Jessica Yaniv Simpson vs Ambulance Service Lawsuit: Take 2!

jessica yaniv simpson

Jessica Yaniv Simpson has a real hate on the for the BC Ambulance Service. Perhaps it’s because they all know who JY is and they loathe him the way JY loathes vegetables. Perhaps it’s because they have him on a special list and only attend his calls when the RCMP are present. Or perhaps it’s because he took them to the CRT in early 2022 and had to pay them over $1600 in costs. Maybe that’s why he racks up literally tens of thousands of dollars in wasteful BCHES costs every year. Is it that hatred rearing it’s fat, ugly, lopsided face again, or does JY have a real case in this brand new lawsuit against a vital emergency service. Read on and decide.

This new lawsuit, filed (as usual) in BC Small Claims court for $35,000 (note: $176 in fees not waived) starts off with JY making the following lies claims:

  • claims to be a legal advocate, 3rd year criminology student, and be profoundly disabled.
  • claims to be Indigenous, transgendered, and disabled (repeated disabled in both lines).
  • claims to be involved in “LGBTQ2SIA”, criminology (repeated), and human rights activism.
  • claims his mother is 68 years old and profoundly deaf, and that JY is her caregiver.

I think the only truth there may be “Miriam is 68”. Unfortunately that doesn’t really form the meat of the matter and no small claims Judge is going to care or investigate these lies, which is why JY gets away with them every time.

JY goes on to allege that on December 18, 2022 – THE DAY BEFORE THIS LAWSUIT WAS FILED (that’s important) – that an ambulance was required for Miriam. The paramedics responded and would not let Jessica see Miriam. JY alleges the paramedics were verbally abusive. JY claims they followed the ambulance to the hospital.

Actually, JY claims they “pursued” the ambulance at 11 PM in icy and snowy conditions, alleging the ambulance was driving inappropriately. JY then claims they parked in the RCMP parking stall at the ambulance bay. Oh how I wish they had towed him.

It’s at this point where JY’s poorly-written lawsuit becomes straight up confusing.

He claims Stephen, a male paramedic, exited the ambulance and said “you are not going to fight your mom, are you?” and “you are ok with your mom?”.

JY says he responded, “No my mom and I are ok”.

Stephen, addressing Miriam through the door, said, “Your dau…your CHILD is here to talk to you”.

Confusingly, Jessica than says that they (they = Jessica) said to Miriam: “What happened, are you ok?” and then “You’re full of shit”. JY alleges that Stephen was transphobic and hateful with this comment. See the picture below.

I’m guessing Jon is displaying his illiteracy and low IQ again and he meant that Stephen said “you’re full of shit” but who really knows.

From here, Jon goes on to claim that Stephen sexually assaulted him by touching his breast and pushing him back with a closed first. It’s important to point out for Jon that those deformed lumps on Jon’s chest are not breasts. Those are manboobs. You’re fat Jon. You’re not a woman.

Jon claims that Stephen was then very apologetic and basically admitted his entire case. Sure Jan.

JY claims this was violent enough to warrant a call to 911 emergency services and have RCMP attend the scene. He really is desperate to be sexually assaulted. We’ve documented that several times in the past. Very telling claims, considering JY is the one alleged to have sexually assaulted at least one young girl and tried to sexually assault another (forcing her to feign illness to get him to leave).

Because JY is a racist piece of garbage, he then adds that several “East Indian” security officers attended the scene.

JY goes on to describe his version of what happened once the RCMP arrived. He says that Jessica requested that Stephen be charged with assault, and that RCMP are investigating this. He claims Stephen told the RCMP he was stopping JY from entering the ambulance, and that Stephen is lying.

Interestingly, at least to me, is that JY claims “Jessica has all legal authority to be able to talk to her mom”.

JY doesn’t deny trying to enter the ambulance. JY doesn’t deny trying to break a rule. He just adds in something unrelated. I call this the Yaniv Denial. It’s a non-denial consisting of a Yaniv-lie to misdirect your attention. Pay attention, he does it almost daily.

Yaniv then goes on to apparently allege that Stephen should be charged with “intent to mislead” by lying to the RCMP. Fret not, though, my friends, because JY has a witness!

Good thing Jacks Fourth Wife saw it all happen. She’s been so reliable in the past.

Now, remember the timeline. These events happened on December 18, 2022, AFTER 11 pm. Given travel time, and time for police to show up, events to unfold, etc, it’s safe to say that events continued well after midnight into the early morning hours of December 19, 2022 – the same day this lawsuit was filed.

JY claims, that as a result of the events of December 18 and early December 19, that he has already experienced

Let’s say (and we’re being generous) that everyone went home by 1 am. And the Robson court registry is open until 4 pm. We’ll forget trivial details like driving time, sleeping, eating, writing a multi-page lawsuit, etc.

So, according to JY, in that 15 hour window, he developed and experienced (as a direct result of Stephen touching his fat spot) PTSD, nightmares (repeated and ongoing), depression, anguish, insomnia, and loss of enjoyment of life.

Not only that, but JY opens his lawsuit by saying Miriam is profoundly deaf, but she’s his key witness and she heard it all happen, despite being inside an ambulance, parked inside an ambulance bay, with all the various ambient noises one might expect in that place.

Basically, “In 15 hours I developed a lifetime of mental and physical conditions caused by you touching my manboob in a transphobic manner and the old deaf lady that was inside the ambulance undergoing emergency medical care witnessed everything that happened outside the ambulance so pay me $35,000.”


On and on, JY wants damaged, punishment, compensation etc., for his 15 hours of what we can only describe as totally and completely legitimate suffering and not at all just a fat man in a dress desperate for another man to touch him.

Lots of things to speculate on…

  • Does he keep these pre-written up ready to fill in a few details and go to the court with?
  • He’s said before that he himself is profoundly deaf. Did he really hear what he says he heard?
  • Has Stephen disinfected his hands?
  • What was wrong with Miriam? Was this all staged and set up to create events where JY could sue the ambulance service?
  • Seriously I’m worried about Stephen. I hope he had a good shower.

Read it for yourself below.

[mdocs single-file=”20221219 JY vs PHSA oa BCEHS Ambulance Service.pdf”]


I have some more thoughts on this that I want to add. This is my opinion only.

JY’s claim is that he tried to talk to his mother from outside the ambulance and that Stephen stopped him by pushing his fist against his breast. He then goes on to add, without any context or details, that Stephen’s claim to the RCMP about stopping JY from entering the ambulance is a lie. Note that at no previous point did JY mention entering the ambulance. This jumps out at me because JY is trying to pre-emptively head off Stephen’s argument, or cast doubt on it. In my mind, that gives Stephen’s point some truth. JY is trying to sabotage the truth by saying “I already said that was a lie right here!” I’m inclined to think what really happened is that JY, being the fat, intrusive lump of shit that he is, tried to shove his way onto the ambulance and Stephen stopped him, which he was right to do. Remember, JY “pursued” the ambulance to the hospital and then parked illegally, showing he has that arrogance to think he “owns the place”. No doubt he would try to waltz right into the ambulance. And when they told him no? He got mad and this is the result. This is my theory for now.

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