Happy Passover to Jessica Yaniv Simpson

We should all learn about religious tolerance from Yaniv, and we are doing our bit to raise those Jewish voices this Passover.


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10 Replies to “Happy Passover to Jessica Yaniv Simpson”

  1. 377

    When he wants medical tests he’s Jewish. When he wants to be first in line for a vax he’s Métis. When he wants sex he’s Christian. When he watts a pap smear he’s female. When he plays the Hawaiian gangster he’s male.

  2. Trevor Dunen

    You’re Jewish Jonathon Gill Yaniv, happy Passover, your pro-nouns are he/him, you’re an ugly man. Please report me to the police dick head. I’ll say this, I am an Australian living in Australia. If I was living in Canada & Hamas attacked my people back in Australia I would immediately return to Australia & start my military training for the Australian Army then take up arms and fight Hamas to the death. why are you not in Israel fighting Hamas, why have you not returned to join the IDF? They are killing your people, what sort of coward let’s this happen to their folk, just sits back & watches while his people are slaughtered, you’re nothing but a coward, we saw you bash an old man at your Mums condo so you should be back in Israel bashing old Hamas terrorists as we know you’re capable. John, you are not a Metis Indian mate, you’re a Jewish eunuch.

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  3. ActuallyHuman

    Happy Passover to you, schizophrenic manchild and second Elliot Rodger/Daniel Larson Jonathan Yaniv. You are JEWISH and that is what is expected of you. You need to stop trying to be an autistic teenage girl and start acting like a Jew. Or, you can go back to Israel while your mother gets sent back to Congo where she originated. YOU molested her multiple times. No one in North America wants you here and we would rather get a herd of “angry fucking reds” taking over our country than to have YOUR KIND ruin the continent.

    Fuck off Yaniv. NOW!

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    1. ActuallyJewish

      Wow Yaniv, you downvoted the OP’s comment. You are a lot worse than SuperMarioLogan, and he got banned from social media. LOL.
      And by the way, Harvey Weinstein does not deserve to live. He must be an inspiration to your schizophrenic behavior.
      Willkins is someone who hates Zionism while Wontkins is you.

  4. LadyLaw

    If Yaniv is not Jewish, why did he learn Hebrew? During the 2019, BCHRT hearings, numerous people witnessed Jon and his mother, Miriam, having conversations in Hebrew in the hearing room and the hallways. The Twitter account, GoinglikeElsie, which reported on the proceedings, also commented on it.

    1. ActuallyJewish

      *****Comment deleted*****

      1. Avatar photoMeow Mix Online

        Post shit like this again and we will ban you. Its bad enough writing about Yaniv without having to read your racist inflammatory bull shit.

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      2. ericgl1996

        WOW @Meow Mix Online. Just wow. You just deleted ActuallyJewish’s comment because you are a fat, autistic snowflake who gets offended at everything. You are just an autistic manchild who plays Roblox and watches Fairly Oddparents all day. You do not do anything to prevent Yaniv from getting of scot free, such as trolling him. And you must think all ActuallyJewish does all day is stalk women and throw hissy fits in public. You are too stupid to run this site. You are a lot dumber than SuperMarioLogan, and he got what he deserved: BANNED from the internet!
        Oh, and Batman, please kill yourself so that we can piss on your grave and continue to make Yaniv’s life a living hell.

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      3. Avatar photoMeow Mix Online

        Oh dear, did we upset you dick breath? We keep telling you this but you seem to damaged to understand (Jon Y is that you) but we can see that you, Actually Jewish, Actually Human & others are all the same person. You use different usernames to try and boost your own posts. We genuinely have private bets on your being Yaniv because you behave and write like him. Your comment was deleted because it was an outrageously racist & anti Jewish (we doubt your Jewish) and we report on that type of shit not promote it.

        As for your pathetic attempts at insulting me or any other member of the team (wasn’t me who deleted your comment) at least come up with something original or worse than Yaniv has ever called us at least. Now stop jerking off your dad and get a life.

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  5. Liam

    Jonathan “Jessica Simpson” Yaniv has never passed over an underage girl.

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