Jessica Yaniv Simpson – Degenerate Bullying Pervert

Warning Jessica Yaniv



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26 Replies to “Jessica Yaniv Simpson – Degenerate Bullying Pervert”

  1. Langley Watcher

    How on earth is this creature not locked up?

    1. N/A

      It’s the Trudeau administration, a dissident right government would have had Yaniv v& for grooming/sexually harassing minors the second he showed up on the radar with the “ball wax” bullshit.

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      1. JT

        This has more to do with the Prov and not the feds.

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    2. TRBB

      It is because Trudeau himself likes dogs.

  2. Reader

    I can’t. He’s f*cking his dog, right? I called it ages ago. And where is the RSPCA?
    * I listened to about thirty seconds of the second tape. So for those who cannot bear it… like me, but I did try… there’s what sounds like a female child talking utter filth and discussions about Rexy’s “services”.
    ** I knew JYS was horrible. This is next level. Shame on Canada.

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    1. Avatar photoMeow Mix Online

      Now you know why we warned people before they listened. He is beyond anything we can even consider and there will be a body one day due to him

      1. Reader

        *a human body

        Besides the cats and pet dogs he’s already killed and/or violated.

        I wish him nothing but Hell

  3. Claude

    So the eunuch got catfished again? That‘d be funny if the content wasn’t so sick.

  4. MsKitty

    So, who exactly do I call? The local chapter I mean. I love animals, and I will not stop until something is done for poor Rexy!!

  5. 377

    I haven’t listened to these recordings and tbh don’t plan to do so I’m going by comments here only.

    Could it be yaniv is using AI / Kid Voice Changer? We all know everything about him is fake so why not audio? – the blob has all the time in the world to ponce about with apps etc.

    1. nNancy

      In a call or two you can hear the kid’s voice overlapping Jethro’s voice so I think the calls are genuine. If they are fakes then he has a real talent for this as to my ear I can’t hear any obvious tells.

  6. JT

    Lock the beast up.

  7. nNancy

    Deranged dickless degenerate deviant doorknob
    I swear when they took his dick any IQ point above 50 went too.

    Who is the woman in these phone calls? I find it inconceivable that a woman could tolerate this racist, sexist, imbecile of a being for more than 5 minutes but she mentions she has been a friend 4 years and this freak doesn’t trust her? Talk about a deep fake plant. The Russians have never done as well infiltrating American security!! She is master class and I hope her ID is never revealed.

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  8. nNancy

    The absolute blatant overt racism from this creep and he has the absolute audacity to ask, “why the hate?”
    We should welcome his total and complete lack of self awareness. It will be his ultimate downfall. Of this, I’m reasonably sure.

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  9. Yaniv Trash

    I know the RCMP watch this site, Yaniv has gotten away with so much when is the RCMP going to raid Yaniv.

  10. nNancy

    I also believe the RCMP watches Jethro but it seems like they have been told he’s untouchable unless he does something so egregious they need to act immediately for public safety.
    I’m guessing that in the big picture if they know this creep has a mountain of CP material (we all suspect he does) the RCMP takes the “it could always be worse” approach.

    1. JT

      I think it could be would a jury convict him.Any jury will look at him as bad as he is someone who is special needs.

  11. JT

    BC does have some strong laws around this JV could be looking at serious jail time

    Overview of the Offence. 160(1) Every person who commits bestiality is guilty of an indictable offence and liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding ten years or is guilty of an offence punishable on summary conviction.Oct 17, 2023

    1. TRBB

      Pretty sure Trudeau invalidated all Beastiality charges. They apparently fixed it but for a time Trudeau was free to bang as many dogs as he wanted.

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  12. Freddy Fudpucker

    What utter filth, how does he survive without income? Runs a car, buys a dog, eats out. Phone broadband rent insurance… disbelief. A real scumbag. The lowest of the low.

    1. JT

      Most of it his mon seems to pay for.

    2. 377

      “how does he survive without income?”

      Various State benefits and programs, scrounging / grifting, credit card debt, his mother’s savings. A typical “chav”.

      jonny yaniv, still chasing that elusive $35,000.

    3. TRBB

      The government is happy to give you everything in this country for.. Compliance.. How many are jabbed here lol. How many will now admit its the worst decision you ever made “trusting” a doctor or government lol. JY still harasses people about the chinavirus all the time.

    4. Anon

      The taxpayer aka us – pay all of these degenerates and mentally ill peoples’ needs. Typically along with mismanagement of government like what we see out of Biden and Trudeau and you have the prospects for disaster in this country. Jon already said he is moving to Germany now that banging dogs and kids is legal.

  13. Animal Welfare Volunteer

    Send all the files to the SPCA, have people in his building report that they’ve seen Rexy in dirty conditions. That’s how you get peace officers to do a check on an animal. Witnesses have to be first-hand though.

  14. faster pussy (MC)

    I read and listen to almost every audio and everything you do. Hell everything. Actually. But I’m giving this a miss. As a CAT and kitten slave and dog owned, not gonna happen. Oh I hope it’s your year to be totally and utterly ruined

    ,let karma finally rain down some ye olde testament justice on this absolute humongous twit.

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