Jessica Yaniv Simpson Snapchat Video Reveals True Pageant Motives

jessica yaniv simpson

As reported by MeowMix earlier this week, Jessica Yaniv Simpson has launched a human rights complaint in Ontario, Canada alleging discrimination by a beauty pageant operator.

If you didn’t read yesterdays post about Yaniv’s paraphilias I highly recommend you do so before you read this. It will shine an entirely different light on Yaniv’s pageant scam. It’s a must-read article.

After social media rightfully erupted in fury at Yaniv and this latest attempt to profit, he went on a Snapchat video tirade. A transcript (and my two cents) is below, along with the full video.

*Yaniv appears on Snapchat with teddy bear paw ears and nose effects and the MAXIMUM makeup effect possible. His voice is also heavily filtered.*

Note that the video is filled with innumerable fake lip clicks and “umms” and lip smacking sounds. I’m doing Jessica Yaniv Simpson a favour and not typing these out. He looks stupid enough without the effects added in.

Yaniv: “So it’s question time. So last year I went and I applied for a beauty pageant called Canada Galaxy Pageant, and, you know, they accepted me and then I told them I’m transgender and that’s when the whole thing went kabunk”.

MeowMix: Jon, you catfishing idiot. You signed up for the pageant under false pretenses. The Canada Galaxy Pageant website states (here) that entrants must be genetic females or fully transitioned. When you applied for the pageant you checked the box that says you read the rules and you agree to abide by them. You checked a box saying you agreed that you would comply with the requirement to be genetically female or fully transitioned but you aren’t. This is fraud, Jonathan.

I guess this is less of a transcript and more like me ripping to shreds his entire video. I hope you enjoy.

Yaniv: “They started asking me if I had undergone sex reassignment surgery and I was like that’s inappropriate. They’re like “well if you had sex reassignment surgery that makes you a genetic female”. I wouldn’t answer the question. I refused. Ended up suing them.

MeowMix: Jon….fuck. Where do I start. You pulled the same “I’m not telling you” stunt at the BC HRT and it blew up in your face. Why? Because you’re a liar. The pageant may have misspoke and said the GRS makes you a genetic female but what they meant was GRS allowed you to compete and comply with their rules. PS…You didn’t sue them, you illiterate monster. You filed a human rights complaint. Details matter.

Yaniv: “Now, their whole basis is “well you’re trans and we have naked girls in the locker room and they’re not comfortable and their parents aren’t comfortable but if you’re fully transitioned and have that surgery it’s absolutely ok, you can go look at them”.

MeowMix: Jon, you are OBSESSED with intruding into places you don’t belong and you are OBSESSED with being a voyeur and and exhibitionist. You and I both know the pageant didn’t say “you can go look at them”. The pageant said something along the lines of “you qualify”. Your perverted, pedophile brain converted it to “it’s ok to look at the naked young girls”.

Yaniv:Now am I right to sue these people because they’re absolute bigots or let me know. Cuz, ya. Keep in mind though that I go to the pool a lot and there’s always, of course, duh, naked girls there, cuz we’re all girls, and there’s never any issue so what’s the issue when it comes to a pageant? It’s the same thing.

MeowMix: PEDO ALERT. Jon, you’re not a girl. Call yourself a woman. At least have some dignity there. There is a difference. This last paragraph also emphasizes your locker room / voyeurism fetish. You’ve had this for years, going back to when you asked other young teen girls if girls in the locker room sat around with their tits and pussies and tampon strings hanging out.

Also, Jon, and this will be news to some people, MeowMix knows there are two reasons you visit the pools more than anyone else. First, to see young girls and live out your voyeurism kink, but second, and this may be even more creepy, you have recurring folliculitis and bleach baths were recommended to you by a doctor in 2014. You think the chlorine in the water will treat your skin infection the same way bleach but all you’re doing is flaking off your filthy skin infection everywhere. I’m off topic….but fucking clean yourself you pig.

We all know this is why JY wanted to go to the pageant – to see girls as young as 6 years old in the locker room.


Yaniv often calls people bigots, and called the pageant operator a bigot. I don’t believe the pageant operator to be a bigot. She was not stubbornly nor unreasonably attached to a belief or opinion about trans people. She has a duty to protect women at her pageant but she welcomes trans people to join. Also, having spoke with her, she is very pro-trans.

Moving along….

Yaniv: “What’s the problem? Like do these girls all end up in the *mumbled* “do you have a dick or a pussy”. No. So what gives these people the right to ask the question. Really, what gives them the right. The thing is they don’t have the right. At all. Like you don’t go up to someone and ask them “hey so, (like going for a job interview) do you have a dick or a pussy? Have you had sex before? Are you a virgin? So what the fuck?

MeowMix: Brace yourself folks. The problem, Jon, is that the pageant has a duty to protect everyone. Now, let’s explore a possibility, and I’m not saying this is you Jon and I’m not saying this is what you’re doing, and I’m not even saying you would do this, but is it possible that a perverted man could self – ID as a transgender woman for the sole purpose of exploiting the system to insert himself into situations and spaces where he can see naked or vulnerable girls and women?

And since the Canadian legal system allows the above self ID scenario, could it already be exploited by perverted men so they can walk into women’s washrooms and take pictures of teen girls? Is it possible that perverted men could go into locker rooms to stare at girls changing?

To be clear, I strongly believe that 99% of trans people simply want to live their lives and they’re 100% sincere about it. It seems like a small amount but when you extrapolate that remaining 1% over the entire trans community in Canada that leaves room for hundreds of perverted fraudsters. That is a serious number of predators.

Requiring a transgender person to take additional steps beyond self-ID’ing, which is all Jonathan Yaniv has done, is a way of insuring that the person is not one of the 1%. It’s not foolproof, but it’s helpful. Perverted men pretending to be trans so they get into women’s spaces are not going to cut their precious penis off. And maybe 1% is too high. Maybe its 0.1%. You get my point. The risk exists and it must be mitigated.

It’s also important to point out that gender dysphoria would keep most pre-GRS trans people from stripping naked in a locker room, but not JY. He brags about getting naked “with the girls” because he’s just “one of the girls”. I promise you Jon – you are making people uncomfortable. They’re just too polite – or afraid – to say so.

Next…Gender identity has no correlation with sexual activity Jon. The fact that you relate the two tells me that you’re one of those 1%ers. This is only a kink to you. It also would only be relevant at a job interview if your gender was relevant to the job in the same way that gender is relevant to the pageant. Your comparisons make no sense at all – unless you think of them from a purely sexual perspective like a 1% fraudster would.

Important to note that Yaniv tweeted about this as well.

The funny thing is the Kate Vanderbluth account is a troll account and he bought it. Dumbass.

The unfunny thing is that Yaniv is displaying his lack of knowledge by talking about “unpopped” hymens. And the only people that talk about women’s genitals using the word pussy this much are perverted men that watch too much porn.

Yaniv: “Now I have Donald Trump Jr all up in my ass again because I’m talking about the pageant system. Of course, Presidents little daddy (that’s what he says….I listened 5 times) is going to come and start attacking me on Twitter. Yep. It just happened this morning.

MeowMix: After The Post Millennial tweeted out a story about the pageant matter, Donald Trump Jr. tweeted this, and only this:

jessica yaniv simpson trump jr tweet

A long time ago, Trump Jr tweeted something else about Yaniv’s fraudulent and racist attacks on women of colour at the BC HRT. Yaniv is attempting to gloat that he’s famous or something but the truth is that he’s become internationally reviled. Trump Jr wasn’t “all up in your ass” Jon. He was talking about you, not to you. This isn’t a good thing Jon. You shouldn’t brag about this. You are the laughing stock of the world. Everyone knows you’re a 1%er.

Yaniv: “But ya, like, is it wrong for me to be upset and then sue these people for sex based discrimination? I mean, it’s kinda stupid thinking that someone that is fully transitioned is now genetically female. It doesn’t change your chromosomes. Hormones don’t change your chromosomes at all. Nothing can really change your chromosomes so does she know what the word genetic means? She just blurted it out? What the fuck?”

That is the end of the video. It’s clear that the pageant operator erroneously said genetic female but she was stating that Yaniv would meet the pageants criteria if he fully transitioned.

Now, all of the above is just my opinion, so I asked some others for theirs.

A Transgender Woman Weighs In on Jessica Yaniv Simpsons Scam

First up, a transgendered friend of MeowMix and past guest writer. We’ve withheld her name for privacy purposes. She’s also a trained medical professional.

So #1…. do they have the right to ask if JY has had sexual reassignment surgery. Yes they do, I’m assuming the pageant would have a common dressing room/area as there is no way to accommodate that many people with single room/stalls. So in that common area there is going to be women and girls in various stages of undress and having a male bodied person there is not appropriate for 6,7,8 year old girls to see and may make many of them (including parents) very uncomfortable and hell may even traumatize some child. It’s their pageant and it’s for women…. and FULLY TRANSITIONED trans women.

He says “if your fully transitioned you can go look at them”. That scares me, only someone who is obsessed with girls bodies would think that. Listen, I’ve been in many of situations where I have had to change in front of other women and they have changed with me around. We typically don’t look, we don’t check each other out. We look away/focus on ourselves and give the other person a bit of privacy. But we are talking about a man that takes pictures inside of women’s restrooms full of young girls so this statement by JY does not surprise me… disturbing yes….surprise me no.

It’s hard to make out one part but he says “there is never an issue we’re all girls” No, he is not a girl and he is certainly not a woman. He is a male bodied “preop” trans person at best! And this involves showing some respect for women when it comes to intimate places such as change rooms and washrooms. When/if he ever has that surgery than then, and only then would it become appropriate to be in those areas.

He says “what gives them the right to ask this question (if he has had GRS) Well they are responsible for the safety of the women in this pageant and honestly protecting them from a predator like JY is their number one concern.

And then he drags a valid question and twists it into asking someone if they have had sex before, are they a virgin. He is preoccupied with sex and this shows that either testosterone is still a major driver in his body or he is truly autogynephilic and fits Blanchards theory.

A Woman Weighs In On Jessica Yaniv Simpsons Scam

Of course, we couldn’t just ask one other person. Maybe another woman would like to weigh in? We found one!

“Let’s also mention for a second that Yaniv has destroyed his own case by flapping his mouth on Snapchat. One, the second video towards the end I picked up a certain comment. “Hormones don’t change chromosomes.” Now that hit me like a lighting bolt. I said “Did Yaniv just destroy his own logic? By that logic, unless he was born with XX chromosome which…he didn’t. Then by that logic alone he can’t compete in a women’s pageant. Unless he wants to provide a DNA test to the courts, which is less invasive than a genital examination.

Yaniv’s activism has always been all over the place, and definitely has no semblance of reality. He doesn’t care if a minor goes under sexual reassignment surgery, he laughs at female-to-male surgery (I guess the incel in him doesn’t like the idea of losing another potential female to ask tampons for) and outside of pumping estrogen into his ass, let’s face it, it hasnt done anything for him.

I’m not too worried about the victims though, not only Johnny’s video destroyed his case, but also even in courts he can’t ask relevant questions anyway. From the previous tribunals he asked questions like “Why are you afraid of periods?” “Why do you hate gay people?” and “Why are you hostile to the LGBT” and failed to ask any questions relating to the facts of the case.”

What do you guys think? Weigh in below!

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