Baby Reindeer 2 – The Wrath Of Yaniv

It’s another day, yet another bit of evidence showing Yaniv is an unhinged stalker and a danger to DFS.  Yaniv’s obsession with Donald Smith and his inability to behave like a normal human being is now well out of hand. This time, it was a court hearing instigated by Smith to vary the terms of his probation. Despite having nothing to do with this case, Yaniv managed to barge his way in and interfere with the court’s business. To hammer this point home, Yaniv had no say or involvement in the hearing or case. The only way he would have known about it was if he was stalking DFS and obsessively searching for him online in official notices. Yaniv turning up on Zoom was a deliberate attempt by him to intimidate Donald, but it backfired. Don’t you love instant Karma?

Although we can only provide notes for this hearing, some things caught our attention. It is becoming clear that Yaniv has zero self-control, genuinely thinks he is better, and knows more than everyone else. The only thing larger than his ego is his waistline. He either doesn’t know how to behave or believes that the rules we all follow in society do not apply to him. When Donald first started speaking, he did so calmly and appropriately. He is trying to do things the right way and should be encouraged. At a previous hearing, the same judge ordered the Crown to provide Donald Smith with transcripts of the cases, which was never done. The judge confirmed they hadn’t provided him with these, and DFS requested an adjournment.

Donald brought up the presence of his stalker, Mr Yaniv Simpson, with the judge, given his unhinged behaviour, which has put Donald in danger. Donald rightly brought up the SWAT calls, the lies, the fake police reports and the fake accounts used by JY to pretend to be DFS. At this point, any normal person who had nothing to do with this case and was being exposed for their criminal behaviour would either leave or shut up. Thankfully, Yaniv is not normal. Unable to control himself, Yaniv launched into a loud-mouthed rant in the court. Had it been anyone else, Yaniv would have been arrested for contempt of court. Yaniv seemed most troubled by being called a stalker (which he is) and bellowed that he wouldn’t have to stalk him if he (DFS) didn’t keep breaking his fucking restrictions, thus confirming DFS’s allegations of stalking. I have never known anyone else like Yaniv that screws themselves so often in court. 

Just two minutes later, Yaniv launched into another tirade about Smith, accusing him of wanting to kill all trans people; as the judge had already given Yaniv a warning, she ordered Yaniv to be permanently muted. This will have stung him because DFS remained calm and ignored him. He sees DFS as a lesser person, which will have caused a few more blood vessels to pop, and the fact it was a woman judge makes it even better. But this brings us to the point we wanted to talk about. In the past, judges have given JYS a lot of leeway regarding his behaviour, but this time, there was none. The action was taken swiftly, and the judge took no nonsense from him. The judge knew fully who and what Yaniv was and had no time for his crap, which suggests that the law is beginning to lose patience with the Yaniv circus & it is clear his behaviours, fraudulent lawsuits, and fake crime reports are being discussed amongst the law community. Time is finally running out for him and that is wonderful.

Sometimes karma is just perfect.

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3 Replies to “Baby Reindeer 2 – The Wrath Of Yaniv”

  1. Claude

    We have to see a pattern of judge responses to the eunuch’s antics before concluding the noose tightens round his neck. Judge Hamilton took none of the orc’s nonsense, but subsequent judges again cut the jerk unwarranted slack. Let’s watch this.

    1. nnancy

      His troon card is still strong and he can play it with impunity.
      Like the writer opined, anyone else would have been hit with contempt of court. Oh no. Not our local orc eunuch. He has NEVER been held accountable via fines or sanctions in any court. He’s been called a lying grifting uncharged pedo racist with a fakes service dog. Not one iota of those facts has ever altered his behavior.

  2. N/A

    I personally hope DFS can get a nasty restraining order on the grounds yaniv can exasperate legal issues with the canadian government.

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