Jessica Yaniv Simpson Is A Moronic Loser!

The headline is the basic story. On 15th May, the Yaniv clown show rolled back into the BC courts on year another of the waddling lump of lard’s vexatious lawsuits. If you remember, this is the lawsuit he started after an elderly man in a walker prevented him from assaulting any more senior citizens. I can’t actually believe we are writing about a grown-man baby of over 30 stone years who thought it was acceptable to punch a senior citizen in their own home building.

As is now given with Yaniv, this lawsuit had more shit in it than his shit-encrusted man cave or his condo floor from poor Rexy. He had already been found guilty of criminality over the event, and a judge in the same courthouse had already ruled Yaniv was a liar and an untrustworthy witness. However, our favourite landwhale wasn’t deterred and tried for another bite of the chocolate cake.

We are not saying that Yaniv has a form for losing lawsuits, but the self-declared” fourth-year law student” has lost more lawsuits than virginities on Epsteins Island. Except the only thing Yaniv has never lost is his virginity (excluding Miriam, who doesn’t count).

In a conclusion that even mystic Meg would have predicted, the case was thrown out onto the rubbish heap just like the rest of Lard Arse’s cases. Why? Because after 100+ losses he still hasn’t learned that you need a little something called evidence! Yaniv seems to think that this site doesn’t exist and that our readership includes law enforcement, court staff, and lawyers who now know he is a pathological liar.

He also hasn’t learned that the evidence you submit has to be connected to the case or support your claims. Yet again, he submitted reports that not only disproved his own case but also suggested the only thing wrong with him was a sexually transmitted infection in his throat! We understand this may have come from his used tampon fetish. The medical reports he used state clearly there was no injury!

Plus, Yaniv was seen by medical services right after the alleged assault. Surprise, surprise, no sign of injury; the report again disproves Yanivs’s case.

Just another add-in from this medical report. YOUR A FAT FUCKING LIAR Jessica Yaniv Simpson – NON-INSULIN DEPENDENT

Only a moronic loser would file a certificate of readiness with medical reports stating that there was no sign of any injury other than a dose of the clap. Yaniv never learns that it’s not hate that people have towards him. It is disgust.

Yaniv was last seen waddling towards his car before a Greenpeace truck tried to tow him back to the sea.

What is your favourite  Yaniv loss?

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7 Replies to “Jessica Yaniv Simpson Is A Moronic Loser!”

  1. 377

    My favourite loss is still the waxing farce.

    He was not only branded a lying racist by the courts but had to dig deep to pay for that very public label.

    Everything from the Lazarus lift episode, his Brazilian heritage, down to a fellow male having to explain what a vulva was. Also, who can forget his bat shit mother’s behaviour.

    He was so confident of a win, his silence afterwards was glorious. Nothing comes close, for me…the yanivs excelled themselves in that case. Epic.

  2. Yaniv Trash

    That is good, The Rcmp need to charge this pos for bugging DFS making so many sock accounts, RCMP I know you watch this site but time to arrest Yaniv for kiddy porn abuse on his dog

    Hell Yeah 1
    Fuck This Comment 1
    1. N/A

      I hope that if Yaniv gets arrested for violating the lolisho ban with simpsons toon porn, they find actual child porn/other sex crime evidence so that he will not try to con the lolisho community into giving him legal defense money.

      This is because the nonce WILL realize lolisho bans are controversial and opt to challenge the much hated law to discourage the courts from searching further and finding something he can’t excuse away.

  3. nNancy

    The epic lost of the ball waxing case might never be topped. It will take a case that drives him to immediate bankruptcy IMO.
    Amy should come after this asshole with guns blazing in Superior Court for his bullshit in defaming her. I don’t think Jethro could afford a lawyer to take his case. Whoever goes to represent him will want a substantial retainer. Miriam is probably either fed up paying his legal bills or perhaps doesn’t have the money herself to shell out on a case Jethro is guaranteed to lose. A retainer for a case like this could be $10k. Jethro doesn’t have that. How much could Miriam possibly have after paying his way out of the ball waxing debacle, (I doubt greatly Jethro coughed up the $6,000 in fines the HRT slapped him with. Add the criminal cases, how many now? 4? (Is $5,000 each a reasonable sum? I think it is. Add another $10,000 for Miriam’s criminal cases and we’re starting to talk about some serious amounts.) It’s speculated that Jethro is one of the anonymous assholes that complained to the BC Nursing Society about Amy. If she wins a judgement against him he is finished financially. NFW Miriam could ever bail him out of that sum. I wish Amy would start a GFM, I’d be donating $200 at the speed of light providing she promised to go after the assholes making her life miserable and not just hiring an attorney to make peace with them. The other arrogant troons might think twice about talking shit about normies.

  4. Claude

    The eunuch’s latest STD, in his throat, is too funny. The orc sucked on a tampon he found in the waste bin of a bathroom stall. What an epic doodlehead loser.

  5. TRBB

    Remember folks. BC wants to be the b*tch of the left. Worse then Ottawa. They are happy their courts and faux tribunals get used like this! Justin Trudeau gets off on this type of stuff. I am amazed JT hasn’t shown up at Jons’ place to have a date. Just think about how many lies those goofs weaponized against unvaccinated. Remember folks your safest if your unvaccinated and pure blooded. #facts #fact. We should be encouraging heavy uptake of MRNA into all #trans currently. I am surprised nobody from MM alone has sued the government yet considering how wrong they got the jabs. This ends one way for all the gullible and at risk – an MRNA reversal drug which will have to be mandatory. Cutting off of social security services if it is not taken.. Eventually a criminal offense… Without this – its a blatant admission we set humanity back decades. If your MRNA vaccinated your a risk to each and every person around you its a simple fact – currently.

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    1. Avatar photoMeow Mix Online

      What has this comment got to do with Yaniv or the article? Nothing. Your comment brings nothing to the discussing and is little more than a Yanivesque rant. How do you know what the various MM team members views on vaccinations are or indeed if they were vaccinated or not? We have never taken a position on it and the only time it should be brought up is when it has something to do with Yaniv.
      It’s only shit like this that we moderate. I am putting this one up so people can see what is deleted. Also, stop using multiple names to reply to and upvote your own comments. It suggests you are exactly like Yaniv.

      Hell Yeah 9
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