy is still alive if this fat larping pretendian woman says he is. That is good.

    Hell Yeah 10
  8. Watcher

    Whichever judge draws the short straw and gets to deal with Yaniv is gonna have a heap of fun with this.

    “the filing by Mr. Smith is a criminal offence that breaches his criminal probation conditions”.

    Probation conditions will never remove a persons rights to legal representation.

    “Mr. Smith is also under a Criminal Canada wide no-contact order in relation to Ms. Simpson that was initiated on May 18, 2023”.

    That may be the case, but Mr Smith has not contacted Ms. Simpson, he has contacted the court to take action and the court have contacted Ms. Simpson to let him know when the case will be heard.

    Remove the garbage and legally meaningless crap from this and it would appear he’s in for a kicking this time, regardless of how many times he manages to insert the word “criminal” and tells the judge how to do their job.

    Hell Yeah 13
  9. Xmshkx

    I know why hes not going to show up, what hes done is criminal, hes facing jail time for this harassment, if he stays in his condo he thinks they cant come get him in another city. Isnt Canada like the US in the sense that your state cant protect you if you are a law breaking pos? Cant the RMCP just arrest him and transport his fat ass there?

    Hell Yeah 10
    1. Jaime

      The big man is also giving the RCMP ground to bring him in under the mental hleaht act.

      1. Jonboyyerdone

        if they did have grounds they would have done it already. They dont want Jethro in their wards preying on the young ladies in the facility. Then again put them in the wards and see what the men do to JY lol tear em a new butthole (next to that mangled mess they call a vagina. mine is more real honey dont kid yourself)

  10. Mickey

    Maybe when Jon says “courses” what he means is how many courses he has at lunch, because he is stupid. 6-9 courses sounds about right. Also, what is happening with Jon’s own criminal trial please? I thought that was happening now? Maybe I am confused. TY

    Hell Yeah 15
  11. Jaime

    If he was facing charges in the States Canada would have to agree to send him to face charges.I think he has the idea its the same in Canada and BC would have to agree to send him to Alberta.The reality its not the same at all if he is convicted a warrent then could be issued for his arrest.

    1. Claude

      BC does not have to agree to anything. Alberta isn‘t involved, either. In Canada all criminal charges are federal. The RCMP will pick him up where ever he happens to be on Canadian soil.

    2. MrEd

      If this were the states & he didn’t show for court in another state, the state he missed court in could issue a warrant for failure to appear. In most cases they don’t come looking for you, only if you happen to get stopped or similar. Also in the states they generally just notify you & give you another date, Not showing for the 2nd date ramps it up.
      The above would apply to traffic & similar type offenses & he hasn’t been charged with a crime in relation to this yet.
      I don’t see how they could issue a criminal warrant BUT it is urgent as it relates to donalds safety & well being.
      This will be interesting…& the irony if it is what brings jonny down.

  12. Cactus

    At Mickey,
    JYS’s criminal trial dates are scheduled for November 20th and 21st and if not completed for December 11th of this year.

    1. Mickey

      Thank you Cactus!!! For some reason I thought it was happening now. I am so confused with all Jon’s criminal activities I guess. The fact that he is STILL walking around harassing people and making an absolute ass of himself is astonishing to me. He really needs to be put away for what he did to the people of your strata. I can’t wait until he is.

  13. N/A

    >the filing by Mr. Smith is a criminal offence that breaches his criminal probation conditions. Mr. Smith is also under a Criminal Canada wide no-contact order in relation to Ms. Simpson that was initiated on May 18, 2023. Mr. Smith cannot contact Ms. Simpson and cannot be within 500 meters of Ms. Simpson anywhere within Canada.

    Can someone please tell me what the fuck Yaniv is talking about here, because as far as I know the nonce is either lying or had successfully manipulated the courts to get a false ruling against DFS.

    1. Avatar photoMeow Mix Online

      Donald was given conditions following a previous issue. They seem on paper to be draconian but are actually not as bad as the landwhale interprets them to be. He is either really retarded on the Law or is willfully lying about it. There is a no contact condition but that is only as far as his human rights aren’t breached. Donald has the right to take legal action against Yaniv. He would retain that right even if he was in jail.

      1. N/A

        Was yaniv mentioned in the legal document, or does it only involve a conflict between DFS and the Canadian government?

        I do believed DFS is being abused by the government and thus deserves reparations, but yaniv is likely using said conflict to fuck with him.

  14. JonJonYaniv

    It’s a bit sad that Yaniv and his mother cannot recognize that they are mentally ill. Mariam I would estimate is in the throes of dementia, Jon just needs some meds and treatment.

    I figure that things won’t end well for our Transfattie. The Kebab case has the potential to financially ruin him and that would most likely be the final nail in his financial coffin. I’m sure the stress of this isn’t good for that heart of his. His diet seems to be of ultra processed foods, he obviously has absolutely no, zero fitness. A heart attack or a stroke are definitely in the mail addressed to him.

    At least in prison, he gets a free accommodation, free meals and healthcare. He can probably find “true love” there.

    He’s reminding me of a bully that I had in elementary school. The bully would pick on people individually with varying degrees of success. But when the victims decided to push back and in the final stance, unite against the bully, that bully became a nobody.

    Jonny, this is for you, quit while you can. You’re going to piss off the wrong person and it’s going to cost you big.

    1. Jaime

      It would not shock if JV has had many small strokes.

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