Yaniv’s Premature Ejaculation Problem

In what is surely not the first or even 100th time, Jessica Yaniv Simpson has had the experience of premature ejaculation with Donald. Sorry for that visual. 

Yesterday, Yaniv was very happy and eager to report that Donald had been arrested in Ontario and slapped with a few new charges for disobeying a court order, criminal harassment and uttering threats. TBF certainly sounds plausible, but it is a different Donald Smith. Yaniv’s buddy and fellow Donald stalker, JoeMorin73 on X, also reported prematurely on this yesterday and has since posted an update and clarification, but Yaniv still has his incorrect information posted. 

Only Yaniv could fuck up this badly – by providing Donald evidence that Yaniv is obsessed with him and a pathological liar.

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  1. Yaniv Trash

    BC bound to see JYS, I might hold a protest outside fat pos place

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