Madison Speaks Up!

Girls from the 5th grade, periods, hacking skills, and could Yaniv actually be gay? Keep reading…

Madison, who previously requested that we only use her first initial, is now coming forward with even more information about Yaniv. In her first chat with Meow Mix, she told us that Yaniv tried to lure her and her 9-year old sister into sexual conversations, constantly begged her to pick porn videos for him, and frequently tried to start sexting with her.

Now Madison has shared even more screenshots from her chats with him, and it clearly shows Yaniv’s pattern of behaviour.

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Since the first article was posted, Madison and I have been chatting regularly. I’ve made a point to reach out to her every few days and check on her, in case Yaniv made any retaliation attempts, and he hasn’t. However, Madison has remembered more stories that she wants to share, and explains some of her hesitance to opening up in the beginning.

As a reminder, Madison first connected with Yaniv during the Cimorelli days, when Yaniv used his position as a social media page admin for the girl group to bait young girls into his web. He presented himself as a public, a powerful person, and someone that could help Madison connect with the band.

Much of the conversation between Madison and Yaniv centered around the band, at least in the beginning. She once asked Yaniv who his favourite Cimorelli member was, to which he replied Dani. When asked why, he replied that she’s such a flirt, and implied that she was essentially eyefucking him when he met the girls at their house. Dani had just barely turned 14 at the time of this conversation (see below).

Madison and I talked at length about Yaniv’s attraction to young girls, including her younger sister. At one point in their friendship, the conversation moved to Kik, an app that is infamous for being used by predators online. For that reason, she doesn’t have any history from those conversations, but she remembers that he often talked about connecting with girls in the bathroom. This is definitely not new material for Yaniv.

Notably, in this conversation he mentions his trip to Vegas, and we know what happened in Vegas didn’t stay in Vegas.

Madison asked me not to use her name in the last article, but this time I am. She told me that Yaniv had intimidated her and made her think he was some sort of super hacker. He bragged that he hacked into school grading systems, programmed a dildo-eared robot to flirt, and that he “hacked Microsoft”.

His “hackie hackie” skills are actually one of the first things that connected him with Madison. She, much like many other people, was struggling with an online game. He messaged her and tried to get her to use an online “hack tool”. She knew it was bullshit, but the conversation continued. These hack tools are actually notorious for mining data from users. Was Yaniv, with his history of doxxing people, phishing for Madison’s personal info?

As days went on, the conversation stayed childish and centered around Yaniv. He almost never asked about Madison, but was quick to talk about himself. At one time he bragged about tweeting something about former One Direction member Zayn while using someone else’s Twitter account – one he was tasked with managing professionally. Clearly Yaniv’s business in IT is a joke.

This isn’t the first time Yaniv has mentioned love for One Direction. This particular topic has actually driven some rumors online that Yaniv may indeed be gay, given that he seems to have a deeply buried attraction to younger men as well. That’s a topic for another day, but it’s worth mentioning that Madison thought this about Yaniv as well.

Later, Yaniv excitedly told Madison that he asked a girl out, and she said yes. He even shared a picture of him with the girl, but the picture is long gone. Madison recalls that she looked at it and she got the vibe that they were just friends in the picture. She didn’t believe his story that this was his girlfriend. Yaniv, selfish as always, demanded that she like the picture on Facebook. Madison declined.

This article could be pages long, but let’s get to the good part – the screenshots.

There’s a lot of pictures here, and the order is a bit mixed up, but what’s important is to see Yaniv’s behaviour. Self-obsessed, socially blind, and perverted. Each picture below is a scrollable gallery of 5 screenshots, with commentary below them.

Yaniv’s perversion was on full display again. Here we see him sharing a picture of a pad stuck to a street lamp post in the city and celebrating “vagina day” with butter chicken. “Vagina day” was what Yaniv said when talking about “International Womens Day”. Yes women, this gender dysphoric trans woman reduced you to nothing more than genitals, but now he wants you to believe he’s on your side. He’s one of you. Right.

Let’s not forget him trying to put his tongue in Madisons mouth, calling her hot and sexy, asking her to make out, and bragging that he’s a “public figure”.

Highlights: Yaniv trying to kiss Madison and demanding she like his post. Also, more of the creepy gifs that we see in his chats with everyone else.

Above: Yaniv hinting at sexting with Madison (“can we?”), more creepy gifs about his penis, and then straight up begging her to do things with him, even after she politely declines. Finally, and most creepy in my opinion, Yaniv declaring himself to look 14, and asking her what she thought. He later asks her if she’d date him, and she declines.

Here we see Yaniv talking to Madison, 17 at the time, about how he saw pictures of her when she was 11 or 12. Madison told me about this, and he often scrolled way back on her timeline to find old material. He often commented on other videos of her playing her guitar when she was just 14.

The comments above that start with “she’s 100% wrong” are in reference to the letter that Vegas girl wrote to him after their trip. In the last article I wrote with Madison, she told me how Yaniv acted like he was perfectly innocent the whole trip, despite Vegas girls letter stating otherwise. Now we see him admit to being a creep, although he played it off as a joke.

There’s numerous other comments from Yaniv about how a girl was allegedly interested in him simply because she deleted her relationship status on Facebook. Clearly Yaniv is a self-obsessed sociopath.

There’s some confusion about names. In these pictures, Yaniv refers to Annette, who was allegedly a woman in his area. Later, he refers to “Vegas Girl”, who’s name I haven’t disclosed but it isn’t even close to Annette. Madison commented that he talked about both, but the details were intertwined. He often confused the two, and she was sure he was lying and simply couldn’t keep details straight.

Yaniv continues telling Madison about this girl that allegedly likes him, and then tries to humble brag about unreleased Cimorelli music. Soon enough, just like he always does, Yaniv switches the chat to pads and periods.

More perversion – bathtubs, Elmo, and hotel room fantasies. Somehow, Yaniv was sure that he was destined to have sex with this woman they are chatting about.

Yaniv displaying textbook signs of gender dysphoria, including making jokes about “the D”, and male-female sex. Yaniv almost begs Madison to tell him “word for word” how to describe his pad issue to this Vegas girl. Hilariously, he says asked the woman out and she didn’t say no. This gave him the feeling they might get really close.

In this last set, we simply see more of the same behavior from Yaniv. He’s whining that this woman rejected him, when we know he simply imagined a relationship with her and intentionally conned her into his hotel room. After complaining about how poorly Vegas girl treated him, he says to Madison, “You’d never do that to me right? I have so many feelings for you”. Moments later, Yaniv adds, “BTW, I like you. Just saying. As a friend and potentially more. Do you like me?” How soon he forgot about his Vegas love interest and their destiny together.

There’s a lot to talk about in these screenshots, and I may write more later to analyze them, but I’ll end it with one last story.

While Madison and I were talking about Yaniv’s interest in her old pictures on social media, she said this:

He initially complimented me on my pictures, and I told him they were from years and years ago, because I had made my Facebook account when I was in 5th grade. I knew that he was referring to the very old pictures of me because he was liking them. He also started to send me old videos of myself and tell me how cute they were.

If you ever doubted that Yaniv was a pedophile…

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