Yaniv Spring Roundup

June has started with a bang for JY! In case you missed it, here’s what’s happened in the last couple months.

April and May saw Jessica Yaniv joining the rest of Canada’s population in self isolating at the request of various levels of government but while the rest of us were following the government’s orders to only go out to get food or medicine, Yaniv popped out for a parking lot hookup with an underage girl.

Or, while some of us spent our days productively cleaning out our closets, Yaniv cleaned up potential lawsuit evidence against him by deleting his tweets between November 11, 2019 to March 26, 2020.

Many of us learnt new skills such as using Zoom. Yaniv learnt how to catfish on LBGT dating apps. Some of us helped out neighbours get food & medicine, Yaniv started giving really bad on line makeup tutorials or mansplaining how to use a tampon on TiKToK.

Despite the Covid isolation, Yaniv has been very busy and our sister site, Meowtube has the proof.

April started with a grand gesture on April 2 of paying off the BCHRT estheticians but that was overshadowed by getting suspended from Twitter, even though, he managed to get it reversed by April 7.

One of the good things about the lockdown is that after the April 6 fake death threats visit, it basically stopped the RCMP & emergency services from coming out everytime Yaniv dialled 911. It got to the point that on a April 19 SnapChat Yaniv complained that even though he was a taxpayer, they were ignoring him.

April 8 was a treat for those of us who watched Yaniv trying & failing to be a DJ (since taken down) The highlights were learning that Yaniv claimed to have a girlfriend & him encouraging one of his neighbours to commit suicide. MeowMix viewers also spotted cameras inside his unit pointed outside, despite the Strata order to stop filming the entrance & his neighbours movements.

The following week, Yaniv rejoined Vector Marketing to sell Cutco Knives but (He had been part of this pyramid style marketing company in the past) was quickly fired after his criminal record & inappropriate online activities became public. Would you want a person convicted of weapons offences with anger management issues coming to your house to demonstrate & sell knives?

Yaniv then followed up with his usual diversionary tactics of denial & posting negative & defamatory material about the company & some of its employees.

Emily Tressa is a teenage trans icon that Yaniv followed, flattered & eventually started stalking on line until she did an interview with us (see April 16 Emily Speaks Up). Yaniv was forced to backtrack quickly by that interview, saying he wasn’t interested & of course, deleting the evidence.

Also during the third week of April, Yaniv started hunting on TiKToK. Unfortunately, someone quicker than him, claimed his prized TrustedNerd (which now posts videos mocking Yaniv) handle so he was reduced to using his trans name & started following dozens of teenage girls. When the blowback from the kids of TiKToK became brutal, he continued to post but turned to comments off just as he has done with his other social media accounts like Instragram when he is exposed.

It was also during this time that the girlfriend that Yaniv claimed to have during his aborted DJ gig, was identified as a 16 girl named Raygen. This was quickly followed by another claim of having a girlfriend but this time the “girlfriend” Lauren had no idea that she was Yaniv’s girlfriend.

On April 24, while the whole country mourned the murder of Nova Scotia RCMP Constable Heidi Stevenson, Yaniv demonstrated once again how tone death he is by using her death to threaten someone on line. Then came a truly scary development, Yaniv started talking about getting a weapon. A check of their Twitter follow lists by us showed that they stated adding gun posts. This was, of course, reported to the RCMP and his potential victims such as Donald Smith, Kari Simpson and the Rebel Media reporters. There are more such as Blair White. We suspect he has a revenge list and in fact threatened “to execute” Donald on April 30 when he accused an unknown caller of being Donald.

Speaking of Kari Simpson, it would appear that Yaniv manufactured more “evidence” against Kari Simpson & posted it on TiKToK (cute filters and all)  on April 27.

Yaniv finished April by encouraging his followers on various social media platforms to make false police reports about Donald Smith’s online activities. However, Yaniv quickly learnt that Donald now has strong, smart supporters with resources & connections. Kari Simpson immediately posed a Public Service Announcement on MeowMix about meeting with law enforcement agencies to set up protection for Donald against future Yaniv generated harassment.

During this time period, Yaniv published (tried to doxx) all the numbers that had called him when Yaniv’s telephone number was leaked on line. He encouraged his followers to call these numbers & defend him as a victim of transphobia. Some did & after being directed to Google Yaniv, immediately stopped & in some cases, quickly apologized feeling very used. They shouldn’t. This is what Yaniv does.

And now we finally come to the Merry Month of May where it looks like the after spending a month & half in their tiny condo, Yaniv started to lose his mind.

To refresh memories, watch the SnapChats that we posted on May 2.

The next day,Yaniv sent what can only be termed child pornography to some, if not all of his Snap Chat followers. Claiming that it is a cartoon, does not make it any less illegal in Canada. Many people were so outraged that they reported it to their local RCMP as well as the child exploitation investigative units in both Canada & the United States.

Then on May 5, Yaniv allegedly met with a 15 year old girl in a parking lot an hour away from his condo. He then posted pictures (since DMCA’d) of him kissing her & claiming that she was 24, then 23, then 22. What we do know is that Yaniv started claiming it was a setup to catch & identify Langley Resident in conjunction with the Langley RCMP. If this was true why is he threatening to sue or otherwise hurt the 15 year old’s friends, if they don’t shut up about what happened in that parking lot.

May 7 was the strangest example of Yaniv losing his mind when he found Jesus at an on line ministry. Filming himself sobbing while being saved & publishing prayers.

During the month, we learnt that Yaniv’s criminal sentencing had been pushed back to August 31. He should have had his psych eval by now, and it’s curious to note that he was posting about how terrified of Donald he was, having panic attacks & insomnia because of Donald inspired nightmares. Trying to influence the psychologist? But on the other hand, if any of us had framed an innocent man who then spent over a month in jail, we would definitely be panicking at the thought of what happens now.

As Mother’s Day approached, Yaniv decided to enter the Boston Pizza Mother’s Day Contest which involved him having to write why Miriam was the best mother. Still not sure that Miriam was a good mom, but we did learn that Yaniv thinks he looks like Ariana Grande.

On May 8, we learnt through a tweet to Blair White that a girl named Kayla had been added by Yaniv to their SnapChat. He then told her attracted he was to her & that age doesn’t matter when it comes to love. She googled him…

Around the same time (May 9), Yaniv posted a video complaining that he was not getting work because of his voice. The general consensus was that he was trying to lay the groundwork for another BCHRT claim once the Tribunal reopened now that he had could start filing claims again having paid off the estheticians.

A few days later (May 14) home security signs went up on Yaniv’s balcony but it is not conclusive that a security system was installed despite Yaniv tweeting that he could get people a deal with Telus. Just DM him your personal information.

Also on May 14, Yaniv took part in @hersocial zoom seminar where he portrayed himself as a victim in front of a fake background of an executive office. At this seminar, he repeated the sexual assault slander against Amy Hamm to an international audience. We immediately forwarded it to Amy’s lawyers with all the appropriate time stamps, etc. He also attacked other’s on his enemies list such as Culture Guard. His one contribution to the seminar other than playing the victim was to suggest the app’s premium features be free for LGBTQ2SIA+ during the pandemic. He just can’t stop himself from trying to get freebies.

And now we come to the second half of the Merry Month of May which had so many Yaniv screw ups & meltdowns, we just can’t pick one as our favourite, so we will just list them in chronological order.

On May 19, Yaniv posted a plagiarized love poem not to whom the poem was addressed to but HER BOYFRIEND. We have no words to continue discussing this faux pas.

May 20 revealed that Yaniv had joined a lesbian dating site and (allegedly) sent a picture of their ladydick to a woman (natal not trans) on the site. This woman promptly forward the picture to WGKITTY. Since the picture has been widely shared on social media BUT has not been subject to a DMCA demand by Yaniv, we now believe that it is real & he is too embarrassed by its umm shall we say construction to claim it as his. Plus there have been no denials on any social media platforms despite the onslaught of mocking videos, tweets & TikToks.

On May 25, we all learned that Yaniv HAD A DATE which began a search to see if the woman existed outside of Yaniv’s mind. What the MeowMix researchers turned up was eye opening to say the least. Yaniv is on so many platforms beside the usual Twitter, FaceBook, SnapChat, Pinterest & Instagram that our math whizzes calculated that if Yaniv messaged one person a day on each platform for say a month, that’s 750 people. If even one person in 50 responds because they have never heard of Yaniv, that’s 15 potential victims – the same math as telephone fraudsters use. Assuming 90% of them ghost Yaniv after the first conversation, that still leaves at least one new victim a month to groom or prey on.

Our whiz kids turned up Yaniv’s dating profile on HER app without even breaking a sweat. And, what they found was astounding. Did you know that Yaniv was 27 not 32 (soon to be 33 on June 12),is a cis woman not trans, doesn’t drink, runs a successful marketing company, has an executive condo, etc. etc. The lies were endless & enough to set off warning bells in Yaniv’s potential date, Tianna.

And then Yaniv did, what Yaniv always does when exposed, he retaliated against Tianna but sometimes Karma decides to step in & lend a hand especially since Yaniv ruined Tianna’s coming out as a lesbian. The Post Millennial ran a story on May 27 with the headline “Young Woman surprised to match with Jessica Yaniv on lesbians-only dating app“. It was written by a London UK reporter. Yaniv’s catfishing escapade had gone global.

After the public humiliation of being globally exposed, Yaniv unsuccessfully moved on to new prey, posted about wanting to try on wedding dresses when outside a wedding shop & finished the evening watching & posting about a lesbian “porn” film he was watching on Netflix. It was so funny, that it was sad and reinforced the perception that he has a very juvenile and male entitled view of sex.

The month finally ended and not particularly well for Yaniv with Kari Simpson posting a video on vimeo.com/424197005 complete with legal binders, tabbed evidence, & promises of legal action against Yaniv on behalf of Donald Smith. We all now know that the Crown was offering a deal & community service not a long jail sentence like Yaniv bragged about. Apparently Donald’s lawyers sensing how weak the Crown’s case was turned down the offer. The trial will be held this summer.

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