Yaniv Is A Biological Weapon – Funk/Cailis Update

Yaniv was ordered to provide evidence at the settlement conference before submitting the certificate of readiness. Funk/Cailis were given leave to apply for the case to be dismissed if this was not done. Consequently, they have now applied for the case to be dismissed. Although we have not yet received all the documents, the paperwork for the application to dismiss contains some fantastic reading.

So, despite claiming a serious assault of strangulation, the Ambulance staff (that wasn’t called for Yaniv) found NO evidence of injury. Not even a bit of redness. You are a liar, Mr Yaniv Simpson.

In point d. above, you will see a reference to a medical assessment done for the purposes of this fraudulent lawsuit. Again, this report found NO evidence of any assault.

One of our favourite bits was highlighting the many fraudulent lawsuits Yaniv has started – And the outcomes.

Yaniv’s problem now is that his mouth is the only thing wider than his waistline. His claims of being near bar level, a fourth-year law student, and an all-around expert preclude him from trying to claim he didn’t know what to do!

But finally, Yaniv’s incessant whining about his sore throat did get some attention. Not only is he a putrid rot-pocketed genital wart-infested, smelly walking biological weapon – but the only thing possibly wrong with his throat is an STI.

What sort of clap-infested idiot claiming an assault manages to submit evidence suggesting it was an STI? We are at a loss and really grossed out by this, but we would love to hear your comments!

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13 Replies to “Yaniv Is A Biological Weapon – Funk/Cailis Update”

  1. Trevor Dunen

    He lives in a delusional little world where his thoughts have become facts in his mind, he shouldn’t have had a sex change he should have had a lobotomy. If Yaniv wants to tour Australia as a comedian, I will gladly act as his manager & we could make a ton of money, all he has to do is tell his bullshit stories and wear his mothers clothes.

    1. nNancy

      He actually didn’t have a sex change, what he had was a penectomy which is the medical term for “remove muh pecker”.
      Changing sex is as impossible as changing species.

  2. xmshkx

    For a “4th year law student” he really doesnt understand that facts and evidence are a huge part of winning a case. They have video of what he did, and what did or did not happen. The dummy even went to the doctor, and she said he had no marks on him, not even a red spot. Whats so hard for Yaniv to comprehend? No evidence, no win.

  3. LadyLaw

    I do not think that this is about the money anymore (although Jonboy could certainly use it) It is about revenge He is trying to get even with Gerald & Ted for his global embarrassment (the security tape), getting another criminal conviction, & being banned from his mother’s strata for another year or so. He actually lucked out with just one criminal conviction out of that trial. A number of locals have suggested that the judge should have recused himself as they claim that he attends the same synagogue/temple as Miriam does and Jonny did before his miraculous conversion to Christianity.
    As well knowing the age & health of both men, he may have been trying to get get one or both to have a heart attach or stroke, like he did with one of Miriam’s strata floor neighbours after a nasty incident in the local thrift store.
    While most people have jobs and lives, taking people to court is Jonny’s especially since going back to school has not worked out as well as he expected. Even with a clean start and no one knowing his history, he still managed to fuck it up in record time.

  4. ActuallyHuman

    Yaniv is a morbidly obese and mentally challenged version of Incel Elliot Rodger. He is being white knighted by many delusional manchildren who are still dependent on their parents for everything.
    Also his mother is a supremacist who hates ALL minorities.

  5. Sydney

    I don’t think there’s anything Yaniv could do that would “shock” me. If I went on MeowMix and saw a story about him being into dwarf necrophilia I’d really just think that makes a lot of sense.

  6. Yaniv's Diseased Throat

    Can you post the PDF?

    1. Avatar photoMeow Mix Online

      Yes – There were a number of very interesting things in Yaniv’s “evidence” so we are doing another article with the full PDF uploaded.

  7. Claude

    On his mouth STI, my money is on the eunuch having sucked on a discarded tampon he found in a bathroom stall.

  8. Tampon_Aficionado

    What kind of STI can be found in the mouth? Warts? Syphilis? I can remember comments from a couple years ago about yaniv getting some kind of STI (genital warts I believe) from messing around with used tampons he collected from public toilets. I believe it was reported in the medical documents. What an obscene person.

    1. Concerned Citizen

      @Claude-I may be able to answer your question…”Candida” also known as “Thrush”, is a fungal yeast infection, known to affect “givers” of oral sex.

      A google search indicates that this type of infection CAN actually be acquired as a result of performing oral sex on an infected partner. Certain “pre-existion” medical conditions can contribute to a compromised-immune system, which in turn provides the ideal breading ground for oral candida as well as candida of the vaginal/penis. Pre-existing conditions and/or factors which have been known to contribute to yeast infections potentially include
      1.Denture wearers
      2. Smokers
      3. Individuals diagnosed with diabetes
      4. People with cancer, and/or similarly compromised immune system challenges such as HIV/AIDS
      5. Taking antibiotics or corticosteroids, including inhaled corticosteroids for conditions like asthma (the “good” bacteria kills not only the infection for which it is intended, but it may also the affect the “healthy” bacteria, in the body, which under normal circumstances is kept regulated and in balance
      6.Taking medications or medical conditions which may cause dry mouth

      We all know that Yaniv suffers from diabetes…who knows what other health conditions and medications the the morbidly obese and ‘hygeine-ly compromised Yaniv may be harboring?

      1. Avatar photoMeow Mix Online

        Well written & researched argument – we want lots more of this on MM.

  9. Sydney

    Claiming to be a “4th year law student” makes you sound extra dumb. Law school is three years. Only people who attend part time because they’re working take longer. I couldn’t picture JY working, ever.

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