Donald Smith vs Jessica Yaniv Simpson: New Video Exposes DFS

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This is a follow up to the post from a few days ago where I wrote, strictly based on DFS’s word and screenshots, that Jessica Yaniv Simpson was harassing DFS by sending him pizza and hookers. These are things Yaniv has done before. New video has come up showing that Donald Smith is not above these same tactics, adding credibility to statements by some people who say DFS is just as bad as JY.

Several MeowMix team members have already cut ties with DFS. They had negative experiences with him and that’s all I will say. Those are their stories to tell or not. I’ve remained open to supporting DFS in his campaign against JY but I find myself in a tough spot now.

Let’s start with the video.

This is clear enough evidence to me that DFS is not above these same tactics. That’s enough for me to admit (ugh!!) that there’s a chance the pizza and hookers weren’t sent by JY. They still could have been! They still likely were! But this can’t be ignored.

I’ve avoided saying this for a long time but my honest opinion is DFS didn’t serve 39 days in jail “wrongly”. DFS was on conditions to avoid JY and he didn’t. He threatened to cut off his balls and assault him on a YouTube video outside the Surrey Courthouse and (and this is where it matters…) he then showed up at the Surrey Courthouse when he said he would.

Did he truly intend to assault JY? Probably not. But he made the threat and then showed up, all of which occurred after he was told to leave JY alone.

Did JY bait him? Yes.

Did JY entrap him? Yes.

But is DFS innocent? No.

If the video above isn’t enough for you, check out DFS’s other YouTube videos, some of which include racist statements on the Derek Chauvin murder conviction.

There are so many similarities between DFS and JY….it’s hard to really choose a side. I support DFS in his campaign against JY because JY targeted him as a perceived weaker opponent, but DFS needs to go home and STFU for a few months. Enough is enough. When I’m in a position that the only thing I can say to defend my support of someone is “At least they aren’t a pedo like the other guy.”, something is wrong.

Is DFS a victim of JY? YES.

Has DFS antagonized JY? YES.

I’m over it. My DM’s get bombarded with messages from girls saying DFS harassed and threatened them (none underage so far, but some were barely 20), and there’s charges against DFS in other provinces, and all this other side drama, and honestly enough is enough.

MeowMix will continue to report on the events that occur related to JY and DFS but we are withdrawing our support of all of DFS’s other ventures. We cannot support this person anymore.

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