Jessica Yaniv Simpson vs Township of Langley Court Live Update

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This will be updated as news comes in about todays court hearing between Jessica Yaniv Simpson and the Township of Langley. This will be a teleconference / Skype hearing, depending how people call in.

Update 2:30 PM PST: Someone thinks they’re smart…

Update 1:40 PM PST: This just in from Snapchat….

Jon, you’re so dumb that you don’t know how dumb you are. You applied for a default judgment to be granted. The judge dismissed that. You lost. It’s that simple. Byyyeeeee.

Update 12:02 PM PST: Yaniv commenting to ToL’s lawyer that he should have a copy of ToL’s insurance policy in their affidavit. He was ignored and the judge disconnected the call.

Update 12:02 PM PST: The Judge stated that the ToL must file a reply no later than the Nov 16, 2020, after which a settlement conference must be scheduled. Yaniv is arguing with the Judge about the contents of ToL’s affidavit. The Judge advised Yaniv to discuss this at the settlement conference.

Update 11:59 AM PST: Yaniv’s application for a default judgment will not be granted. Yaniv tried to argue with the judge and the judge stated, “my decision has been made” and asked the court clerk to enter this into the record.

Update 11:56 AM PST: Yaniv audibly sighed at the Judge while he was speaking. The judge concedes the ToL could have acted faster but that is not the test he needs to use. The judge is satisfied that there is a meritorious case here and it will not be heard. The default judgment will not be granted. The ToL has 14 days to reply.

Update 11:55 AM PST: Judge: no default order application has been heard yet and no default judgment granted. Judge says there are a lot of confusing statements and events around this. Yaniv: “My concern is that if there is an issue with overlapping insurance and such they could have filed a reply in that 14 day period denying all allegations…however they decided not to do that.”

Update 11:52 AM PST: Yaniv is quoting regulations and court rules to the Judge and accusing the ToL of filing a false affidavit. He says “I don’t want to use the term perjure but you know what I’m trying to say.”

Update 11:51 AM PST: Yaniv is asking about the jail logbook and complains it’s not included in the ToL’s affidavit. Yaniv says he has warned the ToL and RCMP “multiple times” that they are at risk of him suing them. He is all over the map with his points.

Update 11:50 AM PST: The Judge has asked Yaniv if he has a copy of the Booklet of Authority…hinting that he wants Yaniv to know he has the authority to decide against court rules. Again..HINTING. The Judge asked Yaniv if he wants to add any more. Yaniv has started talking about the Langley RCMP TTY line and claims it does not exist.

Update 11:47 AM PST: Yaniv: “There’s a reason that small claims rules exist and if we’re all going to make our rules why do we have these rules?”

Update 11:45 AM PST: Yaniv is complaining about the affidavit made by ToL staff and says he complained to the RCMP about the statements, including comments about the condition of the jail cell. Yaniv accuses the ToL of being defamatory in their affidavit where it says Yaniv has called and contacted their employees outside work. Yaniv claims Constable McWilliams was made aware of thi and she said it was bogus. Yaniv says it’s impossible because he doesn’t have their personal contact info. Note that this information was not asked and had no bearing on the conversation. Yaniv interjected with it. Note that Yaniv often brags about having the ToL staff names and has waved their business cards around.

Update 11:42 AM PST: Yaniv complains that the ToL took nine days to report to their insurance adjuster and they should have dealt with it in 24-48 hours and he’s “quite concerned about that”.

Update 11:41 AM PST: Yaniv announced that the judge that heard his default hearing was a family friend of his mothers. No default judgment has been officially granted but Yaniv has requested one.

Update 11:40 AM PST: ToL argues that this issue took extensive investigation because of how many parties are involved.

Update 11:35 AM PST: ToL argues they did not willfully or deliberately fail to file a defense and this is an issue that deserves a fair court hearing. They simply made a mistake.

Update 11:30 AM PST: Court is in. Yaniv disagrees with the ToL application to cancel Yaniv’ default order. ToL’s attorney is giving background info. See details below. Keep refreshing….

Update: 10:40 AM PST: Moments after posting the update below the echo disappeared. Coincidence?

Update: 10:30 AM PST: Yaniv’s case has not been heard but I SUSPECT he’s trolling the court. I could be wrong.

A person with a very East Indian-sounding accent is speaking to the judge. Someone has their phone intentionally left unmuted and on speakerphone so it echoes back at him. The court clerk has asked everyone who is not speaking to mute their phones to stop this but someone has not. The speaker has to pause every few words to allow the echo to occur.

To be clear, it could be anyone, but we know Yaniv likes to troll and we know he’s a vile racist that likes to attack and frustrate members of the East Indian community. This is Yanivesque-behaviour, if not actually Yaniv behaviour.

Update: 9:45 AM PST: Court is in, but Yaniv is awaiting his turn in sequence. Other cases are being heard first. The Township of Langley legal counsel has checked in.

Refresh yourselves about the Township of Langley case here. Key notes:

  • Yaniv sued them, alleging jail is mean and the ToL staff are discriminatory.
  • Due to administrative confusion between the Township and their insurance company and their lawyers, they were delayed in their response to Yaniv.
  • Yaniv filed for a default assessment which was to be heard Oct 15, 2020.
  • ToL filed a late response and this was shifted to Oct 30, 2020.
  • The ToL defends itself strongly, presenting a length affidavit with staff statements and records about Yaniv’s 219 arrest.
  • The ToL staff maintain that they treat Yaniv with dignity and respect.
  • The ToL staff state that the RCMP have advised them to direct Yaniv’s calls to the watch commander on duty.
  • The ToL staff concede they have not charged Yaniv out of fear for their own peace and sanity. See image below.

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