Township of Langley Responds to Jessica Yaniv Simpson’s Frivolous Claims

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Today, a reliable source has provided us four documents regarding the Township of Langley (TOL), as they responded to serial predator and vexatious litigant Jessica Yaniv Simpson’s (aka Jessica Yaniv formerly known as Jonathan Yaniv) frivolous legal claims.

As you recall a few months back, we reported this lawsuit JYS launched in British Columbia’s Provincial Small Claims Courts against the TOL because things were allegedly not going their way with E-Comm administered by the TOL. JYS, who you recall claimed they were “friends with law enforcement” waiving multiple business cards, is now deemed to be “frivolous” and “vexatious” caller abusing emergency responder services.

I speculate JYS made many of the vexatious and frivolous claims in an attempt to breach Donald Francis Smith when he had conditions until the charges were stayed. We’ve seen examples of JYS claiming a wine rack, likely planted by JYS themselves to continue to sell bogus bomb threat claims outside their Langley condominium.

Throughout this lawsuit, JYS made a number of frivolous claims of alleged mistreatment in police custody last year and new allegations this year of discrimination regarding the use of services for the hearing impaired. We all know Miriam has some alleged hearing deficits, but JYS has none diagnosed in any of the medical reports we’ve been privy to seeing.

The first of the four affidavits, dated for October 08, 2020, is a whopping 36 pages in length, undertaken by Thomas Alexander, the Manager of Risk Management for the TOL of Langley. In his due diligence that TOL took from receiving the claim on September 02, 2020 until October 08, 2020, which includes an investigation coordinated with Joelle Clelland, Manager of Police Services for Langley RCMP.

Starting at page 11, the 36 page affidavits start to really show JYS made frivolous claims. Firstly, the allegations against Langley RCMP and TOL are debunked as the logs show the cleanliness of the cells and the fact that all protocols were followed during JYS’ August 05, 2019 incarceration. Clelland, the Manager of Police Services for RCMP states, “From reviewing the log as well as discussion with the cell block supervisor, I do not see any wrong doing during Ms. Simpson’s stay [in custody].”

Secondly, the allegations from April 25, 2020, regarding the faux bomb threat, JYS vexatiously called E-comm managed by TOL, but none required accommodations for the hearing impaired via TTY or Text 911 lines. This seems to be something JYS had been allegedly using in August 2020, nearly four months later. JYS was informed that day if they continued calling Langley RCMP with the faux bomb threats, they would be charged with mischief. JYS was told to stay off social media and change their phone number, which we both know has never happened.

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Thirdly, there was an August 05, 2020, incident where both Mama Yaniv and JYS went back into Langley RCMP. They confirm JYS appears to be wearing a body camera despite the fact, from firsthand knowledge, recording devices are not allowed in that lobby having been there a week prior on July 28, 2020, myself to see the same officer JYS was there to see that day: Constable Safi Sharar. It appears after reviewing footage, there was once again no wrong doing. If JYS was there to see Sharar, I bet it had something to do with Donald Francis Smith, since Sharar already was foolish enough to believe the manufactured email by JYS on December 10, 2019.

But this is perhaps my favourite part of page 16.

“Note also that Ms. Simpson calls our office regularly and in fact, even called today as I was writing this email. Our office did look into charging her, however, there was concern regarding releasing employee names which was not deemed appropriate. Ms. Simpson has in the past contacted employees directly and caused concern. We are very careful to protect our employee’s identity to ensure they do not have to deal with Ms. Simpson away from the workplace.”

This is another example of the ongoing terror that JYS within the community that as much as many want to charge JYS, there is real fear of retaliation. I and other members of Meow Mix have spoken firsthand to dozens of victims of JYS, whom didn’t want to come forward publicly as JYS had already terrorized them.

Recall when JYS six months ago trolled to say the local police love them and flashed a bunch of business cards? Seems it’s far from the case- even back then, as they were tired of JYS despite the local alleged child predator is adamant to play up the victim.

Frankly, I don’t believe the default judgement is truly JYS’ end game here. I hope TOL fights this vigorously and doesn’t roll over like in the physiotherapy case to hand JYS a fraction of the costs sought to encourage this behaviour. Tomorrow, I intend to write a brief email to the Manager of Risk Management for TOL and direct him to the vexatious litigant history in the past year. It will surely be ammunition for them and the rest of us can get out the popcorn yet again!

TOL’s counsel has made an Application to a Judge and JYS’s next court appearance in this case will be on October 30, 2020 at 9:30 AM. Members of the public can call in to the matters at 1-877-353-9184 and enter the code 1948690.

Additional documents are below.

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