The Paraphilias of Jessica Yaniv Simpson

jessica yaniv simpson

Courtesy of The Lone Gunmen.

Jessica Yaniv Simpson’s messages to the world as well as to individual girls and young women he has targeted over the last 12 years attract critical attention because they often display pedophilia, which he denies but continues to display.  Preventing the documented types of harm pedophilia does to minors is, of course, of paramount concern for everyone.

When MeowMix sifted through Yaniv/Simpson’s messages to 10 girls and young women sent from 2008 into 2020, we found a very consistent style in his approach. He talks about his need for pads because of one health problem or another, expresses fear that someone will notice he wears pads, complains of gut pain that he calls menstrual cramps, hectors girls into coaching him on how to hang around in girls’ restrooms and change rooms, wants photos and items of their clothing, tells them he wants penis-in-vagina sex with them, and sometimes says he wants to marry them.

When looking at those messages, what jumped out at us was the prevalence of traits associated not just with pedophilia but with other paraphilias, two of which are frequently commented upon – autogynephilia and menophilia – and two of which are ever-present but seemingly too obvious to draw much comment – voyeurism and exhibitionism.  We even noted traits of autopedophilia, that is, finding sexual arousal in imaging himself as a small child, that is, a sexualized small child (as in his Elmo messages). 

jessica yaniv simpson paraphilias
Paraphilia frequency table

In a separate project, we had gone through MeowMix’s extensive image and document libraries to collect Yaniv/Simpson’s words for the “Quote of the Day” feature now added to the site’s main page.  That collection of 300 quotes from Yaniv/Simpson’s messages and posts since 2008 coincidentally showed us that half of them (149 to be specific) showed traits of the same five paraphilias:

  • Autogynephilia – 45 of the messages (30%)
  • Menophilia – 34 of the messages (23%)
  • Pedophilia – 29 of the messages (19%)
  • Exhibitionism – 25 of the messages (17%)
  • Voyeurism – 16 of the messages (11%)

A special note about the 19% figure for pedophilia: All of Yaniv/Simpson’s messaging with underaged minors could well be counted as pedophilic. He messages these girls purely out of his attraction to their youth and purely to lead or badger them into sexualized conversations and actions to gratify his pedophilic needs.

For purposes of our analysis, however, we categorized messages by what was stated rather than by the intent behind sending them.  Consequently, we categorized messages as pedophilic only when Yaniv/Simpson commented directly about the desireability of an underaged girl (to a 13-year-old, “i find u extremely attractive lol” Riley 9) or tried to steer the girl into sexual activity (to a 14-year-old, “EW FUCK I JUST OPENED KID PORN EWW … wanna see?” Ashley transcript, p 6).  He was that explicit in about one-fifth of the 300 messages and posts we compiled for Quote of the Day.

People with paraphilias do not segment their drive for sexual arousal, so not surprisingly, 71 of those 149 paraphilic messages we examined were blends of two or three of Yaniv/Simpson’s fetishes.

  • Menophilia/Voyeurism: To a 19-year-old: “so are u on ur period right now?” Twittergirl transcript p 41
  • Exhibitionism/Pedophilia: To a 13-year-old: “How can I bond with these girls from the swim team? I usually turn myself towards the locker… I want to face them to change” Riley13
  • Autogynephilia/Menophilia/Exhibitionism (tweeted to the world with a picture of himself at a pool): “My period started so ya, couldn’t go into the pool… Forgot my tampons…” Voz3

All of the above transcripts are in the Chat Logs folder in the MeowMix Document Library.

In at least one case, he managed to cram four paraphilias into a single message to a 13-year-old: “girls your age are getting naked with their friends, fully naked, and smiling at me while I change as well” Riley21, which combines pedophilia with voyeurism, exhibitionism, and autogynephilia in only 20 words.

Note Emma and Toni are names swapped for MSN girl and Twitter Girl in chat logs.

What else can we gather from studying these patterns?

A correlation exists between voyeurism and exhibitionism, so the idea that Yaniv tries to commit both voyeurism and exhibitionism in women’s spaces may have some validity. Yaniv needs to intrude in these spaces to satisfy these cravings.

Exhibitionists are often hypersexual; that is, they have a dysfunctional preoccupation with sexual fantasy, often in combination with the obsessive pursuit of casual or non-intimate sex, pornography, and compulsive masturbation.  If I added a hypersexuality column to the paraphilia frequency table, every victim’s row would have four dots in it.

Prof. Ord Matek suggested that exhibitionism demonstrates expressions of aggressions, a desire to exhibit power and control, and a desire to gain recognition.  The DSM description of Hysterical Personality Disorder includes exhibitionism in its list of behaviors. This will be explored more in future MeowMix articles.

Yaniv appears to be primarily driven by hebephilia, a subgrouping of pedophiles who are aroused by pubescent children, aged 10-13 (girls) or 11-14 (boys).  When he targets older girls or young women, he sometimes states that their appearance strikes him as that of a 14-year-old or they note he has found photos online showing them at age 14 or younger before messaging them at any length. In one instance, he told 17 year old Madison that she looked attractive in an old picture of her – one that she told MeowMix was from when she was 11 or 12,

Hebephilia correlates with differences in brain structure, which may mean that a factor in its development is disconnections in brain networks that recognize and react to sexual cues.  Although correlation does not equal causation, since we know Yaniv was born with one or more neurological abnormalities, it may be worth reading further about this correlation.

We don’t know if Yaniv ever dresses like a child as Stefonknee (Paul) Wolscht does, but he does filter his pictures and voice to appear and sound younger. The picture below show Yaniv stating that he wanted to appear like the young girls in the photos.

He clearly exhibits pedohebephilic behaviour and studies have found that nearly half of all pedohebephilics also reported being autopedophilic, and 32% of those reported autogynephilia. The study stated, “…autopedophilic men sexually attracted to girls are likely to find it sexually arousing to imagine themselves as a girl.” and “Sexual attraction to 11-14 year old girls was most strongly correlated with sexual arousal by the idea of beig 11-14 year old girls.” You can read more on this here.

MeowMix will dive deeper into these individual behaviours over time but the information above clearly highlights Yaniv’s pattern of behaviour. It’s the same things every time – sometimes even the exact same sentences. Try to view Yaniv’s behaviour through these lenses. When he tweets about a pageant, what is driving him? When he posts a filter video with mouse ears, why did he do it? Nearly everything can be traced back to these paraphilias.

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