Yaniv Doubles Down on Sexual Assault Claim

Oh Jonathan, what have you done?

On August 19 (because August couldn’t get any more busy for Yaniv in Court), known predator, violent offender, accused pedophile, and infamous liar Jessica Yaniv, aka Jonathan Yaniv, responded to Amy Hamm’s application to dismiss it on the grounds that it was a senseless, unreadable, emotional outburst comprised of made up stories and irrelevant details.

Yaniv’s argument consists of this:

  1. Hamm assaulted me and look at all these different agencies I told!
  2. I have the right to tell people this on Twitter!
  3. She harassed me and called me a pedo.
  4. I can’t afford a lawyer (just steakhouses and travel across Canada).
  5. My counterclaim was perfectly valid and readable.
  6. Hamm is a big meanie.
  7. I’m disabled.
  8. She called me names.

MeowMix Opinion on Yaniv’s Amy Hamm Claims
  1. No she didn’t. Witnesses saw her in and out in under 10 seconds. RCMP took your info to Crown and Crown promptly LOL’d you right out. No charges were or will be filed, and your private prosecutions are dead in the water.
  2. If you have the right to say Amy is a sex offender, she has the same right to you. The difference is there are dozens of women and thousands of pages of pictures and chat logs supporting her. (in case you were wondering, Jon, we made the entire MeowTube library and the contact info of your numerous victims available to Amy’s lawyers).
  3. You’re a pedo. You really are. You admitted it. You’ve asked 9-year old girls to help you jack off.
  4. You’re a financial fraud.
  5. Your counterclaim is a senseless, rambling tirade. You will be scolded by a Judge. Again. And we’ll laugh. Again. Even this document is a joke. You have typos and grammatical errors throughout, and why did you add “#14” and leave it blank?
  6. Hamm is the sweetest, kindest human alive. She is the loving, caring, beautiful, warm, and brave woman you never will be. She is loved, admired, respected, and adored. You’re a jealous fool.
  7. Legally disabled? That doesn’t mean actually disabled. Regardless, you do fake disabilities.
  8. Everyone has called you names. You’re an evil, spineless, racist, incestous, perverted soggy cardboard box of a human.

I’ll add this. Jon, you were obsessed with Amy months before she said anything, and you were obsessed with sexual assault and bathroom sex years before that. MeowMix has already proven it. Read these if you doubt me…

You accused Amy Hamm of your fantasy – sexual assault in a bathroom stall. It’s something you’ve been talking about your entire life, Jon. Right down to your story in 2008 about your alleged first sexual experience, which you said occurred in a bathroom stall. See pic below.

yaniv claim of bathroom sex

In November 2019, while describing your claim of being sexually assaulted to Manda, you said this:

It happened in college. My first year by a guy I knew from high school. He kicked the door down when I was changing my pad and him and another guy started to play with my balls and do stuff to them. I told security and such but there was no evidence so they did nothing.”

You have fantasized about all of your sexual experiences occurring in bathrooms for decades and when you saw Amy walk into the same bathroom as you, you took the opportunity to strike at someone who disagrees with you politically and calls you what you are – a monster – and the only thing your pathetic little brain could come up with for a story is your obsession with sex in the bathroom.

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