Jessica Yaniv Simpson Madvent 24 – A letter from Arianna

Jessica Yaniv Simpson

We are giving today’s Madvent over to the wonderful Arianna. Arianna catfished Jessica Yaniv Simpson, putting up with his sheer grease ball persona and exposed Jessica Yaniv for what he was. Nothing else needs to be said, but you can catch up on Arianna by clicking here.

Arianna Jessica Yaniv Letter
Jessica Yaniv Catfish Letter

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5 Replies to “Jessica Yaniv Simpson Madvent 24 – A letter from Arianna”

  1. Xmshkx

    Everything that needs to be said to him is right here, in actual black and white, easy enough for someone who functions on an 11 yr old males level, just for you Jon. Nothing in that letter is a lie, its all truth, thank you for saying it all!❤️

  2. Vern Thurston

    Bottom left hand column-“If you ever post a picture of yourself in a little girls bathroom again” WTF is that all about?
    That should be exposed.
    Thank you Meow Mix
    Happy Holidays

    1. Jon Yanivs Beret

      Remember he posted selfies of himself in girl’s bathrooms, presenting fully male, with minors in the background? I mean, I’m fully aware that he always looks fully male, I just meant that he even had on men’s clothes and no makeup. They’re here on MM somewhere in the pic gallery. Blaire White called him out for 1 or 2 of them in her debate with him too, where she crushed him like the cockroach he is. That was a classic, watching him bumble and fumble through that, while Blaire’s awesome self just obliterated him. She’d ask a simple yes or no question and he’d answer “b-b-b-b-but Blaire, what if you were living here when you 14 and you were at the beach and you were r@ped and you needed a manicure and you wanted to eat french fries and you were near an immigrant and….Ummm, what? That video is a classic.

      1. Vern Thurston

        My attention to Yaniv was drawn by the Waxing BCHRT Claims. The prior incidents I have learned about and was astounded he was allowed to get away with being a Predator and Sexual Deviant that targets minors. Showing up at a Miss Teen BC breakfast dressed up with a little crown and having Miriam snap uninvited photos while he stuck his ugly lopsided head between the girls to make it look like they were all friends? It is beyond comprehension. Both Yaniv’s are repugnant deviants. Nothing surprises me now. Thank you for the context, Yaniv creeped on young girls. Not unusual for Yaniv. I wish we could here from people that knew him in school/college. I bet he was insufferable-the obnoxious sissy boy. The fact he hails from BC Canada sickens me. The Wax my balls fiasco went viral and Yaniv embarrassed Canadians, how I wish we could have him deported. Back to his actual roots-Israel where mom and dad immigrated from.

  3. nNancy

    This letter says everything pertinent about Jon. It also points out why he’ll never stop his behavior. He has nothing to lose. Oh he might be kicked out of his condo but no matter, he’ll scream transphobia all the way into his new government sponsored and paid for housing, all the while continuing his destruction of innocent lives, his waste of resources at all levels, him being charged , tried and freed into the streets every couple of years all with no explanation. Long before this happens everyone will have lost all interest in him, Meowmix will be long gone because of apathy and then one day a line or two in the obituaries will announce the death of Jessica Serenity Simpson, activist. That will be the finest Christmas gift society ever gets from this freak.

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