Line by Line – Jessica Yaniv Simpson vs Chris Elston


On October 22, 2020, while protesting SOGI 123 and gender identity politics in our schools, Chris Elston found Jessica Yaniv Simpson. As you might expect from Yaniv, chaos ensued.

Watch the video yourself, and I’ll transcribe it below.

Chris: *walks up silently*

JY: *muffled* “you’re gonna get fuckin shot. I will fucking kill you. You gonna send another bomb threat to my phone? I’m watching you. Get away from my car.”

Chris: *silence* *stands on public sidewalk*

JY: “Get away from my car. What do you not understand you fucking asshole. Get away from my car. You wanna call another bomb threat in?”

JY: *picks up phone and expertly dials 911, crank up phone audio in his car*

JY: “There you go. Get away. You wanna get punched, don’t you? Go away. Go away from my car.”

Chris: *literal silence*

JY: *to his phone* “I need police for Langley.”

JY: *turns right, stops at green light. waits for it to turn red. proceeds*

Video cuts to a second clip

JY: *at a red light, surrounded by at least five other cars, holding down the horn for about 15 seconds*

JY: *smiles like a fucking moron and starts to open his window*

Chris: *absolute silence*

JY: *muffled* “You’re gonna get arrested in a second, I’m just saying that. You’re really looking to get arrested.” *pulls out phone, holds it to his face, and jerkily speeds through intersection.

OK so let’s summarize.

Jessica, you’re a fucking idiot.

OK now I’ll go into a little more detail.

Yaniv, you’re not tough. Your body language in your car is fear. You’re leaning over trying to talk tough but your hand gestures pull back quickly. You’re not ready for a fight. You’re scared. You didn’t take off your seatbelt or put the car in park. You kept your car in gear and your hand on the wheel in case Chris made a move. You were ready to run. If I had to guess, you pissed yourself.

Second, you really proved how fucked up you are here. Chris didn’t say anything. He was just walking on the street holding his signs. What do you do? You invent some story about a bomb threat. Where did that come from Yaniv? In fact, I would say this video serves as evidence that all of your other complaints are hoaxes. You literally tried to threaten Chris by saying you would phone into emergency services and say he made a bomb threat against you.

Your whole “I’m watching you.” line is pathetic. Nobody is afraid of you, Jonathan. Certainly not Chris Elston. I don’t think Chris is the type, but man-to-thing, he would whoop your ass thirteen times before you could cry out for mommy. Honestly, anyone could. You’re not a fighter in any way. Your arms jiggle and give me the distinct impression you’d need an asthma inhaler after you lifted them for the first punch, and your legs look like they’re already on the verge of begging the powers that be for mercy.

Jonathan, you’re a coward. You hide in your car and honk your horn and smirk like you’re tough but you’re not. You’re weak. You’re impotent.

The way you hide in this video is also funny. Turn up your volume folks…

That pathetic, whining voice in the shadows? That’s Jessica Pedophile Yaniv Molester Simpson. Elston was at the top of the laneway, on public roadways, when Yaniv opened the gate at the bottom of the entrance to his buildings parkade and started shouting. Did Yaniv come out of the shadow to confront Chris? No. He hid there like the little bitch he is.

It gets even more hilarious because Yaniv then decided he would send a letter to Chris “banning him” from the property. Abby covered the letter in detail in her wrap up an it was hilarious. The short version is Yaniv is a pathetic, whining, greasy, filthy, weak, impotent, desperate shell of a person trying to look exactly the opposite.

How you stand up to Yaniv? You just stand there and watch him piss his pants.

I hope Nissan Kicks have water resistant seats…

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