Jessica Yaniv Madvent 4 – Axe Wound Proud

Remember that time Jonathon Jessica Yaniv Simpson exposed his axe wound to the entire world? Who can forget it? Straight men turned gay at the sight of it. Lesbians became nuns, and gay men celebrated they were gay. Yaniv actually united the world – In horror!

You can catch up on the story behind this by visiting here.

Jessica Yaniv Simpson Axe Wound Proud

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14 Replies to “Jessica Yaniv Madvent 4 – Axe Wound Proud”

  1. jaime

    Nothing is normal about you big man.

  2. N/A

    The nonce ain’t the first person to spam doctors for free medical advice and sadly will not be the last.

  3. nNancy

    this creep only exists for shock value. he gets his thrills from watching others squirm at the grossness he can throw at them. Even during the BCHRT hearings he made it a point to always pontificate on all the issues that the poor WOC would have to face if he got the board to force them to provide his “gender affirming” procedures. I can’t wait for later in the month to watch him skate again It’s going to be the lousiest Christmas present any of us could receive.

    1. Jon Yanivs Beret

      Nan, I’m not holding my breath either, my friend. But I recently saw that a BLM activist in Calgary, Taylor McNallie, was given 2 years in jail (to be served on weekends & house arrest iirc) for assaulting an off duty cop. So it gave me some hope that the hammer will come down on the creepy cretin Jethro too.

      Re everyone who says he won’t go to jail for being “retarded” “special needs”, “lower IQ” or whatever you want to call it – if he’s smart enough to do
      college courses and be a litigious prick, then he’s mentally /intellectually capable of doing time in the joint. I really don’t think that’s why he hasn’t been jailed. I think it’s partly because the Canadian justice system is notoriously soft, and partly due to the fact that they don’t know which jail to put him in (men or women’s) and they don’t want to burden any jail with his whiny, predatory ass. But he keeps pushing and pushing…and pushing, so I suspect (or REALLY hope) that he will end up in jail, in a special ward that is perfect for his special needs, what we call “the hole” or “ad seg” here in the states. It’s worse than protective custody, which is just a regular ward/cell block filled with snitches, pedos and other undesirables. Administrative segregation (or ad seg) is when you can’t get along with others, so you’re locked in a cell 23 hrs a day, only taken outside 1 hour to pace in a big cage and you’re allowed 1 shower a week, which would be 1 more a week then he takes now. Regardless, he simply cannot keep poking the beehive without getting stung. It’s gonna happen. Maybe not this trial, but one of these days, for sure.

      1. jaime

        Canada does not like sending people with special needs to jail for many reason.With that said i think the pedophilia more then anything will force Canada hand and thy will have to send him to jail for a very long time.

      2. nNancy

        We are thinking the same way JYB, which doesn’t surprise me as friends, and I mean that in the literal sense, we really are tho there may be hundreds of miles or half a world between us (thinking of you Trevor) but ideas bind us. I’d gather our small band who post here would find so much common ground between us if we were ever to gather together in a room. Isn’t that amazing? We have here, honest friendships without ever having met. You don’t need to meet to have that, every day people become friends and in the case of our erudite expert in human relationships, one Jethro Jessica Simpson Bodine, one doesn’t need to meet to be catfished to a world record setting level. We have better, more honest friendships here than the dickless one has EVER had or will EVER have. Think of that! That creepazoid has existed on the planet for 36 years and we’re more friends with each other in a year than he has ever formed in his entire life
        I’ll have to read up on the McNallie case, I do recall snippets from last year. Considering it was a cop, and in Conservative Alberta, and I think he’s a repeat offender, I’m surprised it wasn’t a lighter sentence. BC doesn’t want to be the province to set a precedent for coming down hard on already oppressed poor defenseless troons. I’m pretty sure, speaking for myself, Jethro is going to get a stern lecture from the judge with overt threats that if he fucks up or violates any of the terms of his new sentence he’ll immediately be collared and carted off to jail. Oh, the justice will spend an hour chastising him to provide what seem to be iron clad optics that will finally rein him in and allow the poor residents of BC some long deserved breathing room from his faux troonery and his equally faux much abused pet Rexy. Then I gave him less than one month to dream up a new grift, one that seemingly skirts all the restrictions on him and we’ll sit back, aghast and recoil in the horror that nothing has changed, nothing at all. A predator is back out in the wild to seek out and destroy defenseless prey. This may be the grift that will finally land him in jail as I suspect it’s going to be his most egregious yet, and will actually dwarf his suit against the King of England. When it blows up in his face even the most liberal flag wrapped lgbtqxyz123fuckuand me ++++++ social justice warriors out there will demand the system do something, ANYTHING to prevent it from ever happening again.

      3. Felix

        Great point. He’s such a dope he says whatever and half of it contradicts the other half. He’s the world’s onliest retarded genius.

  4. jaime

    I think if he avoids jail time again he will become even more bold and do something very stupid that will see him land in jail for a very long time.

  5. ABlockedUser3

    Meowmix sucks now. It wont let me comment. I wont be coming back. Have fun losing more viewership lol. Can’t even do anti-trans sites right lol. liberal on liberal crime lol

    1. Avatar photoMeow Mix Online

      Mate your blocked for a number of reasons,
      1. Using multiple different usernames to upvote and reply to your own comments – A very Yaniv trait
      2. Despite there now being next to NO moderation of comments you managed to block yourself.
      3. We don’t have time for your shit although it makes us laugh
      4. Covid has fuck all to do with Yaniv or the site. Stop whacking your tiny pecker off about it.
      5. I know it must suck to be you and the ONLY person on earth who is unable to make a comment so Happy Christmas you filthy animal.

    2. Jon Yanivs Beret


      Dude, this site isn’t anti trans, it’s anti yaniv. MM has explicitly stated this dozens of times, but like everything else you just can’t get it thru your thick head. Very yaniv-esque.

      Part of the reason we all hate yaniv is because of the damage he does to the LGBT reputation, not because he (claims to be) LGBT himself.

      And you aren’t fooling anyone with your username, we all know you’re that creepy vote ppc dude (among other names) who went on random weird covid and political rants.

      The crazy part is you even managed to alienate people (like me) who actually AGREE with you on covid, this just simply isn’t the place for it. The fact that you constantly posted about irrelevant shit here tells me you’ve managed to alienate/get yourself banned on every other forum too.

      What’s your obsession with MM? Guaranteed you’ve been banned from dozens (hundreds?) of other sites/forums/etc, so I know this isn’t new to you, and you know the drill. Go harass those other sites, MM has important work to do, and more wins to be had.

      Pretty sure I speak for all of us here when I say GO AWAY FOR GOOD.

      1. nNancy

        I second that.
        The LGBQT+ community is being irreparably harmed by Yaniv. It infuriates me to no end that this creep says he represents the community when he is single-handedly trying to dismantle so much of the goodwill built up over the years. This site is the best example of how a place can draw attention to the actual creep within a movement, while trying not to disparage the movement itself.

      2. Jon Yanivs Beret

        Thanks Nan, I’m part of the LGB myself (a lifelong B), so it always makes me feel better when I see people like you (presumably straight) who know not to lump that cretin in with us. He is no more representative of us, as Karla homolka is of you. Which is not at all, and actually the opposite of our respective demographics.

        I also wanted to let you know that I totally agree that we are more friends, and for a longer period of time even!, then Jethro has ever had in his life. It would be sad if he wasn’t a pedo and all around predator and pain in the ass. People like him SHOULD be lonely. People like him SHOULD know they’ve been rejected by all. People like him SHOULD have to look over their shoulder. People like him SHOULD know they have absolutely no one in the whole entire world to depend on, love or respect them, or even someone to simply talk to…unless they change. Which we all know ain’t happening. I think it can best be summed up
        by quoting the great Arianna – “Because I’m Sara. All women are Sara. Every woman you’ll ever meet will be Sara, we are united against you. BOOM. Her (his?) best line in that whole masterful letter.

  6. Jack Yaniv

    Most people with even a shred of dignity would do anything to avoid turning their family name into a synonym for degeneracy and epic failure. Johnny Yaniv on the other hand fails at everything and does so epically and publicly.

    I’m really hoping this dude has a stroke and dies in his apartment after a week of slowly rotting away in his own shit. No one would come checking in on him and the smell wouldn’t be anything worse than what it currently is. Original wish was a slow death with ass cancer but I wouldn’t want anyone in the medical system to have to deal with a cancerous human tumor for even a day.

    Fuck you yaniv.

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