Jessica Yaniv Assault Trial Days 3 & 4

Jessica Yaniv Criminal Trial

We know that our faithful readers (and critics) have been waiting for a report on Jonny’s testimony at the continuation of his criminal trial on November 20 & 21. The general rule in Canada is that court hearings are open to the public and may be reported in full. However, courts also have significant powers to protect the integrity of the courts’ processes – for example, taking pictures of the court while in session, either in person or online or commenting on the veracity of either evidence or testimony.

We respect that and do not in any way want to jeopardize the outcome, giving Jonny grounds for appeal. However, we can report on the highlights.

The highlight of the two days was, of course, Jonny’s testimony. On the first day, he was gently examined by his defence lawyer, which included playing a 911 emergency call that Jonny made before he assaulted Gerald Funk as well as the Strata’s security tape of the incident. The other highlight was Jonny’s service dog chewing through its leash and getting away from him, disrupting the court so much that the judge left the bench until the “trained” service dog could be caught and brought back under control.

Jonny was very forthcoming, he loved being on the stand, being the centre of attention, going into great detail about what happened. It was an amazing performance. Observers wondered why the Crown did not object to his ramblings (as did the judge at one point) or the entering of a recording from Miriam’s IPAD of the incident that Jonny proudly proclaimed that with his 16 years of tech and marketing experience, he cleaned it up so that it could be used as evidence. It is now on the official public record that Jonny knows how to alter and manipulate evidence.

It was entered unchallenged by the Crown, much to the surprise of even the judge & the defence. You know something is up when evidence is introduced, not by the defence lawyer saying that they wish to enter something as Exhibit “X” but rather introducing it as my client wants this entered as evidence. That subtle difference may have been lost on the legal genius but not on the rest of the viewers, especially the Crown & Judge.

The Crown’s strategy became apparent the following day when he basically crucified Jonny on the stand using his own words, evidence and observations. It was so bad for Jonny that he became monosyllabic in his answers, often raising his voice in frustration that he could not use the transphobic accusation against the court, although he did against the strata residents and council. He began flailing around, trying to divert the Crown’s line of questioning, but the judge kept stopping him by asking if it happened during strata or what the relevance was. It was noted that Jonny’s attorney remained stonily silent during the time. Not objecting or offering to help him in any way.

The best diversions included a statement about an “Indian” assaulting his service dog (Who? A great Afghan Kabab employee or a First Nations person) as well as him having been a victim of sexual assault. Everyone held their breath, waiting for him to name names, but the judge had had enough and basically told him to shut up if it wasn’t relevant to the charges, but Jonny kept talking OVER the judge. He did that several times during the 2 days.

Actually, Jonny’s disrespect for the court was, at times, breathtaking. When cornered on the stand, he announced that he was getting agitated and wanted the court to treat it as a medical emergency to let him off the stand – it didn’t. Frequently called the Crown by his first name, and our absolute favourite was basically telling the judge that he did not know the law, as well as Jonny, did – him being a student for many years studying the law as well as being a third year criminology student. At this point, his lawyer put her head in her hands, and one of our friends pointed out that the judge was a student for many years as well, but he passed his courses, got his law degree and served with sufficient distinction that he was appointed to the bench. Jonny just keeps taking community access courses to keep the student loans flowing.

There are just too many highlights that rather than listing what our team can remember, we invite our readers to enter their favourite moments in the comment section below.

Was it Jonny’s sensitivity to references to his size by the strata witnesses, was it an assault on my service dog is an assault on me, or that the claims he was assaulted 6 – that’s right 6 times that day at the strata or perhaps, Rexy was psychologically damaged by the events of that day at the strata. Thats it for this Jessica Yaniv Assault Trial.

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76 Replies to “Jessica Yaniv Assault Trial Days 3 & 4”

  1. N/A

    I honestly hope that Yaniv gets his dog confiscated, it will likely need corrective training by professionals with animal psychology training but any behavior issues could likely be fixed.

    Hell Yeah 17
  2. Jaime

    One of my friends has worked 5 years in tech make $40.000 a year.JV has 16 years experence and has made less then $10,000 total that says he is very bad at it.

    Hell Yeah 13
    1. Jim Norton

      Five years experience and only $40k/a? Unless your friend is in India they’re shit at their job.

      1. Jaime

        In Ontario $40,000 a year for someone just started out is normal.

        Hell Yeah 2
        Fuck This Comment 1
      2. Hamfatten Project

        It’s Canada, tech jobs there pay a pittance compared to the US.

      3. Watcher

        Canadian tech wages don’t seem to be comensurate to US wages, certainly at the start of a career, although that does improve once you show you are actually a technically proficient professional and an employable individual.

        Having some experience in this field, and having looked at JY’s CV, it would be rejected without any consideration purely due to his complete lack of technical experience and expertise, and that’s before knowing he’s a fat, smelly sociopath that none of your staff will want to work in the same office with.

        You do NOT get, and will never get, “IT Professional” wages if the limit of your expertise is making dummy accounts to spam Facebook.

        Once you read past all the meaningless bullshit, that’s all he does in “IT”.

  3. Arnold

    My favourite part was when Yaniv claimed the reason his “service dog” jumped in the chair was to signal that Yaniv’s blood pressure was too high and to get Yaniv to sit in the chair. The crown then asked Yaniv to point to the part in the video where it showed the dog was signalling to Yaniv that he needed to sit in the chair (that the dog was already in) In the video Rexy is shown happily wagging his tail and looking at all the residence, however the one thing he is certainly not doing, is looking at Yaniv. Not one time. The Crown played it more than once and submitted that it was very clear that the dog was doing no such thing as signally to Yaniv. Once again proving Yaniv for the liar that he is. There was so many lies that Crown caught Yaniv in. Yaniv kept asking to see transcripts or tapes that were in evidence because he had such a hard time keeping track of all the lies he told. The Crown Prosecutor annihilated him. I admit I was worried that he wasn’t objecting to what was clearly bullshit in direct examination, but it didn’t take me long to realize that he knew what he was doing and was waiting for the cross examination to expose Yaniv’s bullshit to the court. It was amazing!

    Hell Yeah 26
    1. Jaime

      Most experts will also say sitting is not the best thing to do when you have high blood pressure.

      Hell Yeah 8
      Fuck This Comment 1
    2. The incestuous adventures of the crazy Yanivs

      That is the most glorious thing I’ve heard all day. Oh man I wish I could view these court proceedings. Seeing Yaniv make such a public tit of himself would be a joy :’)

      Oh to be a fly on the wall

      Hell Yeah 12
    3. Watcher

      If Rexy has been trained to jump on a chair to show Yaniv that his blood pressure is too high, one can only assume that Yaniv miraculously only gets high blood pressure when he is around seating…

  4. Trevor Dunen

    I really don’t think the judge is going to jail him, if this was the case the judge would have cancelled his bail. Unfortunately the trans shield will extend to the courts and he will get probation or a large fine and that’s about it, but don’t despair, fat Jon is the type of person to keep going until he does get jailed one day but not this time.

    1. Claude

      He’ll get something harder than the two « conditional discharges » he got previously. It’ll be a conviction without jail, but a criminal conviction for assault nonetheless.

      1. nNancy

        There’s a very likely scenario where our dainty larper is given house arrest, probably with the ankle bracelet monitor. Then the world can witness him out and about, terrorizing and bullying more innocents all while the RCMP sit around with their thumbs jammed firmly up their asses doing absolutely nothing about it.

      2. TRBB

        Not happening in Canada, Sorry.

    2. Jaime

      Canada has a serious lack of space in jail so many are out on bail who should not be.

      Hell Yeah 3
      Fuck This Comment 1
  5. Deep Throat

    My favourite part was Jessica’s courtroom attire, which was something to behold. The “Barney the Dinosaur” purple jersey suit that was at least 2 sizes too small and showing about 4″ of cankle. The buttons on the blouse trying desperately – and FAILING! – to keep the girth of the gut contained from the view of all those in the courtroom. And last but not least – the always practical, but NEVER classy, black running shoes to complete the ensemble.

    Perhaps if Jessica saved the $8 a month it pays for a fake Twitter verification checkmark, a trip to the VV Boutique could be in order to spice up its wardrobe.

    Wanna bet it wears the same thing on December 18th?????

    Hell Yeah 13
  6. @adulthumanwitch

    My favourite part was when the 911 call was passed over to another department, and they put them on the hold 🤣🤣🤣 snorted over my cup of tea at that one.

    Hell Yeah 12
  7. @adulthumanwitch

    I suffer from POTS and I’ll tell you, when those symptoms start to hit, when your heart rate starts to increase (164 bmp is my record) and your head starts to go light and your vision blurs, when your fingers start tingling and your tongue is going numb, are not standing there and shouting at people. You are not hopping up and down bellowing and shoving little old men off their walkers. You are sitting back down or lying down with your feet slightly elevated and your back up against something. It’s that, or you are on the floor in 10 seconds anyway. Fact.

    Hell Yeah 14
    1. Yaniv: Original Shanda

      Likewise, avoiding too many details as none of us want to help give Yansquatch anything to help in his lies and it’s not a competitive POTS-off, I also have POTS which is related to having other conditions that Yannibal Lecter can’t and doesn’t have, and being pressurised by my specialist to have treatment that uses the same drugs also used as puberty stoppers caused irreversible brain damage that affected the POTS so badly that I can no longer work (standing for short periods or even having my arms out in front of me for any more than a few minutes and I’m out of breath, sweating profusely, shaking, nauseous and unable to function so I have to take breaks to “pump the breaks” and do the whole lie down with legs elevated or Z position) so my life is now revolving around 4 hours daily of physical therapy to try and help control the situation. It sucks hard, and I just want my old career back because it’s shameful for me being like this. Yaniv takes the absolute p1ss saying he has POTS and WANTING to be sick and disabled- he’s a fat lazy f*ck who feels bad when he moves because he’s a bloated leviathan who spends all day sat on his @rse eating garbage and can’t fap now he’s butchered his joystick (admittedly that was one hell of a weird looking tuna can of a chode so that’s probably why he chose to try and turn his schmekl into a stinky artificial schmundy), so the sensation of movement is a massive strain on his trief induced lard encrusted heart. He’ll have googled the symptoms and decided it’s easy to claim he has POTS when I guarantee he’s not had the lovely tilt table test or any of the other lovely tests that result in a real medical diagnosis, let’s face it it’s only in his legal claims that it’s mentioned, none of the professional medical reports say he has it as far as I can remember. It undermines trust and support for people with real disabilities and he’s the poster child of why the trans community will never be trusted while AGP persons are taking advantage of the very real mental torture suffered by people with real gender identity issues including DSD. The slug couldn’t even be honest in his ball waxing farce saying he had menstrual periods despite having no uterus, ovaries or DSD that could cause such an unlikely situation. Lets face it, even he hates himself so much he can’t even bear to be himself or admit who or what he really is, he lives a fantasy life of fetishized oppressions and finding ways he can force people to touch him. Had he had to live with real disabilities or illnesses, he’d be focussed on doing everything he can to try and gain a modicum of independence and achievements to give himself some self respect, but nope Mr Poopy Nappypants loves to debase himself and revells in being humiliated and doing the same to others. The things he’s posting in the ever increasing slimy sockpuppet accounts prove the malignant sickness he has in his head. It’s a shame, he could have lived a good life, people could maybe even dan l’chaf zechut him (easiest quick translation for our Gentile friends reading is that people could try to see the good in him or see him in a favourable light) and he could have been a positive representative for both of his “communities”, but nope he drags those and his mother through the mud and worse because he’s determined he’s going to make millions in the most dishonest and harmful (not to mention unrealistic) way. He’s not an advocate or activist for anyone other than himself and he has no intention of helping anyone else, he just sees rivalry. He doesn’t even care that he’s wrecked his poor mother’s life and left her reputation in tatters and his poor auntie left on her own without family support because of his selfish antics infecting his mother. Yes his upbringing had a lot to do with the diseased mentality he has, but he’s allegedly an adult. Adults know they can make the good or bad choice and he makes it with each awful lie that falls out if his mouth. Adults know it’s wrong to steal services, facilities and resources intended for those who have no option about their health and physical disadvantages and I think a lot of people do not appreciate their struggle being worn like it’s some kind of perk by this idiot. As we all know our least favourite fool reads this, I shall finish on this: J. It’s not too late to save yourself. You have it in you to be a good person. Yes, it will be a huge dint on your pride, but it’s over and you can live a worthwhile life that enriches this world. Just a smidge of honesty will free you from this nightmare you are creating for yourself and so many around you. Admit what you have done, admit who you really are, stop being a tourist in other people’s oppressions and stop harming yourself trying to make yourself as sick as possible for profit. It’s not worth it. You will only have to live with consequences as things stand, but you could live with people seeing you as being brave enough to admit your failings and you will be able to have your crimes and sins forgiven, in this life and the next lives. It takes a big person to admit they were wrong, but forgiveness will free you and so many others from this hell you are creating. You could have respect. You could even gain some admiration, all it takes is for you to say “I am sorry. I was wrong. I caused you pain and distress and I am so very sorry for what I have done”. It’s that easy, and you can continue to live a life that only enriches your and other people’s lives, is that not something you would want?

      1. nNancy

        I don’t think this infected maggot would ever admit he was wrong about anything, even if he were standing on the gallows waiting for the trap to drop. Never underestimate the incredible mental illness that is behind that AGP induced smirk. These freaks thinking they are women is as insane as me insisting I’m an eagle, or even a tall majestic oak tree. Both are absolute impossibilities as is changing your real sex. Other than the very tiny population born with some or all of the sexual components of both sexes no one on this planet can pronounce they are now a woman, or a man and attempt to back up that nonsense with surgical procs that studies have shown, leave the patient with life long disabilities and maladies that require expensive drug regimes or worse, there is no solution to the pain and discomfort they feel. For the few that have chosen to live quietly as the opposite sex and go about their day basically unmolested I salute you. You have chosen the path you’re likely to feel OK about yourself but most importantly, you don’t insist to the rest of the world that everything is all about you and you alone all the time. Even if Jethro called a press conference and published an agenda stating he’d recant a lot of his previous insistences, like having periods, feeling like a girl from a young age, admitting his attraction to young girls I’d insist he held out his hands while making his speech to prove he didn’t have his fingers crossed. As someone here put it, ” I wouldn’t believe Jon if he told me water was wet.” Neither would I. Actually, Jon just coming clean wouldn’t cut it for a lot of people for a lot of reasons. His family has easily wasted over a million dollars of taxpayer money, the one young life that was lost because the ambulance attended to Jethro having a hissy fit and unintentionally leaving a teen to die without treatment, that can never be fixed or set right. Words from Jethro will never rectify that. Nor will any words help the senior that was so stressed out from living next door to the monsters that he collapsed and ended up in assisted living for the remainder of his life. There’s no calculating the years lost from the lives of the other seniors who only wanted a quiet peaceful existence buying a property in either strata only to be in the middle of a combat zone, much like living in Beirut. Jon has no skills at all, can’t follow simple directions without resistance, and is going to be on social services benefits for the rest of his life. His lousy lifestyle choices mean he will end up with a long list of handicaps requiring outside care. Imagine the irony if he becomes immobile because of obesity and it’s WOC who come to sponge bath this humongous land whale? Can you imagine the abuse this creep is very likely to fling at them? No person deserves that. No, I firmly believe that at this point Jethro is irredeemable. It’s best for him to acquire Israeli citizenship, I imagine since both his parents were Israel born he automatically assumes citizenship based on his parents but it would be FAF if the Israeli citizenship department looked into him and denied him an Israeli passport based on his continued claim of being a FN Metis citizen. Oh, the lols from the world if that happens. No, our dainty larper would need to leave this country in order to find forgiveness and without intensive mental health therapy in the new country, and why would they grant him the right to jump the queue over other Israelis (and with what is happening in that country I’m sure their mental health establishments are absolutely overwhelmed ) when in reality Jon is just a dickless by choice sexual deviant and history has proven these sick fucks can never be cured, only locked up and monitored. Maybe an Arab country, mainly muslim in nature would welcome him and his warped ideology?

      2. nNancy

        I had a brilliant reply to this, hit post ONCE to not trigger a spam filter rejection and it disappeared. UGH. The gist of that post goes like this. Jon can never redeem himself no matter how many apologies he makes to the public. No words will ever bring back a dead Princess, no utterances of any sort will change the fact the poor neighbor who had to be moved to long term care because of the strain of being next door to a Yaniv, when his golden years were being stolen from him. Nothing that fat pig can say can diminish the trauma of dragging all of those innocent people into small claims court for $35,000 because some loser named Yaniv had his precious fee fees hurt. Nothing, and I mean nothing Yaniv can say will EVER diminish the death of the teen who was delayed paramedic services because this convoluted cocksucking creep called critical care because he drank hot chocolate and then felt hot so he demanded an ambulance. And a teen died. That’s the lowest of the low from this creep. Let’s not forget the MILLION PLUS $$$$$ that this deranged dickless dork has wasted on ambulances, court services, hospital/Dr. visits, fuck, he even grifted free lube so he could cram the largest dildos he owns up his ass. No, there’s no chance to ever redeem him.

      3. Avatar photoMeow Mix Online

        Nancy this is a final warning – The comment hasn’t disappeared, we have received it. It will go live when we go through all the comments.

        Hell Yeah 4
        Fuck This Comment 1
      4. nNancy

        Ok, to be fair, please note there’s almost a 2 day interval between my initial post being held for review and my shortened revised post. Well, 36 hours or so,
        I get you’re sometimes unable to process stuff as fast as you would like but a board like this moves fast, the topic at hand is suddenly stale and ignored by the audience when a new post goes up. So not seeing a comment for 36 hours really makes a person thinks it’s lost and gone. Especially if a new post goes up and a previous comment isn’t approved. It means someone with authority has been to the keyboard to update site business and left a comment or two in the queue. But, your place, your rules, I’ll never double post again after this post’s date and time.

  8. Felix

    Two cardinal rules in criminal defense are never talk to the cops if you’re a suspect and at trial always exercise your right to never take the stand and expose yourself to the prosecutor’s cross examination. So of course Jon the no-nothing fake “third year criminology student” did both. And as if giving a dishonest verbal statement to police didn’t damage his case enough, he doubled down and composed a lengthy email statement to them which he was confronted with on the stand and struggled to square with the video evidence which showed it was Jon who punched the old man and not the other way around, and that the old man had nudged the dog out of the chair and had not “violently assaulted” the dog. Then jon eagerly agreed with the crown that he had penned his statement to police before he knew there was video of the events, not realizing the obvious inference that he lied in his statement because he thought it would be his word against the obviously transphobic and service-animal-law-violating residents’ and why would anyone believe them over him – a disabled trans woman living with multiple health issues and profound deafness? He obviously took the stand against the advice of his counsel who by then had clearly thrown her hands up in exasperation with her idiot know-it-all client and at times appeared to enjoy as much as the rest of us watching him humiliate himself.

    Hell Yeah 12
    1. Avatar photoMeow Mix Online

      Shutting mouth and Mr Yaniv don’t exactly go hand in hand.

    2. nNancy

      Jethro can never resist the opportunity to be the star of the room, having all eyes fixated on him is one of his favorite fantasies as he imagines himself imparting his impeccable words of wisdom on a public eager to absorb the wise thoughts of such an esteemed activist and social justice warrior.

  9. Jay

    If JSY sacks the lawyer before the next court hearing will it still go ahead ? Or will it cause another delay until next year? So close to getting what it’s behaviour deserves but going by previous court cases and rulings there never seems to be an end to it all. JYS continues to harass, scam and sue whoever it wants without being reprimanded.
    It was probably the cleaner of his strata who is being blamed for assaulting Rexy….not!

    1. Felix

      The court might not let him fire his lawyer at this point on grounds that it’s a delay tactic. He’s already sacked previous counsel, the evidence portion of the trial is closed, and all that’s left is closing arguments. So he couldn’t claim prejudice in any appeal.

  10. nNancy

    I wrote my diatribe in the other article about the special treatment being doled out to the dickless degenerate deviant in general then I come hear to read that his “service dog” declared several times by various courts previously to be nothing more than a pet, A MERE PET, is still allowed in the court to disrupt proceedings. Why?
    This trial amounts to nothing more than Kabuki Theatre. I fear the outcome and punishment was already decided long ago and in a back room and I predict that once again, the Province of British Columbia will do everything in it’s power to keep Jethro the, dainty FN Metis Ashkenazi Jew FREE to rampage and pillage everyone who crosses his path. Rexy in the courtroom disrupting the proceedings is all the proof we need. One last thing, the photo you chose for this topic is perfect, it is his AGP smirk personified to no end. I imagine that smirk was wiped from his face when both the Crown and the Judge admonished him to cut the bullshit and stick to the perjured facts and doctored evidence. Once again, I’m willing to bet if you dove deep into various trial transcripts you’ll find plenty of examples of “normies” being threatened with perjury charges and contempt citations but not for this cockless convoluted criminal creep.

    Hell Yeah 11
    1. Jaime

      With how bad the Liberals are doing in the polls i think the word has got out changes are need and that means cracking down on people like JV.The Liberals could gain if JV gets 10 years in jail they could say see were are not soft on crime were not pro criminal etc.

  11. Cactus

    Let me start by saying I was physically there for both day 3 & 4. In my opinion the Crown clearly separated Jessica Simpson’s fantasies and lies with the truth for the Judge to consider. Arnold’s posting was quite accurate of what transpired during the cross examination of JYS on day 4.
    As usual JYS lied like a freshly mowed hay field and the Crown jumped on her like a cat pounces on a mouse each time she lied.

    Now for two tidbits one funny and the other not so funny.
    Jessica wore the same outfit for both days, which was red/pinkish pants complete with a matching jacket and I white blouse with buttons in the front and of course some kind of what I can best describe as army boots to complete her attire. On day 3 the buttons held on the blouse but in day 4 they could not sustain the pressure applied by her belly, they burst open exposing her enormous belly. which hung out for the world to see.

    The second tidbit, poor Rexy had additional hardware on him on day 4. He was wearing a new harness with a Handel on the top traditionally used on service dogs for the visually impaired to hold on to…..poor Dog.

    Hell Yeah 18
    1. Vern Thurston

      Yaniv’s blouse busted open like a cheap suitcase? Haha.
      Yaniv brought Rexy into your Common Room, he doesn’t live there.
      Floats the excuse that Rexy was alerting Yaniv to sit? That is a lie.
      Diabetic Alert dogs are trained to smell their owners change in blood sugar.
      If low or high, the person will show symptoms and jumping on a chair is not a response from a trained dog.
      If Yaniv didn’t show any low blood sugar symptoms, most common drowsiness, the dog jumped in a chair because he was stressed by Yaniv.
      You still have Miriam to deal with. Another Court Date soon. Is she laying low? Was she with her kid in Court? What a pair.
      I hope the Impact Statements shine a light on the torment you and other Residents have endured.
      Thank you and thanks to Meow Mix.

      1. @adulthumanwitch

        That’s true, actually after a POTS episode I can go from being quite awake to having the increased heart rate and all of the symptoms that go with it, to extreme fatigue once my heart rate regulates again. I can barely keep my eyes open or string a sentence together I feel so exhausted

  12. Jim Norton

    Who’s jon’s counsel?

  13. Jack Yaniv

    Love it when a troon gets publicly skewered with its own troonery. Too bad that this loser is in Canuckistan and he’ll get away with a slap on the wrist.

    1. Jaime

      He won’t get a slap on the wrist there is no way he is not getting jail time.There was a trial in Ontario this past summer where a 33 year old got 3 years for assaulting a senior.

      Hell Yeah 10
      Fuck This Comment 1
      1. TRBB

        JY will not get jail time over this. I put money on it. Trans are “protected” in Canada.

  14. Reader

    Jon bypasses mere stupidity and enters the realm of “is he actually a genius”— making people believe he is so intellectually stunted that he cannot ethically be treated as a person with full mental capacity, and so avoiding prosecution/jail.
    But no, he’s just stupid.
    That level of narcissism, though, is stunning. Definitely borderline psychopathy. Oh to witness his buttons popping audibly and shooting across the courtroom, while the gunt burst free of its binds and wobbled in pimply freedom.
    Poor Rexy. At least he’s alive? 🤷‍♀️

    Hell Yeah 13
    1. Jaime

      I don’t think its a act he really is intellectually stunted.

      1. Jon Yanivs Beret

        I must respectfully disagree. A woman wiser than me once said “extreme social ineptitude can hide animal intelligence”. Now that’s not to say big Jess is intelligent by any means, he most certainly is not. But the fact that he knows how to grift every possible grift, can read & understand things like terms of service to get people censored, and he knows just who to prey on, are examples of what that means.

  15. nNancy

    All the resources wasted on this theatre for show. Both Trevor and I agree Jethro isn’t going anywhere when he is found guilty. Oh, likely a $5,000 fine to which he’ll plead poverty and the fine will be reduced to $500 then more pleading and the fine will be waived. This time next year many more lolsuits will have come and went with nary a win for fatso in sight. I predict even GAK will drop everything once they realize this demented dickless doorknob degenerate hasn’t got a pot to piss in and his net worth is negative. Remember Amy Hamm? The women this beast slandered by claiming, falsely of course, that she managed to photograph his mangled genitals while both he and Miriam were in a single person stall in the courthouse? I know her hands have been full with the witch trial she’s facing now from the BC College of Nursing. Her crime? Speaking the truth calling trans women “men”. I’m sure she would love the $200,000 or more she would win in a judgement against the fat fuck, but there’s one small problem. That’s likely the fact she’ll need to spend $20-30,000 in legal fees to win a massive judgement in court and never be able to collect on the win. Her lawyers know this and have apprised her of the situation. This is pure speculation from me but why in nearly 4 years has her case not moved forward when Jethro can get his fee fees hurt and be in court suing the “transphobic fucks” for $35,000 in a matter of weeks? Ya. she’s likely decided to cut her losses and bail. If not, I wish her all the luck in the world.

    1. Jaime

      I don’t think he will drop it i think there will be a plea deal of sorts.

      Assault case
      The judge is not going to let him off with out anything jail time maybe not but he can see how sick he is.

    2. Jon Yanivs Beret

      Dickless doorknob degenerate. Lmfao. Nan, you’ve been hanging out with Trevor too much, please keep it up! Ha

      Regarding the “pure speculation” about why Amy Hamm didn’t move forward, everything you listed is facts, so “likely scenario” is probably better than “pure speculation”. There was 1 minor mistake though, his junk wasn’t mangled yet… altho technically a deformed micro penis could be considered mangled, so I guess you’re still right there too. Lol. Also, I LOVED seeing he hasnt got “a pot to piss in” my gram used to say that all the time. I haven’t heard that in years, but I’ll definitely try to bring it back into the mainstream. Did you know the origin of that was if someone couldn’t afford a chamber pot (before toilets)? Ha. It just jogged my memory when Jethro told Arianna he couldn’t afford lube, so he found a way to make the taxpayers cover it. He was so proud of that. What a loser.

  16. BigBamBoo

    Looking at Surrey Courts online is it safe to say judgement for the 3 charges will be made Dec 18 of this year?

    1. Felix

      That’s what the judge said. Summations on the morning and a verdict by afternoon if not earlier

    2. TRBB

      The decision is already made. No jail for JY hence the 18th of December.

  17. 377

    ‘When cornered on the stand, he announced that he was getting agitated and wanted the court to treat it as a medical emergency to let him off the stand – it didn’t.’

    miriam didn’t call for EMS to attend? Who can forget the hag’s BCHRT performance eh…bursting through court doors, flinging stuff at Devyn, medics attending, miriam being escorted out of court, threatening to dig up her hubbies remains and flee Canada…how I miss those halcyon days.

    1. Jon Yanivs Beret

      Great recap, my friend. But you did forget 1 thing, they both threatened suicide, yes Miriam too. Goinglikeelsie on Twitter reported that Miriam threatened suicide. Her tweet was recently reposted by our brave, REAL Metis warrior princess Barbara Doduk. And big Jess admitted himself that he threatened suicide to Devyn. Lmao. No one took the bait.

  18. 377

    Despite being profoundly disabled yaniv has single-handedly and successfully trained his 3 yr old(?) pet to alert…

    * a) blood sugar levels (despite him having a glucose monitoring device & numerous high speed ambo ER visits).

    * b) CPTSD / panic attacks / anxiety (yet the dog was more anxious re the strata fiasco).

    * c) “profound deafness” (smh, I’ve never worked out how the pooch relays any conversations yaniv can’t hear).

    * d) high blood pressure.

    Fortunately he has Miriam to prophesise his “seizures” (as witnessed at his waxing grift)

    (bear in mind this highly trained and disciplined service dog has not yet been trained in basic obedience / behaviour).

    Blimey, at this rate the dog’s expertise list is going to end up longer than yaniv’s list of illnesses.

    1. @adulthumanwitch

      Don’t forget the deep tissue massage the dog is trained to do. In reality, it probably just translates to him smearing peanut butter on their genitals and letting Rexy lick it off.

      1. Vern Thurston

        Yaniv doesn’t have any Genitals. He does have mounds of deep tissue. Hidden beneath is a messed up pee hole that offer no sexual stimulation. Poor choice for a Pervert, no sexual gratification. This is the root of his anger. He had life-altering Gender Surgery and he is less desirable than ever, He is frustrated because he isn’t closer to being a sexy chick, he’s a mean-spirited prick without a d???.

  19. Felix

    right after Jonny tried to explain away rexy’s obviously untrained jumping up behavior by testifying that is how rexy alerts him that his blood sugar is dangerously low, rexy jumped up on him and ripped out his insulin pump

    1. Watcher

      JY is a type 2 diabetic and isn’t prescribed insulin, so that’s not an insulin pump.
      It’s a blood sugar monitoring device that anyone can buy privately (google “freestyle libre” for an example).

      They work far quicker, accurately and reliably, than a diabetic alert dog, although with the amount of food JY shovels down it’s throat, the chances of them ever having low blood sugar are somewhere between minimal and zero.
      The more cynical amongst us could make an assumption that this is just used to create some drama, a “get out of court quick” safety net and potential legal case scams…

      1. Felix

        Thats even funnier because he referred to it as his “insulin pump” when the dog knocked it off his arm. He’s such a drama queen

  20. Vern Thurston

    Yaniv becomes agitated when his Delusions and Spin are shattered. The racist comment about an ‘Indian” assaulting Rexy was illuminating. There was an incident with an employee of the Strata and Rexy, Yaniv yelling at the person and Rexy getting agitated by Yaniv’s actions. Yaniv pushes Rexy into stressful situations, and all the collars/vest/alarms it is stressing the poor dog out. Chocolate Labs are a docile breed, great with kids, not great with a Yaniv. It is a busy time for the Yaniv’s. Thank you Meow Mix. I need help keeping it straight. It has been a long time for Funk and Callis to make it to Court.The DFS Court date is coming after a postponement and Miriam has to appear soon after another delay? I remember Funk and Callis led to Juggernaut being banned from their Condo Residence? Didn’t big JY continue to harass the residents from the sidewalk, yelling obscenities etc. I hope the Court understands how threatening Yaniv is to Seniors trying to live peacefully. It takes a real gutter-ball to attack Seniors. Once again Yaniv pushed Rexy into a stressful situation letting Rexy jump on the furniture in the Condo Common area. If Funk told Yaniv to get Rexy down I can imagine the response. Normal and reasonable people don’t act like Yaniv. He/She is abusive to everyone and to Rexy. Yaniv believes he/she has the right to do whatever he/she wants. A spoiled brat. Clutching to a ‘Trans’ identity that makes Yaniv a victim of discrimination in all situations. No Yaniv, Trans-Gender isn’t why people are repelled by you. Yaniv is hurting the Trans-Gender Community by continually claiming discrimination. Real discrimination exists, and there is Yaniv the “Activist’ for Trans-Rights. No Yaniv, you don’t represent Trans-Gendered People. Then the Medical charade for sympathy tops it all off. Trans-Gendered Disabled Metis Scam Artist-the Court has to ignore the facade and stick to the facts. Facts that lead to “Get me off the stand”. My Delusions are being exposed, its stressing me out. I need a Kabob to fix my blood sugar level. You are being discriminatory for not believing me. Yaniv doesn’t bring anything positive into the world. It is quite rare to find someone that has no good qualities. Openly lying in Court is not a great Legal Strategy. Spinning Delusions to avoid reality. Sad…

    1. Jaime

      What hurt the trans movement even more is JV thinks all trans people think like him.I would say less then 5% of all trans people think the same way JV does most just wnat to live normal life.

      1. Vern Thurston

        Trans, Gay, or Straight is irrelevant when it comes to Yaniv. No one is as unreasonable and repugnant as Yaniv. A Social Outcast with behavioural problems stemming from bad genetic chromosome sequencing. Yaniv may have a tagged chromosome. It is like a puzzle with a few pieces from a different puzzle in the mix. Rare to find a person with their personality completely dominated by their Ego. Faced with reality as seen in videos of ones actions Yaniv panics and cries. Yaniv is delusional and can’t integrate with people. There is no deterrence from Court penalties because Yaniv is one-dimensional. There is no empathy or compassion just ego. Young children grow out of this ego phase and develop awareness of others. Yaniv due to possible DNA damage was rendered the most extreme Narcissist. Yaniv is emotionally unavailable with no empathy for others human or animal. Emotionally he/she is a Sociopath. Physically his appearance conflicts with his Ego based Delusions of what he/she wants to look like. Reality bites Johnathan, you are not the person you think you are. Were the victims of the Waxing Scam ever compensated as the Court directed? Yaniv has no respect for Judgments or penalties against him/her? No, Court rulings do not impact his/her delusional fantasy life. Once on probation, banned from his mom’s condo complex, banned from SFU campuses, and previously convicted of assault, Yaniv is not a reasonable person due to his/her lack of Mental Fitness.

  21. Njord

    I really hope they throw the book at fatso, but quite honestly i hope he doesnt get jailtime however i hope he gets all the maximum fines they can throw at Tubbo because that hurts him more than anything else.
    I want to see him be forced to sell his Trans-Am motorscooter and loose his Pigloo to pay for the medical costs of his victims.

  22. Jon Yanivs Beret

    I was hoping to hear more people elaborate on the details of big Jess testimony – him claiming Rexy suffered psychological damage, him being assaulted 6 times in 1 day, etc.

    Regarding “the Indian that assaulted his service dog”, I suspect he meant that poor sweet janitorial lady, Kamal. Someone with an actual job, which he’s never managed to hold down longer then a few weeks in his sad pathetic miserable existence. As far as the “sexual assaults”, well that could be any number of people, we all know big jess is just so irresistible that he has dozens of women (and men) trying to sexually assault him daily. Does anyone remember when he told the catfish Arianna “2 girls jumped on him and ducked him”. Assuming he meant fucked, not ducked, but ironically he was telling the truth there (it’s like a Freudian slip autocorrect), females have been ducking him & his creepy antics his whole life.

    Can’t wait for the conclusion, it sounds like the crown and judge are truly fed up. And all those LEO people talk, I guarantee they’re aware that he calls 911 multiple times a day, disrespects first responders, sues them, etc.

    1. Jaime

      I am sure every women would love to be involved with a 600 pound person who has never worked has no friends and is facing many charges.

      1. nNancy

        and don’t forget dickless by choice, nay, by DEMAND. A dickless man in thought, in actions, in mannerisms, in male aggression. Jon doesn’t even bother any more trying to pass other than donning thrift stores women’s discards 20 years out of style.

    2. Felix

      Explaining why he tripped the fire alarm, he explained that he’s had trouble in the past getting RCMP to do what he wants (words very close to that) and he wasn’t sure they would respond to his 911 call so he hit the alarm to ensure they would come.

      The prosecutor forced him to admit that funk never punched him but that instead he had punched funk. Then yaniv said it was self defense because an assault on the dog is the same as an assault against him, and funk, despite using a walker, could have thrown the chair or a desk or a phone or “anything” at the dog. The prosecutor forced Jon to admit funk didn’t hit the dog but only nudged it from the chair. All the while Jon was trying to avoid answering questions by answering questions that weren’t asked or by asking to review video or documents.

  23. MrEd

    Looking at a timeline of our boy, his last real “job” was passing out drink samples. That was at the beginning of covid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    That long ago, I’ve never been aware of anyone like him before, most people when caught in their lies & BS will crawl to the corner & sulk until the heat blows over. Not our jonny, there is not one person on this planet outside of MY that gives a shit about him, yet he acts like he’s unaware of it? It’s almost like he’s a side show geek entertaining people with how repulsive he can be. I gave up long ago thinking he’d done his worst only to come back & top it, Donald’s Grandmother being the latest.
    Opinions seem divided as to whether or not he gets jail time? I’d like to see him get just enough jail time so that he looses everything, car repoed, condo foreclosed, ( he can’t move in with mom) I believe any benefits he has now would have to be reapplied for. So what would his options be when he’s released? a halfway house or a group home? we know how long that would last. So how would he survive? I believe his only option would be to commit himself, 3 hots & a cot & he can be the center of attention in the ward. His only other option would be to succeed in what he’s threatened to do 100’s of times before.

    1. Jaime

      When most get accused of being a pedophile right away they will come out and say no that is not true at all.JV when he is accused not once has he said its not true he will say trans rights or at time take pride in it as sick as it is..

      1. Jon Yanivs Beret

        Actually, he says “prove it”. Problem for him is there IS proof, and lots of it. And it’s all archived right here on MM, our public service extraordinaires

    2. nNancy

      Canada is so lacking in mental health services that I don’t think there’s anywhere left where you can self-admit yourself on a long term basis. The current model seems to be have a locked ward in every large regional hospital where the suicidal can go and as soon as they seem to be “recovered”, ie. heavily medicated to zombification they are turned loose. Rinse and repeat until they eat some poor innocent dude on a bus. Then they get admitted to one of very few long term places left until they are cured and turned loose. AGPs never self-delete, the narc factor is too prevalent. Our boy has a cardboard freezer box with a dollar store tarp as his new home. I think you need an address to get benefits and without benefits you can’t afford an address, Nice grift the provinces have going.

      1. Jaime

        There are places you can admit your self long term.The issue with JV he does not think he is sick he think the world has the same thoughts he does and dieas.

  24. Crabbyoldbiddy

    I have 2 favourite moments during the first day of Jonny’s testimony. The first, was him explaining why he tried to lay private charges and finally ended up suing Funk & Callis after the RCMP declined to lay charges against the 2 senior citizens. The highlight was when he started listing all the law firms that were “too busy” or declined to take him on as a client. The real reason was, of course , his reputation and the fact that despite being ordered by the court to have nothing to do with Funk and Callis, he still went ahead and tried to sue them in small claims court. Kind of like what is going on with Donald Francis Smith right now. The second highlight was him describing how he had to sit in a hot bath for pain but after getting the panicked phone call from Miriam, he immediately got out (PLEASE NOTE HE DID THAT WITHOUT CALLING 911 OR ANY HELP FROM LOCAL PARAMEDICS) of the tub and came right over. It was immediately noted that he arrived without a coat, despite it being February & did not look chilled in anyway (But still as greasy as ever). Then he went outside to call 911, was gone for a while and still did not look chilled when he can back in even when the residents began to chant at him and Miriam to go away. Normal people would be chilled by that exhibit of hostility & disgust if it were directed at them. He explained it away as transphobia but the truth has nothing to do with his gender and everything to do with him being so toxic and a complete failure as a human being – Christian or Jewish.

    1. nNancy

      this is the kind of stuff we all need to hear, what kind of outrageous lies Jethro pumped out on the stand. He’s been spewing bullshit unchallenged for so long he truly thinks he’s immune from any repercussions from his lies. He’s had so much pure crap accepted at face value his Walter Mitty delusional persona has pushed any reality out of that lop sided potato he calls a head. He missed his chance to plead insanity years ago right after he cut off his cock. Had he stood up and said, “see, I must be mentally ill, who in their right mind cuts their cock off?” chances are a mental illness checkmark would have gone on his record and he wouldn’t likely ever be charged again unless he killed someone.

  25. Jaime

    Jon Yanivs Beret
    There is tons he does not seem to understand.

  26. Jaime

    Part of the issue is JV has no support system there is no one to tell him he need help.If you take him mom and aunt both seem to be suffering from mental health issues as well.I have a feeling this won’t end well and once again we will be saying we need to invest in mental health.

  27. Jaime

    I don’t think his claims of being profoundly disabled is 100% fake .He is 6 foot close to 600 pounds that is text book morbidly obese its his weigh that the main issue in terms of health issues.Even if you look at what he posted about all his meals are very high fat it would not shock me if he eats double are triple that amount of fat an adult should.If he keep eating this way he will be 800 pounds by the time he is 40 and will be up to BC to look after him.

  28. N/A

    Twitter just notified me that the spam account @SluttyAlma was just banned, FUCK YANIV!

    Also when is the next article?

  29. IHateJon99

    Jon is a really tough dude.

  30. ActuallyHuman

    Extremely Fat Yaniv is the biggest incel in the world. Keep in mind that he has under 70 IQ as a result of his severe autism and schizophrenia, making him only interested in sex, periods, poop, preschool shows, and little girls. His parents obviously were related. His monkey mother tells him that humans are bad, so it taught him all he knows about killing humans and taking over society so that he can bang little girls. This creature is a mistake of life that have no reason as he alone damaged the reputation of Canada and North America, causing many people to flee to Eurasia and leave their home behind. I want Yaniv and his delusional white knights to be sent away and punished because Yaniv is CONFIRMED to be the next Elliot Rodger.

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