Jessica Yaniv Simpson….FASCIST?

jessica yaniv simpson

So Jessica Yaniv Simpson continues with her crusade against Chris Elston in the name of trans rights. In other words, the accused pedo wants to look good to the kids and is using Chris,  LGBT+, and women to stay relevant

Chris was on Sauga960 am radio today and, soon after, JYS started filing complaints about hate speech. Yes, the person that calls autistic people “autistic fucking ret*rds”, immigrants “turban fu*kers” , and says adult trans people are “too sexual” is actually complaining about hate speech.

Sauga 960AM Radio Clip

Some highlights of the audio:

  • Elston called in to discuss gender identity politics and SOGI 123.
  • Yaniv called in at the 6:50 mark of the clip and immediately launched into a rant about Elston being a liar.
  • At 11:20, Yaniv claims that he decided to transition at age 12.
  • At 13:00, Yaniv states that there should be no age restrictions on when a child can transition.
  • At 13:30, Elston states that Yaniv has called the RCMP over 2000 times.
  • Early on, Yaniv states that he knows people who regretted transitioning. At 15:20, Yaniv says he does not know anyone who regretted it and he doesn’t know why he said that.

Overall, Elston was well-spoken, clear, and made great points. Yaniv, on the other hand, did an awful job representing the trans community, as usual.

Elston is clearly the new object of JYS’s attention (secret crush maybe?) Coincidentally, Jonboy also threatened to murder Chris months before the bilboard situation. Chris has been outspoken about JYS and has attended court for Jonboys many appearances in which one where JYS made false sexual assault claims against Amy Hamm.

A caller named Donald is believed to have called JYS a pedofile amongst other things which JYS claims was “discriminatory and defamatory”. Jonny, we all know you have said or sent creepy shit to kids so this is neither of them things.

As for Chris, well he was speaking his views and we live in a free society….oh no you want to shut down any media that reports negative against you. Rebel Media, Post Millennial, NNCIM, and pretty much anyone appearing at your court appearances were met with false accusations of filming/photography. 

So now you, Yaniv, complain and rant like the coward you are and try to cause trouble for the radio station, or anyone that speaks out and exposes your racist, ableist, transphobic, misogynist, predatorial, and vexatious antics.

Suppression of the truth – that’s some fascist antics there Jonboy.

Its clear Chris is your new obsession, with multiple tweets, phone calls to cops, banning letters, threats of murder. So you can try look like you are a LGBTQ+ activist but you are not one. You use being trans as a means to self promote, grift money, play victim and excuse your disgusting antics. You cannot claim hate speech when you are the queen of bigotry. An extremist bigot wolf in a liberal cheap shitty party city wig. 

P.S. we will be sending CBSC some additional info to add context to your complaint. MeowMix exists to protect everyone from you.

Additional Note

We are not taking stance any on billboards as we sympathize and appreciate both sides of the situation. Our view is that Yaniv is manipulating a situation for own selfish gains. He even tried to turn Meghan Murphy, someone he has attacked openly dozens of times, into an ally. She ignored him, but I bet she laughed her ass off at him.

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