Jessica Yaniv isn’t laughing anymore

Jessica Yaniv fake lawyer

There are many reasons why Jessica Yaniv isn’t laughing anymore. He killed his cat, he chopped his penis off, his clit ran away, and he is hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt; he is losing his greasy hair, and he is so lonely he had to pay $5000 for a prostitute and still didn’t lose his virginity. There is a worldwide TV franchise called “The Biggest Loser”, and Yaniv would win it hands down if it wasn’t just about weight loss. Maybe Yaniv should consider it because we all saw him having to sit on the floor at his last court appearance while gasping for breath like a walrus mating.

FAO Jessica Yaniv Simpson, as one of the Meow Mix team was involved in sorting this, we received a copy of the email, and it has nothing to do with Donald Francis Smith.

Donald Trump, your personal hero, famously said during COVID that light could kill the virus. It seems the same can be said of the Yaniv virus. Shedding light on it stops it from spreading. Awareness prevents others from being hurt or being defrauded by you. Your victims speak up, and the RCMP and the courts have stopped indulging your sad little fantasies. You got no leeway in Calgary and blatantly lied to the Judge. All because you can’t keep your lying cavernous maw shut.

But that isn’t the reason that your perverted lear of a smile has been wiped off your bulbous moon face. No, something else has happened. Something you have tried to keep oh so quiet because it runs a coach and horses through your entire 200-page novel that you submitted to the Calgary Courts against Donald Smith. Hell, it even runs a coach and horses through everything you said to the Judge and put in writing during your case with Donald Smith.

One of the many great things about Meow Mix is our team. The fact you don’t know who they are is entertaining a bit, like your endless search for Langley Resident. We also find it hilarious when you get your mommy to complain to a complete stranger’s place of work because that workplace is taking all the details of it and reporting it to RCMP! Again, you have got this person 100% wrong. All of us have different skills and qualifications, so when you fuck up, which you do just by existing, one of us is there to see it and sort it. That is what happens when you come up against people who really are disabled or have a law degree.

Okay, I have strung this out far enough, but there is something cathartic about writing about the bomb site that is Jessica Yaniv Simpson. Anyone with a brain cell (leaves Yaniv out of it) will remember Jonathon’s eunuch-like screeching that Donald Smith had breached his conditions by being within 200 metres of an SFU building when he went to pick up a media pass. We had the mincing voicemail he left for Donad’s PO and the usual 400 copy-and-paste texts ranting impotently about how Donald would get 2 years in jail.

Even people who somewhat support Yaniv tried to tell Turnip head that he was barking up the wrong tree. But no, Yaniv is a legal expert with a background in criminal law. He knows what he is talking about; if you disagree, you are a BIGOT.

If you remember from our article about the initial hearing for Donald’s application for a restraining order, Yaniv smirked his way through it and wanted it to be heard after November 30th as Donald had court and would be jailed. Fast forward to some legal advice and an affidavit from various people, and it turns out that Yaniv doesn’t know the law AT ALL.

That is 2-NIL to Donald by our calculations. But do keep going because Donald has a good team around him, and your days of stalking him like a rapist are done.

Your big fraudulent scheme just isn’t working, is it, Jonathan? You are not a legal expert, and you are not in the fourth year of a degree. You are penniless, unemployable, universally loathed by everyone, including the LGB community, and friendless washed up has been. Which is ironic, considering you never actually managed to “be anything”. Maybe you should have used your name instead of filling out a MAID form for Donald Smith.

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44 Replies to “Jessica Yaniv isn’t laughing anymore”

  1. Indie

    You must be mistaken because Big Jessie tweeted that there was only going to be success from now on and that was several months ago now. 🤣

    Hell Yeah 13
    1. Mickey

      That was hilarious wasn’t it? Oh the impotent rage he must be feeling now that his dastardly plan has failed!! I also saw on his Twitter him claiming “I am not and never was an Ashkanazi Jew, but a born Christian”… So basically in his tiny brain I guess if he writes it on twitter it makes it real. I wouldn’t believe that loser if he told me water was wet. Suck it Jon!!!!

      1. Jaime

        This is the tell tell sign of someone with serious mental health issues.

        Hell Yeah 6
        Fuck This Comment 1
      2. The problem with that statement is:

        (a) Ashkenazi is a GENETIC moniker and it was noted in medical files provided by Yaniv in 2019 that Yaniv is in fact Ashkenazi

        (b) Yaniv previously admitted he was Jewish (a religious moniker) and

        (c) his mother Miriam has stated she was Jewish many times, attended Jewish Community Centre as well.

        (d) during the 2019 BCHRT case Miriam said she would dig up her dead husband and take him back with her to her home land of Israel.

        Jess can claim to be changing religion – to be Christian – and best wishes to any church that baptizes that mess. Religious practices do not remove the GENETIC monikers that are in your DNA, and Yaniv is Ashkenazi in genetic decent.

        Any DNA test would show this… 23andMe even:

        Hell Yeah 9
        Fuck This Comment 1
      3. Jaime

        If it was not for all the awful thing he has done i would feel bad for him.Its clear he he is very sick no job no family no friends.

        Hell Yeah 7
        Fuck This Comment 2
      4. Freddy P

        Watch the Ted Bundy tapes on Netflix, there are some alarming parallels.

  2. Jaime

    When people are scared of people they don’t provoke them.While i am not going to defend what Donald has done Jv needs to be far more worried about possible charges he could face.

    Hell Yeah 10
    Fuck This Comment 2
  3. Anonymous

    Damnit all, @MeowMix…I just finished reading the above article, and have now resolved myself to the fact that I absolutely NEED to get my eyes checked for reading glasses. No lie, I kid you not, I read that last paragraph, second line, as “You are PENIS-LESS, unemployable, universally loathed by everyone…yada yada yada. I guess one could say I’m wrong…but I’m also NOT WRONG, lol!!

    Hell Yeah 14
    1. @fasterpussy

      That’s proper tickled me that has…. 🤣🤣

  4. Jaime

    If JV keeps stalking Donald it won’t be a matter of if it will be when he is charged with criminal harassment.

    Hell Yeah 6
    Fuck This Comment 2
  5. Jaime

    At the end of the day there is ton of blame to go around

    1)When JV was young there were clear signs he had issues and was not well he should have been placed in a group home.

    2)The legal system has treated him with kid gloves he had been sent to jail maybe that would have changed him and forced him to grow up.

    3)He has got away with tons a non trans person would not have.

    With that said i do think there will be a time soon he will be facing some very serious charges and will be looking at 20 years plus in jail.

    Hell Yeah 7
    Fuck This Comment 1
  6. Jonboyyerdone

    So Jonboy you claim to be a “Profoundly deaf disabled Transgender metis 4 year law student who is not jewish but a born christian but i actually am muslim” in the writing world we would call you a Mary Sue “everything all at once” kinda person. Figure your shit out then get back to us what you identify as, so far you are just a big ZERO in our eyes. Identity isnt something you can change on a whim, it is something engraved into our bones and make us for who we are.

    To everyone reading this i hope you have a wonderful holidays and all the best in 2024 (i know im early but i forget alot)

    Hell Yeah 7
    Fuck This Comment 1
  7. ActuallyHuman

    Fat as fuck Yaniv, you are DONE. You are a waste of flesh and you never deserved to be born. You are much worse than Chris Chan and are on par with other perverts such as Harvey Weinstein, Chris Savino, Dan Schneider, Vic Mignogna, Jeffery Epstein, and your idol Elliot Rodger. Chris Chan beat you in an IQ test, meaning that you have 69 IQ. You were nonverbal until senior year in high school and you never had any redeeming qualities. Most women would rather get into an abusive relationship with a man than to even tolerate you. And all of your white knights are equally as delusional as you – ESPECIALLY GalaxyRailways. Yaniv, you hate everything except little girl pussy, tampons, periods, poop, farts, and preschool shows such as Dora, Calliou, Elmo, Barney, and The Loud House – which proves that you are a major pedophile and you turn straight men gay. You have NO idea on how the law works. And your mother is not actually a human, she is a chimp who flings her feces at ANYONE. People like you should be automatically labeled as a registered sex offender for having extremely low IQ. Seriously you do not deserve to exist and I hope InterPol arrests you because you WILL go on an incel related mass killing.

    P.S. You time has come.

    Hell Yeah 2
    Fuck This Comment 1
    1. Jonboyyerdone

      dont use 69 in reference to this pig please. its my favorite number….

      1. ActuallyHuman

        I thought 69 is a funny sex number, which is what Yaniv will never get because he is developmentally insane. Yaniv is kind of like a more dumber version of the Pube Muppet.

  8. Jack Yaniv (his real dad)

    Mr. Simpson, how many times are you going to lose to Donald? He’s making a fool out of you, the legal student.

    You will be going to jail and will lose the little control you have. You assaulted the elderly, there’s no sympathy. The judge is going to take joy in sentencing you.

  9. nNancy

    “Profoundly deaf disabled Transgender metis 4 year law student who is not jewish but a born christian” That is comedy gold. Jethro is the best comedy writer going! He’s really seeking the wrong vocation. With his 300 page plus written diarreaha extravaganzas it’s not a huge stretch to imagine him writing some shit that is longer than Tolstoy’s opus, War and Peace. Give Jethro enough time and soon he’ll surpass all three of the original Lord of the Rings books in one go.
    This fucking retard is a blight on all of the special needs people out there. Take one look at Jethro and read one or two paragraphs of his stupid antics and you have to wonder if all SN peoples are as warped as this one? Of course they’re not but appearance is everything, and the appearance projected by this obese, smelly, rude, bully boy cretin is enough to put people off of treating SN folks with a bit of kindness and understanding.
    It shouldn’t surprise anyone this fool is now claiming he was never a Jew, always a born Christian. Come on, this fucking tard is claiming to be a woman, first and foremost. That says it all. Everything after that is pure entertainment. Law student. Haw. Moron get a C in high school chem and A in nutrition. Look at the pig! Likely an honest 450Lb. and gaining. Activist. Double haw. This fuckface has never attended a single event, led a parade, debated in a symposium, NOTHING. The only “activism” practiced by this clown are all the lolsuits he files. He’s over 100 for God Sake! Over 100!!! I honestly don’t think there is another human in Canada with such fragile fee fees. This prick is in for a rude awakening when the Cons take power next election. No more special treatment for the “special” among us. Some US states have come to their senses and are cracking down on these freaks, handing out the same sentences the general public would face. I think of how fucked and cucked the UK is and the recent trial of some island trash who raped a minor using “her penis” and this creep walked because the victim showed obvious signs of transphobia therefor was fair game for brutal rape and humiliation. Canada is on the same path, that’s why Jethro isn’t sitting in the can for a few years and Donald HAS done time and has to walk on eggshells while Jethro is completely free to kill and mutilate small mammals, pound the shit out of seniors, defraud the benefit system, and sue sue sue sue and SUE everyone who as much as gives him side eye. Be patient folks, a change of gov. will rectify many, many things. Until then, if you see Jethro in person, do not engage, do not photograph, quietly turn around and walk away without being noticed. You’ll be glad you did. And Jethro, you’re fucked in your trial. No way you get another pass. Nope. Jail time big boy.

    1. Jonboyyerdone

      i thank you for quoting my comment nnancy 🙂

    2. Jon Yanivs beret

      Nan, you’re starting to sound like Trevor. Now that’s about the highest compliment one can give in this comment section. Lol.

      Trev is a legend, as everyone here knows, especially the OGs, but I think Nan is attaining a similar level of prominence.

      I also came here to say Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! Except you Jonathan, you’ll spend it sad and alone, the way pedos deserve.

      Thank you MM contributors and I look forward to the recap of fatsos court case!

      1. nNancy

        JYB, thank you. I hope what I write awakens those who are asleep while all this special treatment crap continues. They say a society should be judged on how they treat the disabled and special needs people, I would add to that, a society that doesn’t treat people equally under the law is a failed society, laws mean nothing when they are circumvented for those that scream the loudest and longest, All one has to do is examine the, IMO, harsh and brutal conditions lumped on DFS and yet, yet, he has to perform ridiculous contortions to get an order to keep the dainty dickless deviant degenerate dreadnaught FN Metis genetic Ashkenazi Jew Jethro from stalking and criminally harassing him.

  10. Vern Thurston

    There is no light therapy that can correct the DNA damage Yaniv has. Steriwave is a Canadian Company that has used Light therapy to kill Viruses. The same technology is used pre-surgery to disinfect a patient which improves the chances of no infections. UVA Light therapy reduced viral loads in COVID patients. The FDA quietly approved Ivermectin as a treatment for COVID. We live in an Authoritarian world. I wish the Yaniv Virus could be eliminated but sadly the punishments do not deter Yaniv.

  11. King Charles

    I’m Laughing!

  12. Trevor Dunen

    Jon the big time fourth year law student knows the law & nobody else does. Jon, lawyers read and study thousands of books consisting of hundreds of pages, they study hard for years & years, mate you’ve done about 6 months of a legal course & now you think your a Kings Council. If you knew so much about the law then you’d know that you are painting yourself into a corner as always, fuckwits stay fuckwits, just like women stay women and men stay men, even if they go to the place where the magic happens & they chop their cock off. The Meowmix writer really got off on writing this story, I got a chubby reading it. You are going to get yourself into a lot of trouble Jon if you don’t accept that Donald will not have sex with you. Just stick to jerking off to that nude film you watch of him & you should be right as rain. O.K. bloke, you know the law, let’s say a bloke had a criminal history of assault, making threats, possessing a deadly weapon, & making false police reports. If that bloke then assaulted an 85 year old man in a walking frame then pulled a false fire alarm then followed up with filing a false police report, what would be the penalty? Now Jon, do you want me to write to you in jail, if so send me an email and I’ll send you a box of tampons, you won’t be able to ask for them in jail because if you do, you’ll get your fucking head punched in.

  13. Jaime

    For someone who knows the law the big man is really clueless.If Donald was to get 2 years he would end up serving 60 days at the most i would go as far to say he wold not get any jail time.

    1. Jonboyyerdone

      maybe even 30 if people voiced their anger to the crown about it.

  14. Liam

    Why do you have to include politically divisive rhetoric in these posts? We’re all supposed to be united against Jonathan Yaniv, so why alienate (likely the majority of) your audience who doesn’t hate a country’s leader as much as you do?

    Hell Yeah 2
    Fuck This Comment 1
    1. Avatar photoMeow Mix Online

      Why do you have to be almost as irritating as Jessica Yaniv’s genital warts?
      Did Trump make that comment about light being a disinfectant? Yes
      Does light on Yariv’s crimes expose him and kill of the damage he does? Yes
      What really then is your point?

      P.S It might surprise you that we are NOT in the USA and “as such” who or what your political leaders are have nothing to do with us.
      P.P.S – The article was written in Scotland, we are equal opportunity haters.

      Hell Yeah 8
      Fuck This Comment 1
      1. @fasterpussy

        Go Scotland. What a brazen wee Smout it is 🤣🤣 Hello from down the road in England 🤗

      2. Jon Yanivs Beret

        Holy shit this was GOLD!

        I’ve been calling myself an equal opportunity hater when discussing politicians for years now, love to see someone else use it in this same context too! And I AM in the USA, it’s true all our politicians suck. Eh, I’m pretty sure they suck everywhere tho. Anyways, I do have a suggestion, a link on the site here to donate.

      3. Avatar photoMeow Mix Online

        I call them all different coloured bruises on the same arse.

  15. Jaime

    As for possible jail time

    Assault max is 5 years

    Pulling a fire alarm max is 2 years

    False police report max is 5 years

    I can see the crown seeking the max for all 3.Now before anyone gets to excited he would not get 12 years i can see his sentence being 5 years but he would serve less then half of that.

    1. Watcher

      “Discounts” on jail time are generally proportional to a persons behaviour within the prison system.

      We’re talking about a self entitled turd who believes they can behave anyway they like in public, so I’m certainly not going to be holding my breath for an early release.

      But hey, I don’t have a “strong background in law and criminology” like Rump Hole of the Bailey…

    2. Jonboyyerdone

      5 years is still enough of a learning lesson for that tub of lard

    3. Felix

      He’s totally missing that he punched an old man then lied to the cops telling them the old man punched him. Then, Hauled before the court, he’s totally unapologetic and literally insists he’s the victim . In his mind this is all totally normal behavior. Imagine his surprise if it finally dawns on the court that he’s a menace to the defenseless and a lying sack of shit who needs some time in the clink to reconsider his ways

      1. Vern Thurston

        Yaniv has deep Mental Illness(s). In Court there is the “Reasonable Person” test. Yaniv fails. No Deterrence espoused from Court Penalties-Yaniv is not a Reasonable Person. Court and Tribunal Appearances fuel Yaniv’s Narcissism, he/she thinks oneself is relevant and important. All the negative attention doesn’t impact a Sociopath with DNA damage. Never is remorse shown for being a predator toward minors or inventing schemes to attempt to extort hush money from immigrant run businesses. Misrepresent a Service Dog and call oneself Metis? Yaniv’s interpretation of Human Rights Legislation is “Catch me if you can”. This is pure deception. Yaniv pushes the Human Rights Legislation to an Extreme Interpretation that applies only to Yaniv. He/She is alone. Definitely not an Activist and emphatically not representative or aligned with any LGBTQ Communities. No group wishing to gain equal footing in Society associates with such a self-centred Fraudster that has no respect for anyone or anything. A reasonable person would get the message that they are loathed. Yaniv Banned from SFU Campus, Mother banned from her own Condo.Always in Court. Yaniv is beyond help. Court Penalties and Incarceration will not Deter Yaniv. There is no remorse or empathy. Yaniv is not a reasonable person. Yaniv is a Social Outcast beyond Rehabilitation.

      2. Jaime

        Everything he does he thinks is normal.

  16. Batman

    JY honestly should add `retard` to his resume. It would be the only true thing on it. He has what, 34-35 years of experience as a retard, but zero experience as a Metis or an actual woman.

    1. Jonboyyerdone

      As a retard we reject JY in all forms possible.

    2. Jaime

      One of my neighbours has a son who has Down syndrome acts much like JV..Not sure if JV has a form of it but it started toi look more and more like he could.

  17. Jaime

    Vern Thurston
    JV goes on about leaving a legacy in per he is a legacy he will be known as a 600 pound man that thought he was a 12 year old.A grown man never holding a job not having friends hated by the world such a great legacy to leave.

    1. Vern Thurston

      Yaniv is so Delusional and Narcissistic it impairs the ability to see oneself. Corrects a Judge on the Law, Yaniv truly believes he/she is a Legal Genius. Look at the response to Mike Petch Meow Mix posted-“I know the Law”. This Narcissism is beyond help. Yaniv lives in an alternate reality. The latest legal foray is his second assault charge. We shall see what interpretation of the Law prevails.

      1. Jaime

        The big man also seems to think being trans protects him from certain laws.The more he gets away with the bolder he gets won’t be long before he really crosses the line.

  18. N/A

    DFS should honestly consider suing the government to terminate any probation requirements on grounds of political persecution by the government itself, and criminal harassment by bad actors like Yaniv.

    1. Jaime

      In Canada its near impossible to sue the gov.

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