Racist Criminal Jessica Yaniv Simpson Sentenced For Uttering Death Threats!

June 29, 2022: Jessica Yaniv Simpson appeared in court today to be sentenced, after negotiating a plea deal with the BC Crown that saw his two mischief charges dropped in exchange for a guilty plea for threatening to kill Chris Elston.

jessica yaniv simpson

These charges came after an encounter between an aggressive, barely coherent Yaniv (who also threatened to call in a fake bomb threat) and Chris Elston, who was peacefully engaged in his activism campaign on the sidewalk near Yaniv’s residence. A line by line review of that incident can be read here.

Yaniv appeared in court today with his faux service dog, cheaply dyed high-fat-ground-beef-red hair, attempted-to-be-skinny jeans, and a tacky black and white top. The dog wore a vest and was, at least for the very beginning, laying quietly. That didn’t last long though. Rexy was soon barking and trying to climb onto the bench seat instead of sit on the floor like a real service dog would. Eventually Yaniv let the dog on the seat.

Soon, the judge complained about the noise in the courtroom. Rexy could be heard yelping, and scratching/tapping the way dog’s nails do on hard floors/surfaces (any dog owner knows what I mean here). The dog frequently fidgeted, at one point climbing under Yaniv’s bench to the one behind him.

Yaniv, the legal eagle, also forgot to silence his phone, as it went off one time during the hearing – loudly playing music across the courtroom and online feeds.

Once the hearing started, Crown requested a suspended sentence and probation with the usual no-contact conditions. Crown argued that Yaniv had received the benefit of conditional discharges twice and enough is enough. Crown brought up Yaniv’s past convictions for weapons possession and assault.

Yaniv’s defense attorney took his turn, arguing that a conditional discharge was still in Yaniv’s best interest, claiming that Yaniv was a victim of transphobia. Yaniv’s lawyer, Patrick Johnston, went on to say that Yaniv was a victim of sexual assault in the past and had PTSD, making him particularly sensitive to what he perceived as hateful activity. This time, Johnston didn’t mention Yaniv’s newfound fiancé Samantha. Our witnesses said Yaniv was not wearing his ring either. Perhaps the junkie and the junk are clashing?

Throughout all of the above, Yaniv’s dog was seen jumping up on him repeatedly. One witness said Rexy was genuinely humping Yaniv at one point. When Rexy started to tear up the documents in Yaniv’s backpack, Yaniv bent over, exposing a stained thong and zit-covered ass to the courtroom gallery. When standing, Yaniv was wobbling from foot to foot. When sitting, Yaniv was slouched down lazily, his large gut protruding midway down his thighs.

Yaniv did try to introduce more dishonesty to the court, alleging Elston had camped outside his condo for four days to protest. This was not well received.

When court was back in session, the Judge sentenced Yaniv to 12 months probation and a suspended sentence. This will result in a criminal record for Yaniv. He explicitly said that there was no evidence that Elston was engaged in anything illegal.

Before his hearing, Yaniv spent the morning on Twitter, having created a fake account for Rebel News reporter Drea Humphrey. He used this account to send out several hateful, racist messages, including referring to Drea using the n-word.

Drea Humphrey has reported on the Yaniv story for Rebel News and frequently attends Jon Yaniv’s hearings. Drea must be Jon’s only available target. He’s too afraid to target Kari Simpson, he’s legally not allowed to communicate about Chris Elston, he’s worried the world will know he’s in love with Donald Smith, and I don’t think he’s allowed to talk about Bexte either. Can you say serial loser?

Obviously we don’t have an admission that this is Yaniv but let’s be honest – it’s Yaniv. This is what he thinks it’s funny – racism, pedophilia, shaming women, bathroom sex, and tampons.

The reality is Drea is everything Yaniv wishes he was – a beautiful, successful woman with a career and real followers. Jon, on the other hand, will always be a fat guy in a dress living under the constant threat of homelessness, loneliness, and sadness. That’s the karma Jonathan will never escape.

This is a picture of Drea’s pinky. Drea’s pinky is more successful than Jon Yaniv ever will be, and has fewer criminal charges too!

Twitter Deletion?

Around 2:00 PM Pacific, Yaniv deleted their Twitter account. This comes an hour ahead of his sentencing hearing. We’ll keep up on this.

Other Court Details

While not directly newsworthy, these other tidbits are fun to share. After all, we’re a Yaniv gossip blog.

  • At several times, Yaniv was seen picking his nose. He would rub his fingers together afterwards and flick them towards the floor.
  • While the Judge was presenting his sentence, Yaniv pulled out his big Canada Criminal Code book and tried to follow along.
  • Yaniv’s argument is that a criminal record would impede his ability to become a lawyer, but the Judge argued that Yaniv is saying RIGHT NOW that he wants to be a lawyer, but who knows what happens later. It’s not an insurmountable obstacle to have a criminal record.
  • The Judge spent considerable time on the topic of free speech, going as far as to say that Yaniv could have shouted his own opinion back at Elston and been perfectly within his rights.
  • Yaniv was frequently on his phone during Court. It’s noteworthy that the Judge was from another jurisdiction and was not present in the courtroom.
  • Yaniv will not have to pay a victims surcharge penalty.

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