Yanivs Criminal Aliases

Yanivs Criminal Aliases


Plural: aliases

an assumed or additional name that a person sometimes uses

Jessica Yaniv, a fugitive using several aliases

Jessica Yaniv, who goes by the moniker Ravioli Scrubs

If you know of any others, please let us know. Yaniv is using many to harass people criminally. The accounts below are just some of the many accounts that are Yanivs Criminal Aliases.

Yanivs Criminal Aliases

Ravioli Scrubs

Twitter account set up to troll people JYS thinks are part of Meow Mix. Of about 20 he has only one right.

Service Dog Rexy

Twitter account set up to troll people and set up Donald F Smith.

Mrs Yaniv The 4th

Jessica Simpson Law

Another fake account being used to pretend he is a lawyer. He has more LS warnings than an actual bad lawyer.

Jessica Yaniv Simpson

604 Antifacist Action

Another account created by violent criminal Jessica Yaniv to criminally harass DFS based on JYs jealousy that DFS still has a dick.

Jedi Blonde

Twitter account wheeled out when Yaniv is feeling lonely and not getting any attention on social media.

News Now Canada Independent Media

Used by Yaniv to encourage people to email fake complaints to Donalds PO.

Yadira Weaver

Yaniv uses this account to stalk, defame & harass Donald Smith Openly indulges in pedophiliac fantasies.

Mad Mi

Thoroughly nasty Twitter account encouraging an armed response to Donald by claiming he is planning a school shooting.


Deranged Twitter account used to try to set up Donald Smith.

Miriam Yaniv

Twitter account controlled by Yaniv, used to criminally harass people without using JYs details.

Jessica Yaniv Simpson Sock

DFS Watcher

Twitter account controlled by Yaniv, used to criminally harass Donald Smith. Suspended after MM reports.

Peanut Marketing

Twitter account belonging to another Jessica Yaniv business that failed before even being launched.

Caryma Stinks

Twitter account targeting one of DFS lawyers & to stalk and intimidate people helping him.

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