Jessica Yaniv Simpson Assault Charge Court Update

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October 21, 2020

10:50 AM PST: BC CSO has been updated to show a scheduled arraignment hearing on Nov 6, 2020, an 9:00 AM.

Yaniv will enter a plea at the arraignment hearing. Presuming there is no change, Yaniv will plead not guilty and the case will go to a Provincial Court Trial. Yaniv may not be required to attend the arraignment hearing either. He may have the option to send Counsel or even file his plea using a consent arraignment form. MeowMix will keep you posted.

10:40 AM PST: Articling student was Natasha Brar. The next scheduled hearing for this is November 6, 2020. Note that Yaniv did not appear in court today. He was too busy cowering, much like yesterday.

10:35 AM PST: Jessica Yaniv Simpson’s apparently still has Andrew Coulthard on retainer. Coulthard sent an articling student to appear for Yaniv today and announce that Yaniv wants to proceed to trial for his assault charges against Keean Bexte.

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