Jessica Yaniv Simpson Harassing DFS, Hurting Restaurants

Despite his best efforts to look like an innocent victim, Jessica Yaniv Simpson launched another effort to harass Donald Smith last night, April 19, 2021, by doing what he’s done to so many of his past enemies – sending him pizzas and insulting messages. There’s always a chance it wasn’t Yaniv, but Yaniv is notorious for doing this to others in the past and he’s the only dumbass that calls DFS these names.

Before the anti-Donald army riles up, MeowMix’s official stance is that we support DFS in his campaign against JY and that’s all. DFS’s other ventures are not our concern.

Update: April 21, 2021: I’ve received some info suggesting this may not have been Yaniv. In fact, it may have been DFS trying to make it appear as if it was Yaniv. I can’t prove it either way, and to be honest I can conceivably see if going either way, so just take this with a grain of salt. Yaniv does have a history of sending pizzas and using this language, but DFS has a history of some shady shit too, including most recently hanging around with scumbag Kevin J. Johnston. Johnston is (lol) running for mayor of Calgary and was charged with hate crimes in 2017. Johnston was ordered to pay $2.5M in damages for defamation to the owner of a prominent Middle Eastern restaurant chain. There are also claims that Johnston spent time in prison in Texas for a murder charge but a quick Google search turned up nothing to support that. I didn’t actually look that hard because I really don’t care…the guy is a scumbag.

Update: April 20, 2021: The notorious P.I.G. Jonathan Yaniv must be mad because he’s sending more pizza to DFS. #SerialLoser got beat by DFS and the best he can do is send pizzas that DFS won’t even have to pay for. It literally doesn’t hurt DFS at all.

According to DFS, two orders were placed with his address, and he was notified twice via a chat feature on his website. If I understand the situation correctly, Yaniv placed the order and then sent DFS messages to troll him, using the word “retard” several times.

jessica yaniv simpson

Of course, all images and details have been sent to DFS’s legal support friends who are expected to file an application for costs against Yaniv (after being invited to do so by the Court) and are pursuing additional criminal charges against Yaniv for his ongoing harassment campaign against DFS.

Aside from the obvious harassment of DFS, JY (or, in the off chance it’s someone else….some other asshole) has literally taken money out of the hands of the already struggling restaurant industry in a time when they are already extremely vulnerable.

  • Domino’s – $30.93 order
  • Panago – $106.16 order
  • Pizza Hut – $85.15 order

Do you live in Vancouver? Consider an order to one of the above restaurants to offset the impact on their bottom line caused by Jonathan Yaniv. #SupportLocal #GoodCancelsEvil

On top of that you have the gas and time wasted by the delivery drivers and the loss of potential tips on their part. It’s also very likely that the delivery drivers were POC. Did Yaniv factor that in to his effort and call it a double header?

Meanwhile, Jonathan Yaniv, the fake-trans, fake-disabled, fake-woman, fake-handicap, fake-everything piece of shit is sitting in his condo by himself whining about how scared he is of DFS. Maybe he should be. Maybe someone like DFS should really give Yaniv what he has coming to him one day.

Want to get your jab in at Yaniv? I’ve never done this before but fuck it. DM me on Twitter and I’ll give you his cell #. Fuck this guy.

I’m not trying to incite actual violence. I just think that Yaniv is such a fake, and such a fraud, and cries wolf so much and so loudly but he really has no idea what fear is.

Yaniv has never had the silver spoon taken from his mouth. He’s never had to struggle financially. He’s never had to find his own way. He’s always had his perverted mother and deadbeat dad Jack to bail him out. He’s never earned enough of his own real money to be completely independent. He’s just a child in a fat mans body that sends pizza like a child would and giggles to himself while he falls asleep alone in his condo for the infinitieth night in a row.

It must really sting JY to know that DFS, who he describes as a “retard” and a “moron”, is beating him at every turn. What does that make you, JY? If DFS is such a “retard”, why is he beating you? Why did you run away from your court claims with your tail between your legs? Where’s your bravery and inner princess warrior now? Donald is out on the street, living his life, making friends, and you’re holed up in one-room condo hiding behind security cameras and your mommy making Snapchat videos for teen girls that only follow you for the laughs.

Donald may have his issues, but at least he isn’t JY. I can imagine nothing worse than living the life of JY.

Please consider a small donation to help us cover our costs. Every court document is another charge and your support helps us provide these to everyone, preventing JY from hiding his legal games behind a paywall.

UPDATE: Just received this pic from DFS as well. It sounds like Yaniv, of course, but there’s always a chance this isn’t from Yaniv. I would say 100-to-1 odds it is though.

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