Unhealthy Fixation

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  1. Indie

    If anyone anywhere has any contacts within the Autism world that could possibly take this on and help Donald to really fight this and get Yaniv charged with criminal harassment or more PLEASE reach out and share how we can help as well. Thanks!

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    1. JT

      The Ottawa Police as a rule don’t put up with this for long.My guess if the big man keeps it up the OPS will be contacting the RCMP and have the big man arrested.

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      1. nNancy

        You realize the Ottawa police are the goose stepping goons that arrested peaceful Canadians for protesting the illegal lockdowns and mandates during Covid?
        The chances of these goons siding with an autistic man over a disabled transgendered “girl” are zero. There is no card Donald could ever play that would TRUMP Jethro’s protected status.

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  2. Trevor Dunen

    You started to harass me there for a while but you know I’m an Aussie & you know if you persisted I’d fly straight to Canada & execute Breaker Morant’s rule .303. (Look it up, only Aussies would know what it means.)

    1. nNancy

      I know rule .303 it’s not just an Aussie thing
      The madmen executing Boers in SA were exercising rule 303 as well

  3. Sydney

    Sorry this is a way off topic rant. I gotta say some shit about this JY shit and yeah, this is pretty personal.

    I am what some call a “real trans”. I didn’t just “identify” one way some day. Some of the earliest memories I have involve gender dysphoria and thst was back when girls had cooties. I always wanted to be like the cool, female sidekick in a movie instead of then hero.

    I kept thar shit buried down for years. I even had this plan to make it look like I’d died so I could assume a new life somewhere else.

    Anywho, I grew up some and wound up coming out to my friends (which was hard because lots of them were super right wing “alpua” types)… but that went well enough..

    Living as a trans has taught me a very specific type of hate– the hate of when I am judged for the actions of others.. All this JY stuff is like coals added to the furnace of hatred toward all trans.

    I could spend all day counting out that rhe person most likely to abuse a child is not a Trans it is a cis male that the child knows, particularly ones that try and gain access to the child..

    But that doesn’t matter when they can just count thr finger to JY, who is the *literal* creep in the bathroom people have nightmares about.

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    1. Reader

      I am a staunch “transmedicalist”, admittedly, but that said I *used* to be a staunch defender of LGBT rights. Filth such as Yaniv and the TRA cult have quieted my voice and amped up my disdain for the perverts, fakes, and cult members destroying my community, with which I can no longer ethically affiliate. I’m sorry that the people who are “truly” LGBT are paying the price instead of the absolute boors, fetishists, and Fascists infiltrating LGBT. Yaniv and his ilk have found a home there, safe from repercussions. It’s a mess and until we ourselves take back our community’s good standing, gatekeep, if you will, it will not change. Yaniv pulls these stunts and cries wolf BECAUSE HE CAN. He is a litigious biohazard who knows just enough to be dangerous. We don’t want him or anyone like him.

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    2. @PussycatMoll

      I understand where you’re coming from. People only ever remember the bad stuff they hear or see, the extremes, for example, you going into a shop and receive an exceptional service? Amazing, waited in hand and foot nothing too much trouble?
      How many people do you tell about that? Very few, we expect it as part of our customer service.

      However, if we go to a shop and receive a poor service, a despicable Service how many people do we tell about that? it’s only ever the negative things that people are hear about, a good analogy would be everyone judging all mothers based on the fact that some mothers hurt their offspring. As if one person actions should not have an impact on how other people see all other people in a similar situation!
      we both know this is not always the case, your comments is intelligent, insightful and thoughtful you do yourself an injustice by putting yourself down based on other peoples behaviour! Your comment alone tells me that you are a very different person, embrace you and just do you, the world sees your kindness and thoughtfulness, even if we can’t always see it ourselves.

  4. nNancy

    I know myself it IS creeps like JY that fan my flames of disgust. I can’t hate anyone but I am completely disgusted that JY has invaded the lives of so many innocents so he could whack off. There is no excuse for creeps like him not being ID’d not as TRANS but as a degenerate pervert in a dress. The fact he is dickless by choice and that puts him in a protected group is all wrong. He should be on a government predator watch list instead of being protected by them.

  5. N/A

    I cannot wait for the day a change in government frees Donald Francis Smith from getting harassed by both corrupt police officers and regressive leftists/their grifters like Yaniv.

    Because DFS is a known dissident right activist I suspect Yaniv might be getting info on him from various Antifa chat groups he’s managed to sneak into with stealth alts, as those terrorist animals tend stalk everyone who rightfully opposes their retarded convoluted communist ideology.

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  6. JT

    The big man is excited 23 people voted for him in the SFU election.Now how many of those 23 have any clue who JV really is.

  7. TRBB

    Jon has nobody except Donald in his life outside of his bread mother and aunt.

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