Jessica Yaniv Simpson AriannaLeaks Finale: Attacking Disabled People, Haters, and The Letter

jessica yaniv simpson

This is it! A universe worth of small-dick energy and rotting stench of desperation all wrapped up in a little over 30 screenshots. These screenshots, and the letter that Arianna sent to Jessica Yaniv Simpson to end it all, are all the things we’ve always wanted to say. Short of a few more bullet points that I would add in myself, this is pure gold to me. It also makes me wonder what she’s holding back from us.

“Not a bad person”. Right.

Why? Because I win. And I fight for my dignity.

Jessica yaniv simpson

I would pay for video of him falling off his chair. Actually, he probably recorded it himself so he could sue the city…

Now he’s suddenly stuttering!

You can tell so much of what he says is rehearsed. “To my physical limits”.

The puke emoji isn’t strong enough for that. Have you guys seen the Poopgina pic on KiwiFarms? The name should say it all.

Oh Jess you’re not a sweetheart at all. You’re a pig.

Arianna (and the rest of humanity)

What a warrior for human rights and equality! Save this one folks. Jon, in his own words, admitting he wanted to attack someone for their disability.

How feminine and empowering!

It would have been fun if DFS had punched Yaniv out. This chat right here would have been helpful in his defense. It wouldn’t have cleared his name outright, but it would have helped.

Is Jon acting like he doesn’t play up his “disability”?

LOL I love how Arianna calls him out on it. This could be the most stupid hair dye job ever.

You can read all about Carlee here. Yaniv abused her and took her for granted. She spoke up against him on MeowMix.

Apparently this was the end of it. Arianna sent him a couple taunting messages after but no reply, indicating he finally caught on that she was fucking with him. It only took six months! I don’t know exactly how long after this all happened that this letter was sent but it was a week or two.

Did she miss anything? We know Jon the Con reads MeowMix regularly. Leave a comment telling Jon what Arianna should have said but didn’t.

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