Jessica Yaniv Simpson Medical File

If 20% of what Jessica Yaniv Simpson claimed was medically wrong with him was true he would be a medical marvel. Reality and Yanivality are two very different things.

We’ve covered Yaniv’s medical conditions in previous posts. Just search the word “medical” on our search bar. Still, it’s worth compiling as much as we can into one place so future readers can fact check his future claims.

First, public-record medical reports straight from Yaniv’s mouth. Our previous host made us take these down but, thanks to Yaniv, we’ve moved to a more friendly host (friendly to us) and I can post this safely. This is from Yaniv’s court records in his case against the physiotherapists. Below this is the same information in a spreadsheet format.

Over the years, others have collected data from various sources – Yaniv’s chat logs, screen shots from social media, streams, court records, etc. – and compiled it into these two trackers. They display mostly the same info, but arranged differently – categorized, and chronologically. These are the most thorough compilations of Yaniv’s medical claims, and they include data from the medical records above.

Information will be updated as it becomes available.

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