Jessica Yanivs November Wrap Up – Madvent 10

Jessica Jonathon YANIV November 2023

Court, Christ, & Fraud pretty much sums up Jonny’s November.

Trying to look like part of the SFU online academic community & to clean up his timeline from previous racist & threatening outbursts (now deleted but forever screenshot), Jonny posted 225 academic
retweets – many of them very, very first-year level basic – such as a research planning checklist and how to use AI apps. Someone, please tell Jonny it takes more than hitting the SM post button to be a good
researcher and TA. Also, posting a sprinkling of Christian content does not make you a Christian, although Jonny is behaving as if it does.

It looks like his AI posting has now reached the stage where he doesn’t understand what he is reposting. An AI wrangler for a local university and MM friend looked at Jonny’s November timeline and said it was very evident how he was selecting material from the references that the AI provided from a reply composition. He also said that reading Jonny’s AI-generated replies it was obvious he did not understand what he was posting, and the recipients would know that as well; hence he has been severely ratioed by those he was seeking attention from. Although most AI’s in use are now approximately the equivalent of an IQ of 170 (100 points smarter than Jonny), they still need humans to check the material precision and to communicate it accurately. There were other tells we are not going to share. We do not want Jonny to improve his academic fraud techniques even if he is a community-access student. Jonny also continued throughout the month with his Métis fraud despite his own publicly posted medical records about being an Ashkenazi Jew and representatives of the Métis community posting why he was not. Being Métis is something you cannot merely self-identify as you can with your gender. Jonny is ignoring his basic fact. *Keep an eye out for a MADVENT post about this!

Jonny started off November by telling a photographer that he was glad they were arrested for taking pictures outside the American Quebec consulate. He then started quoting legal cases to back up his glee at the man’s temporary detainment until a real lawyer replied. The account patiently explained to the nonlawyer why he was full of shit. We all know that Jonny’s glee came not from the photographer he embarrassed himself trying to troll but from imagining that it was Donald F Smith who had been detained. He thought he had found legal precedence to try to get DFS breached since his sock accounts
and phoney bomb threats were not working. Since Jonny is so prolific at creating imitation DFS sock accounts, a few people decided to create a few imitations of his X account @SFUJessica. What you can do with an extra s or c in a name is amazing. How did Jonny respond? When X allowed it as a parody, he called the local RCMP to complain. He can dish it out but can’t take it. The following day, November 5, Karma did a little payback for the photographer when the Ottawa-based 613 Antifa called Jonny out. Not only was he called out for theft, but he was named & shamed for some of his other crap with a block and do not engage warning. Thus ended Jonny’s Antifa role-playing. Now he can go back to using that balaclava when he stalks young girls online.

November 7 saw Jonny via WebEx attend a hearing regarding Smith’s application for a restraining order. Jonny was furious that it was allowed to even come before a judge. Conveniently overlooking that he did the same thing to Ted Callis and Gerald Funk, he tried to get the order tossed because of a no-contact order. “AND THAT INCLUDES LAWSUITS,” he yelled at the judge. The judge told him to take it up with the judge at the hearing. He then spitefully tried to get the actual hearing scheduled for the same day that Smith has to be in a Vancouver courtroom over a breach charge that Jonny fraudulently set up & then harassed the authorities into laying. He was overruled, and the date was set for November 29. See: Many viewers thought it was funny as hell considering that Jonny would be in court on November 20 & 21 for his far more serious criminal trial and had hoped that DFS and his new lawyer would ask for those dates so that Jonny would have to explain why he would not be available on those dates. In the end, it turned out to be academic.

Around November 15, Jonny would have received a letter from the BC Prosecution Service that they were not proceeding with the breach of conditions charges in court on the 30th and that Smith had been warned to behave better in the future. Some small consolation for Jonny would have been that the warning would be added to Smith’s file. He did not take it well. He immediately began writing a 387-page affidavit for the hearing on the 29th. Some of the highlights have already been posted by those on SM who had the patience to read through it.

There had been various reports that Jonny wrote the LSAT’s on November 8. The results would have been sent out to the exam writers on November 29. Since there was no bragging, posting the test scores online, or graphics of Allard Law Here I Come, we are going to assume that he did not do well. He may have passed, but not with a high enough grade to be considered by any reputable law school in Canada. We wonder if Jonny did register on November 30 to rewrite the LSATs in January. Did he cancel his bad score? You are allowed to do that once.

On November 19, the day before his date in criminal court, Jonny, using his 604_AFA sock, began to harass Smith, making false weapon accusations, and contacting locals to have his press access revoked as well as starting to post on various Calgary crime Metapages. He also created a false CSO on the 17th showing all the things that he has been accused of – child luring, child pornography and bestiality as charges against Smith, which he got one of his minions to post so that he could use it as well on the 19th and in his affidavits.

Watching Jonny’s cross-examination by the Crown on the 20th and 21st was a master class in how to conduct a cross-examination so much so that it should be taught at UBC’s Allard Law School. 
There were just too many highlights to recount here, but you can read our report and add your own highlights if you were one of the 30 online viewers.

After a rather harrowing day on the stand, Jonny decided he needed a little vacay in Vegas. He was obviously trolling. Everyone knows that with his criminal record, he will not be crossing the border anytime
soon, not to mention his passport and financial issues. But it did give everyone a good laugh at how desperate he is for any attention, and we are pretty sure that he has been added to the Fontainebleau Las Vegas list of undesirables.

On the 24th, he posted a new AI-generated picture of his oversized melon on a young woman’s body with the caption about being exhausted. It seems the fatter he gets, the more he obsesses about young, fit, female bodies. Since he was accusing Smith of being 500 pounds, everyone now knows that he weighs at least that. If he was expecting any sympathy from his 442 followers, why did he turn off the replies? So that the strange penis-looking thumb and chewed nail could not be commented on? Didn’t work. Deciding that he needed to amp up the threat level from Smith to prove his point prior to the hearing on the 29th, he called in a bomb threat while he was driving through a Vancouver neighbourhood. No bomb was found, of course, but he did have a VPD file number, and it allowed him to request that Google blur out his condo because he was in such danger. Considering that he has plastered his address all over the Internet for years, it did not take long for SM to start publishing pictures of his unit’s location and how he has been using the balcony as a storage unit and “business” spot for his pet dog.

Jonny continued with his bomb fixation by trying to become part of an X conversation with a member of the BC Legislature about gender-based violence. When he got no response, other than the usual SM Yaniv warning posts, he upped his complaint, increasing the number of bomb threats he had received all because he is a transwoman. Once more, he was ignored.

November finished up with everyone watching the Calgary court proceedings after having read Jonny’s various affidavits, including the last one, which missed the deadline but was still allowed to be filed.
The case was eventually put over until Monday, January 22. A number of interesting things were observed during the relatively brief hearing. The first was that the judge said that his clerk had helped Jonny with his affidavits. That casual remark raised eyebrows. Judges and their clerks talk. People began to wonder if Jonny had pulled his poor, disabled, trans-Métis victim act to gain sympathy and special treatment from the court. This question was further emphasised when the judge did not stop Jonny from screaming and swearing directly at Smith rather than addressing the court. He then said, “I’ve lost years of my life reviewing this file, and I wouldn’t wish it on any of my colleagues” when he said he was seizing the case. The other observation is that Jonny does not want Smith to have any legal representation and once again pointed out that Caryma Sa’d could not practise law in Alberta. Looks like the third-year criminology student forgot about the portability of provincial law societies. He also did not want her to have any future affidavits that he might file because then Smith would also see them. He was angry that his three previous affidavits had been posted online. The judge told him that although they were public documents, he would allow them not to be made public but that he had to send them to Caryma as she was a member of the Law Society and could be trusted. Caryma also reported that since she had taken on DFS as a client, her office and staff were being harassed & threatened – just the usual Jonny MO. Jonny, I would be careful about threatening to file a complaint against a law society member in another province, especially since BC’s has already reprimanded you and there are more complaints against you.

Finally, we want to wish everyone a safe and happy holiday season. It has been an eventful and turbulent year for the team – one full of changes and challenges. But we are handling it. To say thank you, we
made a special creative effort to gift you with laughs and giggles this month. Happy Madvent!

Thanks everyone for your support. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

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11 Replies to “Jessica Yanivs November Wrap Up – Madvent 10”

  1. jaime

    1)He has a criminal record if he tried to enter the States he would be arrested and could face some very serious charges no slap on the wrist.

    2)Some of his victims are American if they ever did file a police report he could face charges as soon as he steps in the States.

    3)If he left the country while on trial he would find him self in serious trouble and could be held in jail for the rest of the trial.

  2. nNancy

    It’s not likely he would be arrested trying to cross the border, that’s technically not a crime per se but if he were to lie to border authorities I imagine there are several felonies they could lay on him.
    My beef hasn’t changed. why is this fat vexatious, pathological lying fuck STILL getting special treatment from the courts? And if I read it right, he’s now getting special concessions from the Alberta courts? The judge is making Jon’s filings secretive? when the fuck did Canada adopt Soviet era judicial practices? Allowing Jethro to directly attack Donald and not face a contempt charge? Isn’t there anyone or any entity prepared to stand up to this worthless fuck and take him to the mat? Christ, I see honest Canadians busting their asses every day, worried about paying for groceries and yet this fucking worthless pervert has all the time and resources in the world to again waste public money with fake bomb threats, call in the cops, and even get Google to bend to his whims. blacking out the very building that everyone has known about for years? I honestly hope, since no authorities will take him on, that Jon ups the bomb threat game and makes and plants a bomb on his own car just to smirk and say “I told you so” on SM. If he does that I sincerely hope he fucks it up so badly they’re scraping bits of him off the Island, never mind the lower mainland. It would be the greatest parting gift any profoundly disabled Metis trans criminologist future Allard trained lawyer researcher could give to the people of Canada.

    1. jaime

      My fear is he will do something stupid and people will say we never did see this coming.

      1. nNancy

        One thing I’m sure we all know is never to underestimate the abilities of the authorities to cover their own asses when they screw up. At this point the only outfit I have any respect for are the Firefighters of Langley. They at least, told Jonny “no mas” when he called them the 367th time to come and fetch him from his bathtub prison. I admit to admonishing the truth, it was only after 30 some odd calls the LFD decided to crack down on this pervert. I do wonder how long LFD would have carried on if Jethro hadn’t been behaving like his deranged sexual obsessive self by insulting the staff and making rude comments towards them? We will never know. The list of those responsible for allowing this hideous beast to terrorize the lower mainland for so many years has to center around the cops. If they had cracked down on this deranged freak early on and charged him each time another false bomb threat or reporting a “misgendering” crime occurred this mental midget might have grown a clue. As such, (sorry, I couldn’t resist) every time he broke the law and got away with it simply made him bolder.

      2. 377

        nNancy – “If they had cracked down on this deranged freak early…”

        My intro to jonny was the waxing farce, totally gobsmacked at the yanivs’ behaviour and the obvious lies they appeared to get away with under oath. As an outsider I don’t have any confidence in or respect for Canadian courts. The police, to some extent, have their hands tied as they can only go so far re having the final say.

        Nothing the authorities do will make any difference though. The police and courts can’t magically correct his mental deficiencies and whilst he remains mentally retarded then nothing will change. Losing court cases, public humiliation and ridicule, hitting him financially has not deterred him. Nothing will. Locking him up won’t work, imho, it would only feed his trans saviour complex. In 10 years time (if fatty’s health holds out that long) he’ll still be threatening, hitting, stalking and suing folks.

        I lay the blame at his mother’s feet. He’s had medical interventions since he was a kid and he’s still the way he is so what can the courts do to change the way he is? She spawned, raised and released him onto society. She enables and acts no better than he does.

        Family of ferals…until their last breaths.

  3. jaime

    Your right just crossing is not the crime its self lying however would be.

  4. jaime

    It won’t change him but every time he does something criminal he should be charged.

    1. 377


      Of course the authorities should charge him if only to save face. However, like I said, nothing will change his behaviour, other than his demise.

      Fines, probations, restraining orders, jail time (yeah right) will not be worth the paper they’re written on. Whilst he’s being “punished” by the courts he’ll still be noncing on kids, bashing people, threatening folks, lying to all and sundry, squealing victimhood. The loser has nothing to lose, it’s win-win for him all the way.

      The only consolation atm is whilst most of us will be enjoying / having fun with family and friends this Christmas, and hopefully having a safe, healthy and happy future to look forward to he won’t. The OAPs in the hag’s strata will have a peaceful yaniv free Christmas. I take heart in that and I also take great delight in the thought of him sitting in front of his plastic Xmas tree raging away at us all.

      Christmas cope, seethe and dilate jonny lad.

      1. jaime

        If he is arrested 100-150 times i would help he would say i need to grow up.

      2. Jon Yanivs Beret

        377, I must respectfully disagree with a few points. 1. Miriam still being responsible for him today (anything after age 18). Miriam doesn’t have an obligation (nor is she paid) to protect the public like the police are. I agree it was due to her parenting that he turned out this way. However, plenty of people come from backgrounds FAR worse, yet realize as adults that it’s wrong, and decide to be better and contribute something positive to society. Also, we don’t even know how much Miriam actually knows about his criminal behavior, Jons breif friend Jenna told us that he constantly lies to her and presents himself as a poor innocent victim of transphobia. Nor does miriam know the law. The police know both of the aforementioned – his crimes and the law – and they are obligated, and paid, to act. Yet they refuse. I suspect it’s because they don’t know where to put him.

        Which brings me to point 2. I don’t believe the evidence shows he’s “special needs” or intellectually disabled. At all. He was able to graduate from Quantlen University, can understand and abuse TOS to his benefit, etc. A friend of mine who’s a bit wiser then me (ironically a TW, who I’m trying to convince to write a guest article for MM) once said “extreme social ineptitude often hides animal intelligence”. Now that’s not to say Jon is smart, quite the contrary. What it does mean is that his poor social skills and personality disorders make him appear dumber then he is. I believe the only “intellectual disabilites” he suffers from are personality disorders, which as classed differently from true mental health disorders for good reason. Add to those being an incel, pile on a boatload of fetishes, then combine it with the most massive sense of entitlement known to man…and you get Jon yaniv. Just my .02. I’d love to hear your thoughts on these 2 viewpoints.

  5. jaime

    I went to school with someone like JV this person over and over would make false claims came to the point he would even expose him self etc.The school called in his parents a hand full of times he was put in a group home got the help he needed and now is living a normal life.This is what they should have done with the big man and who know if he had got the help when he was young he might be some what normal now.

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