Moderation For Dummies (We mean you, Nancy)

As with every other site that deals with morons like Yaniv, we know that we will attract some followers who have their issues. Mostly, they are harmless basement dwellers that annoy you like a mosquito as they buzz around and wind each other up. Sometimes you will get one that keeps going no matter how much you swat their sorry alcoholic arses away. Mostly, we ignore them whilst laughing ourselves silly at them. At the current time, we seem to have two absolute roasters that really should have their own forum on Kiwi Farms and think that they deserve answers or information that is none of their damn business. So, we are taking this occasion to set things straight.

First of all, there has been a lack of posts since December. I went through CAR-T therapy in December, so posting about the trustedturd hasn’t been my priority. Blame me for that, not my team, who have done everything they can to keep things going. Some of the articles that have gone up were written by them, so maybe wind your neck in. We did offer readers the option of writing articles to cover this time, and only one did it. The rest of the team pays for the offshore hosting we have to use to prevent Yaniv from taking us offline. Funnily, the raging lunatic shouting the loudest was one who claimed they could do it easily. We are slowly getting back to strength. Again, we will say that if you think you can do better in an article, we will gladly post it if there is evidence to back it up.

Secondly – Comment moderation 

We moderate comments very lightly. Once one comment is approved manually, you are set to auto-approval. So only first-time posters and those who use any of the following words are manually moderated. Only first-time posters and those who make a comment on an article with any of the following words are automatically moderated. If you do use a word below your comment is manually checked. Most are then approved.

COVID, vax, vaccination, Trump, Biden, Zionist, Palestine, Hebrew, Israel, sheman, shemale. If you can’t make a post without using these words, you are too fucking stupid to be allowed to post. All other comments are automatically approved. So when the 5 accounts on kunty farms (just 2 people talking to themselves online) are winding everyone up about their comments being deleted you can tell them where to go.

That is it-  that is the limit of our moderation.



Rather than just state this is what we do, I am going to highlight why some get deleted and introduce you to the 5 amigos with multiple personality disorders who need to talk to each other online.

In the image below, ActuallyJewish, ActuallyHuman, and Ericgl96, who are not shown votePPC, are the same person using alt accounts to talk to himself and upvote comments—exactly like Yaniv would do. To repeat, the usernames are all the same person interacting with themselves. Whoever this is is so thick that they can’t understand that we see their details when they post. NOTE – None of the details below are personal or identifying data. Many of his posts are about COVID jags and are those of someone who needs support. He is obsessed with Trump’s bowel movements, COVID-19, China and jabs. He or she is obsessed with which MM team members have been vaccinated or what our position on vaccinations is. We don’t have one, and it is fuck all to do with Yaniv.

Comment after comment has nothing to do with Yaniv being put up, so yes, we delete posts that have nothing to do with Yaniv, the article or, indeed, any sort of reality. The posts he is shouting about recently are the three below.

e w

The other one we will call Nancy. After knocking back a few glugs of moonshine, Nancy thinks his or her point of view is far more important than anyone else’s, and what they think they know is a genuine, honest, true, and stunning fact. Unfortunately, Nancy is roughly one brain cell above Jessica Yaniv. Like Yaniv, Nancy thinks she can do things better than anyone when she is normally too drunk to dress herself. Case in point – Nancy thinks she can send emails without showing us the IP address she has posted from 100+ times, using a different name. Again referring to the crap on KF. Nancy is another who uses different screen names that talk to each other online.

So, instead of the constant troon whining, we will post the moderation policy once and for all. Hopefully, Nancy can put down the bottle long enough to understand why we can’t be bothered answering her or him.

  1. This is a site about Yaniv. We are not interested in Trump/Biden or any other sack of shit that is running for election unless its to do with Yaniv. They are all crap.
  2. We are not a COVID or conspiracy theory site – It’s about the Yanivs.
  3. ONLY the following words are not automatically approved: COVID, vax, vaccination, Trump, Biden, Sheman, Shemale Zionist, Palestine, Hebrew, Israel. If you can’t make a post without using these words, you are too fucking stupid to be allowed to post.

Of the less than 15 comments removed in the last 3 months, nearly all have been one of the above usernames. The ones deleted included “actually Jewish”, demanding we free Palestine to slaughter the Jewish people.

Once again, if you have a problem, come at me, not team members. I am sure I will manage to find a couple of spare fucks to give it my attention.




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20 Replies to “Moderation For Dummies (We mean you, Nancy)”

  1. Jon Yanivs Beret

    Ha! I’m glad you called out these clownz.

    That voteppc/actually human guy has always gotten under my skin. It’s so obvious that it’s him posting maniacally from different accounts. Its insane that he thinks people can’t tell. He always mentions Elliot Rodgers and masturbating to preschool schools (projection/guilty conscious)? “Actually human” my ass. Creep.

    Lets play a game, on the .0002% chance he has a job, let’s guess what it is. My bet would be on the guy that works the overnight shift at 7-11, giving serial killer vibes and ranting to you about paranoid nonsense while you give a strained half smile and make up a bullshit excuse why you have to go, ie “ummm, my cat puked last week, I better get home to check on him”.

    I know someone else can come up with a better/funnier scenario for his “job”.

    To the author, I hope your health is improving my friend. Any spotlight on yaniv is good, don’t let anyone pressure you. Wishing you the best.

    Hell Yeah 12
    Fuck This Comment 3
    1. Vote ppc

      Hey retard, I am not that other guy though I might have been impersonated at some point. I never wrote anything as crazy as that guy.

      I never said anything antisemitic or even said anything negative about that one country that has women’s rights and gay rights, though I think the impersonation of me made the site owner unjustifiably aggressive to me. It may have been actually human who did it but I dunno.

      Hell Yeah 4
      Fuck This Comment 3
      1. Jon Yanivs Beret

        Oh okay. So there’s multiple people who talk about Elliot Rodgers and masterbating to preschool schools on this 1 small blog. Got it. That’s totally believable.

        “I’m bEiNG iMPErsOnATed” where have we all heard that before?

        So MM has nothing better to do then defame a stranger on the internet. Riiiight.

        I like how you didn’t deny that the chance of you having a job are .00002%. Lol

        I’ve often wondered if this is yaniv himself. But, embarrassingly, even yaniv isn’t this paranoid. You got the lying part down tho.

        Hell Yeah 1
        Fuck This Comment 3
      2. Avatar photoMeow Mix Online

        Looks like they also cloned your IP address as well.

        Hell Yeah 2
        Fuck This Comment 2
  2. Liam

    I’m not any of the aforementioned users, but i have to admit, the blog’s tone has become more childish and tabloid-like in recent months. It used to just be factual reporting on Yaniv’s actions, and now it’s angry, vulgar color commentary that would probably warrant MATI and Islamic Content reacts on the Farms.

    Did the site change ownership or something?

    Hell Yeah 5
    Fuck This Comment 12
    1. Avatar photoMeow Mix Online

      As we said in the article – I had CART treatment in December which is incredibly harsh. So moderation & articles has been slower and some of the articles have been written by other people.

  3. Hamfatten Project

    You deleted my recent comment suggesting you write a little more professionally for apparently no real reason. It was the mildest criticism imaginable and it got memory holed.

    Hell Yeah 3
    Fuck This Comment 4
    1. Avatar photoMeow Mix Online

      Your comment went to moderate because of different usernames & email addresses on the same IP. Moderation is done when a team member has time to do it.

  4. Claude

    Curious: you wrote some time ago that there may be a yaniv site only aimed at non-canadians. Can you say anything more?

    1. Avatar photoMeow Mix Online

      We have a duplicate site that can’t be accessed on a Canadian IP. It is to allow us to publish articles that legally can’t be posted in Canada but are legal elsewhere. So far there is only one story that would go on it but we are lacking the evidence to publish.

  5. MeowMeow

    Can you please post more court documents?

  6. nnancy

    Good grief – if you’re referring to me, obviously, there are two things you can never do 1) show any post where I have used any one of your “verboten” words or terms. Not one. Zero. everything I have ever posted is about the eunuch menace.
    2) Show ANY public posts were I have used socks of any sort or alternate identities to talk to myself, upvote myself or any such bullshit.
    What I use to sign as a name when I email you is irrelevant. Surely, you are not stupid enough to think I am stupid enough to not realize the email I use when sending you messages overrides whatever handle I chose for that message. Along with my IP which I have never bothered to hide from you. You have never replied to any emails I have sent, your perogative. I think you have thin skin and don’t take criticism well. I get it. When you are having a hard time with health things can be taken very personally. It’s nice to know the reason behind things being sporadic. I hope your health issues improve. There’s no animosity on my part, I hope you can say the same.

    Hell Yeah 4
    Fuck This Comment 2
    1. TRBB

      They censor chynaese virus. its a tacit admission I was 100% right. Just think about it – MM censored my posts because they have the same viewpoint with JY on chineeesevirus. I stand by my posts 100% I am vindicated. MM and JY are not. National class action lawsuit launched for all jab injured – which is 100% of all MRNA jabs receipients. #facts #fact I will debate anybody from MM staff anytime of day or week.

      1. Jay6665

        out of curiosity TRBB, why bring up kung faux flu on this site? There are 1000’s places for that topic. This is suppose to be about yaniv and his destruction on society and community. This is my first time here in months as the quality and censorship pushed me away, but I believe in their core principles and walked away quietly not to ruffle feathers and diminish the main point of MM, exploit and stop the yaniv monsters reign on society.

      2. Avatar photoMeow Mix Online

        There are many comments about vaccines and COVID approved. All of them concern Yaniv.

        We have no position on COVID out with that. Other than Yaniv I don’t recall the team ever discussing it. If you want to talk about COVID in general there are forums to do it on.

  7. TRBB

    Under absoultely NO CIRCUMSTANCES should chynesevirus posts be censored. Jon has weaponized the chinesevirus and there needs to be accountability. It is riduclous. 100% ridiculous that it is censored and is ONLY done so to protect MM who happened to agree with JY on the specific topic. I hate to remind you again but you were all wrong. The posts about the chinesesvirus were 100% accurate. I stand by them today. In fact – a national class action lawsuit was just started for all jabs injured. As other have noted – the community has suffrered immensely since the chineeseviruses ban went into place. Note how its the very first thing censored. Owner of MM and JY need to do the right thing – admit the truth and remove the ban. You got duped by the govt and your friends – your worse off now no matter how you look at it.. Simple as that. You know who is no more at risk these days? Those pesky purebooded unnjabbbed folks! I don’t even bother really coming back here anymore. 1 article in a month. Its obvious there has been an exodus of staff etc – likely do to the censorship of truth.

    Hell Yeah 1
    Fuck This Comment 1
    1. Avatar photoMeow Mix Online

      I have approved this post just to show everyone how unhinged you are. We have no position at all on Covid except where it involves Yaniv. Thankfully we all have more important things in our lives than wailing like a troon on the internet. Some of us are vaccinated, some of us aren’t. Some had reactions to the vax and some had none. It isn’t something we sit down to talk about. Although we did think you demanding an apology from us hysterical. Are you sure you aren’t Yaniv?

      But seriously if all you can post about is Covid then we can solve your problem permanently.

      Hell Yeah 2
      Fuck This Comment 1
  8. nnancy

    In terms of driving people away by MM staff actions all I have to say is this, “where’s Trevor?”

    1. Jon Yanivs Beret

      I would like to know where Trevor is too. I miss that guy. Some of his rants were EPIC. And so were yours 🙂

    2. Avatar photoMeow Mix Online

      We don’t have staff. Interestingly not one of Trevor’s posts were ever moderated. Neither has your alter ego Edward.

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