Jessica Yaniv Simpson Targets Canada Galaxy Pageants

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Accused child groomer, serial racist, and almost-sexual-assaulter Jessica Yaniv Simpson has filed a complaint with the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario for discrimination. Yaniv has complained that the pageant is discriminatory with it’s practices of excluding transgender women that had not fully transitioned.

First things first – this is another scam by Yaniv and everyone knows it. Yaniv is a professional grievance collector. While some of us work, Yaniv looks for scams. While some of us live happy lives and have great friends, Yaniv lurks on the internet looking for happy lives to ruin.

It’s also worth noting that the Canada Galaxy Pageant is operated by an Asian woman. Coincidence?

MeowMix was contacted several months ago by the owner of this pageant and we tried to connect her with various sources. Somehow, whether by our help or her own drive, the operator of CGP secured the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms to fight this case on her behalf. The JCCF has successfully defeated Yaniv in his other human rights tribunal complaints and continues to defend our society against Yaniv’s unwanted intrusion.

This HRTO complaint was originally filed in May 2019 but the pageant operator was not notified until August 17, 2020.

Look at how hard this little pedophile tries to be seen as the victim…

It’s noteworthy to mention Yaniv did not tell the pageant he is transgender. This is a pattern of behaviour that Yaniv repeats in his dating life – pretend he isn’t trans until it matters. You could almost say that Yaniv catfished this pageant in some ways.

When we spoke with the pageant owner several months ago she told us the reason behind her policy was that contestants of all ages – as young as 6 – interact and change their outfits in common areas. It would be entirely inappropriate for someone to self ID simply to gain access to the change room. We all know Yaniv would never do anything inappropriate as a male in the women’s washroom…right?

jessica yaniv simpson

Oh wait – that’s Jessica Yaniv Simpson taking photos in a change room, intentionally photographing young teen girls. I have no idea why Canada Galaxy Pageant would have a problem with this…


Of course, if you ask Yaniv, he’s not seeking compensation….here’s his own words from May of last year:

The reality is Yaniv is asking for $10,000 for “injury to dignity and feelings”.

The full JCCF release can be read here.

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