Bexte/Menzies Respond to JY’s Counterclaim

Turns out JY may not be as close to passing the bar exam as they claim…

Courts have been closed a while so lets catch up…

Yaniv assaulted David Menzies with a cane, and then punched Keean Bexte repeatedly. Both incidents are on video and can be seen on Meowtube.

Bexte and Menzies filed a lawsuit against Yaniv on Feb 4, 2020 seeking penalties against Yaniv for the above assaults.

On March 9, Yaniv replied with a multi-page mess, denying that they ever assaulted Bexte or Menzies, despite video being viewed over a million times. Yaniv’s argument was basically, “I didn’t get charged, and it didn’t happen”.

On March 16, Yaniv amended their reply and counterclaimed for $35,000 from Bexte and Menzies, alleging they harassed, slandered, and libeled Yaniv.

Then COVID happened and the courts closed down.

On June 9, a reply to Yaniv’s counterclaim was filed at the BC court.

In short, Bexte and Menzies lawyers state that JY has no clue how the legal system works and therefore JY’s nonsensical counterclaim should be thrown out.

To further support that Yaniv has no idea how the legal system works, check out documents Yaniv has filed, COMPLETE with RANDOM capitalized WORDS and completely IRRELEVANT baloney. The only bar exam Yaniv is ever going to pass is the one where the waiter says, “Would you like another drink?” and Yaniv says “Yes”.

Check out the full document in the Meow Mix Legal Doc Library or click here.

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