Jessica Yaniv October Wrap Up

Jessica Yaniv October Wrap Up

Apologies for the radio silence and delay in posting the Jessica Yaniv October Wrap-Up. Unlike Jessica Yaniv Simpson, one of our team members, who has very real disabilities, became extremely unwell.

Jonny’s October can be defined by the two most important people in his life: his mother, Miriam and his bête noire, Donald Francis Smith. He spent the majority of the month trying to keep Mom out of jail, getting her out of his condo and back into her place while trying to put DFS back into custody. When he had some spare time, he created AI female versions of himself, much to the continuing amusement of the online world.

October began with Jonny taking credit for the Cowichan Community Centre cancelling an event featuring what he considers his first nemesis, Meghan Murphy, which was to be held on October 4. Jonny got Murphy banned from Twitter in 2019, and for the following two years, he always introduced himself as the transwoman who got Meghan Murphy kicked off Twitter, followed by a head tilt and a psychotic giggle. It seemed to be the only thing with somewhat of a profile that he ever accomplished, except for his own #waxmyballs infamy debacle. Murphy went on to become an even more high-profile and respected international activist, while Jonny became an international joke.

His victory was only temporary. The event was moved to Parksville, where he joined it online. He immediately became abusive, threatened to sue people and was constantly calling the RCMP to have the event shut down because of hate speech. He was pretty much ignored except by a few online participants who googled him and then posted the links for others. You can read about his stalking of Meghan Murphy here.

October 5, Jonny began excitedly posting that DFS was in breach of his conditions by being within 500 metres of any SFU campus, and he had the evidence. Everyone knows that Jonny relentlessly stalks Smith’s social media, looking for ways to put him in breach, encouraging others to do the same, and even posting the names and contact information of Smith’s probation officer and local police departments to make reports. After months of trying, he finally found a photo on Smith’s Instagram account that he could use. It was a hazy picture of Smith on a Vancouver street with a blurry SFU banner down the block.

Despite several accounts telling him that he really didn’t have a case – he furiously fought back online, harassing Smith’s PO & the local police until they did finally did lay one (and one only) Breach of Probation Charge, which will be heard on November 30 for a FA or first appearance. Jonny seems to think that Smith will be dragged immediately off to jail for at least two years. He really should look at his own experience & manipulation of the court system before he starts preening online about putting Smith in jail.

Jonny celebrated International Lesbian Day on the 8th as a lesbian with several AI-generated SM virtue-signalling posts, much to the amusement of the online community. Even though he turned off the replies (as usual), there was a lot of engagement just using his screenshots. Jonny’s response was to post AI-generated pictures of himself as a teenage girl to promote National Coming Out Day (October 11) and to catfish Walmart. As expected, within minutes, the Internet did its thing, finding the real teenage girl whose image Jonny had stolen, which also proved that Jonny was still visiting & viewing the online accounts of underage girls.

Miriam had a TEAMS court appearance on October 10, with a new lawyer, which was put over until October 20, which was put over until October 26, which was put over until October 31, which was put over until December 22. December 22 should be the sentencing date unless the Yanivs continue with procedural delays by firing the latest lawyer.

Taking a break from him posting about Olive Garden and retweeting various scientific papers (he reposted only 10 in October), Jonny threw up (which is what it made the Xverse do if the number of times these emojis 🤮🤢were used is anything to go by another AI generated series of stolen photos with his head on the bikini-clad body of a young woman’s body on October 16. It was quickly apparent that the AI was still having trouble correcting Jonny’s oversized forehead, now growing because of male pattern baldness and his droopy left eye.

That was followed the next day by his new fashion look of a masked activist ready for any street battles during various demonstrations. What made this post so hilarious is that even what was exposed of his face through the balaclava’s silt was photoshopped – badly.

He needed his new look to accompany his latest sock – @604_AFA. This sock, which appeared the day after DFS filed for a restraining order, was devoted to vilifying Smith and trying to provoke him into a breach position. To try to prove that it was not his sock, Jonny put it through a number of account management iterations but failed to convince anyone that it was anyone but him, which backfired spectacularly with the attack on Smith’s grandmother’s online memorial wall. The funeral home involved immediately contacted the RCMP, and an investigation (which is still ongoing) was launched.

The account went strangely silent on November 6 after it was called out by the Ottawa-based account that Jonny had stolen and copied to create his account. Once he was discovered, the activist group issued a warning about interacting with the account & Jonny and recommended blocking it and any of Jonny’s other accounts. They were furious that he tried to “associate this dumb shit with us like it was an ally”. Yet another activist group that Jonny has pissed off. The list keeps on growing.

On October 24, the Great Afghan Kabob settlement conference was held, followed by an application hearing on October 25. We had assumed by the Islamophobic postings on Jonny’s @604_AFA sock that things did not go well for him in court. After the last couple of appearances and the dismissal of his Islamophobic legal rantings, Jonny realized that it was not going to end well. His expectation of some easy go-away money was dashed, so the self-identified legal expert claimed he filed it in the wrong court to get out of being assessed costs despite the GAK countersuit. The judge dismissed it. But GAK is still entitled to bring a separate claim for costs if they choose to do so.

Jonny also claimed that he has filed an action with the BCHRT, which is hilarious considering his track record with the commission and the trial judge already ruled that GAK has a BCHRT case against Jonny. We all hope that the GAK will pursue the case and that, once again, Jonny will not have been successful in weaponizing the legal system for financial gain. If nothing else, he should pay for any and all costs that GAK incurred, especially after admitting to the court & on the record that, oops he brought his action to the wrong legal venue.

Still, in a fury, Jonny finished October over Smith fighting back legally, See Liar Yaniv. And people starting to look into his finances for examples of fraud.

On October 31, he posted (and then deleted, of course) a video of the 140 pages or so of legal bafflegab that his AI wrote and that he had filed in response to Smith’s application, which will be heard on November 7 in Calgary. Apparently, it was a defence AND a counterclaim. Surely a third-year law student would know that neither could be presented or heard at an application hearing. They were both rejected by the court on November 2.

The rest of November should be legally interesting, with Jonny being in court on November 20 (continuation of the criminal assault trial) as well as November 29 (the Smith restraining order) and November 30 (the Smith probation breach charge). And, for an added bonus, he should have received the results of the LSAT he wrote on November 8. Will he get a high enough score to be considered for admittance to a law school despite his criminal convictions and total absence of ethics and morals? He should, with all the extra time, etc, he was granted for being “disabled”.

What were your views on Yaniv’s October madness? Where is it going to end? Will Yaniv ever say why his father was illegally in the USA living? Will Rexy be set free? Or Will Yaniv prove the Wizard of Oz is real and that witches melt if they shower?

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15 Replies to “Jessica Yaniv October Wrap Up”

  1. Jaime

    I think the next year will be a nightmare for the big man

    Early 2024
    He has a massive debt he will have no choice but to file for bankruptcy with in the next few months.

    More charges
    I think he will face a ton of more charges in 2024 maybe even some serious ones that will see him looking at serious jail time.

    Health issue
    With his weight around 600 pounds i think by mid 2024 he will be 700 pounds leading to major health issues

    Supported housing
    I think there could be a push to have him put in supported housing

    Hell Yeah 6
    Fuck This Comment 1
    1. Batman

      So essentially, he’s finally getting everything he fucking deserves? Except the housing, he’s already cost taxpayers enough money.

      He really does need medical intervention to assist him with his weight though. Maybe before jail they’ll send him to fat camp for a bit? Last time I saw him he looked like he was definitely somewhere around 450-475 pounds. Since there haven’t been any recent verified pictures or videos of Rexy, I’m becoming concerned that JY might have actually eaten the poor dog.

      1. Jaime

        Its clear he is a risk to public safety he should have been locked up years ago.

  2. nNANcy

    Hold on, so this dickless demented dork has to date, faced zero repercussion from GAK, oh, they have filed something something to get something something but this fucking creep is allowed to file a BCHRT against them? And this cockless convoluted creep might get to yet weasel out of the consequences by claiming he filed in the wrong court? I know it was dismissed but to Jonny that’s not the end of it, not in the same manner his dick met a terminal demise. How the fuck is all this stuff being hidden? Don’t tell me his whinging got the courts to publish a ban. If anything GAK should be the ones asking for a ban as they might face attacks being a Muslim entity (flinging a faggot from the roof) going after a harmless oppresed trans girl. WTF is wrong with our system? Now talk about Miram. How many delays was she granted? 5? I would bet a large sum there’s zero non Jewish seniors ever granted 5 procedural delays with no consequences. Want to bet when she appears Dec 22 she raises some ridiculous shit about Jewish religion and Hannukah and she can’t be sentenced this time of year blah blah blah? And the court buys it? Finally, how, how can this castrated convicted criminal convince courts that Donald should be charged for breach when this asshole broke all his various conditions repeatedly and was reported to the RCMP and his parole officer (by me personally, specifically his carrying of a large hunting knife he bragged about on SM, and others I am aware of for other reasons) and nothing was done. Zero. Zip. Not a single charge of failing to abide. WTF IS WRONG WITH OUR SYSTEM?

    1. Jaime

      JV is special needs our system right or wrong doe snot liek sending people who are special needs to jail.

    2. Mickey

      I agree, nothing ever is done about them and I firmly believe that when he eventually loses it and hurts somebody the RCMP and all the other agencies that have failed the community they are supposed to protect will be equally, if not more, responsible. Having your sex organs removed and dressing like a woman should not give you a pass to do whatever you want. There should be no special treatment for anybody, that is where the problem started and continues. Equal treatment should be the law for all and should be what any so-called marginalized group should want but it doesn’t seem to be in this case. That fact should open a lot of eyes to what the real agenda of “people” like Jon really are. He is a monster, plain and simple and should be locked up permanently and have no access to the internet because he has proved over and over and over again that he exists to hurt people. That is his only purpose in life. Well besides shoveling food down his corpulent pie hole like it is his job, neglecting his hygiene and posting fake pictures of himself every chance he gets. I hope Canada wakes up and acts before it is too late.

      1. Jaime

        If you look at the last 10 years people that did commit awful; crimes mass shootings etc.Most of these people were smart and educated but suffering from mental health issues.JV is not educated and is not smart in any sense i am not sure if he would know how to do anything.

  3. nNANcy

    Why can’t I post longer comments? The system just rejects my writings without a reason.

    1. Avatar photoMeow Mix Online

      Hi Nancy,

      There is nothing stopping you posting but as we have said multiple times before you only have to post it once. Even if it doesn’t show right away. Because you copy and paste it in seconds and try again the system thinks it is spam and locks down all your comments. We then have to manually review them all.

      Write, Post and that is it.

      1. Crabbyoldbiddy

        How about Write, Reread, Edit and Reread Again THEN post so you don’t waste anymore of the MM team’s time. Got tired of reading the polite explanation.

  4. TRBB

    JY is letting his fattiness seap into his brain. Where is the dog? Where is the cat? GAK needs to go for all costs incurred.

  5. Jaime

    The next Canadian election is in 2025 the CPC have a huge lead in he polls right now.If the CPC does win i think one of the first things will be changing the self id laws and cracking down on people like JV,.

  6. You forgot the part where I called out the fact that Yaniv is NOT Métis. I have offered to pay for DNA testing to prove the claim. I have seen the family tree. There is zero chance Yaniv is indigenous.

    When I called Yaniv out on this via Twitter/X – on October 29th the 604_AFA account posted the name of my former employer trying to cancel me.

    Literally that 604_AFA account talked about Donald – and me. How odd.

    In response to 604_AFA posting my former employer – I “re-posted” a copy of my RPAL on my Twitter/X saying folks shouldn’t try to dox folks that they don’t know.

    The next day October 30th Langley RCMP contacted me about SFUJessica – and the post of my RPAL. Hmm, how odd that “someone” would report that post eh. LOL But it’s all good, everything is kosher with the police. Did I mention I have relatives that are / were police officers?

    I spent a few weeks with my lawyer trying to prove 604_AFA is SFUJessica – legally – but the cost to extract the IP id from the account via Twitter/X is not worth the expense.

    1. Avatar photoMeow Mix Online

      Nope not forgotten, we only cover things we have written about in the monthly wrap ups.

  7. nNANcy

    Barbara, I’ve been paying attention to what you have to say on X, and I applaud you for it! We have to keep a spotlight shining on this creep lest he slink off to some dark corner to plan more destruction of innocent lives. I see there’s plenty of others who realize this fat felonious fuck is getting away with literal assault and battery, criminal stalking and harassment, continually reporting a crime when there is none (this is one the charges asshole has to answer for soon) and breaking his conditions of being of good character and keeping the peace. Fucker, cat killer, deviant fat bastard, pedo, all manner of nasty shit all because his Jewish mother wasn’t going to have her little darling put into an institution where he belongs. As for his continued refusal to take free DNA tests to prove his ancestry I personally have to wonder if his biological father is actually, say, an Arab? Imagine the shitstorm that would ignite if it surfaces Miriam was screwing around with a Arab, or some other nationality that the racist 500 lb. larper hates. Throw a dart at a chart of races, you’re sure to hit one Jonny hates. The funniest thing would be to discover that a “turban fucker” is fatso’s biological father. I’d say empirically it appears when you chop off your dick about 30 IQ points goes with it.

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