Jessica Yaniv September 23 Wrap Up

This month’s Jessica Yaniv September 23 Wrap Up is most notable for what is missing. It is September, and that usually means Jonny does his annual student reset. He announces what courses he is in, starts study groups, joins various student Discords & Meta groups, retweets Student and admin announcements and finds something to complain about so he can run for office. But this year, nothing. The silence is deafening.

He may have been too busy trying to organize a group to get Donald F. Smith’s probation revoked. He worked to get DFS various SM suspended and posted a 4-minute video of himself hysterically calling Smith’s probation officer. We note that DFS is actually in Victoria, trying to make a living as a sports photographer despite Jonny trying to set him up to be returned to jail. It has been pointed out a number of times in the past that Jonny manufactured evidence, and there is a suspicion he has started doing it again to provide his posse with material to take to Smith’s probation officer.

Some speculated that he has either been expelled or taken an academic leave of absence to deal with “family and/or health” issues, AKA his and Mom’s endless legal issues. BUT as others have pointed out and asked, where does that leave his student loan situation? We know he has been living on student loans to supplement his welfare support.

On September 5, Jonny filed a 9-page application (which will be heard on October 25, 2023, at 9:30 a.m.) asking for a publication ban. He seems to have written it while either very drunk, very high or in the middle of a meltdown. It is not so much a legal document as a list of grievances and accusations. He even demands that the court implement sensitivity training, investigate the conduct of Great Afghan Kabob’s lawyer, issue a statement denouncing discrimination, and give him and the “service dog” special accommodation – well, you get the idea. See Yaniv Reply to Kabob Counterclaim in the Document Library.

Next up on September 7 was the Miriam show, produced and directed by Jonny. And, as you might expect, it was postponed yet again until September 19. Unfortunately, Miriam’s lawyer called in sick with Covid so the sentencing was then postponed to September 26.

The highlight for those watching on teams was Miriam denying that she had pled guilty. That may have been the final straw for Miriam’s lawyer. Her client had done just about everything she could except flee the country back to Israel to avoid the sentencing and having to hear the victim impact statements.

The Yanivs did not answer her lawyer’s calls and emails, did not turn up for court or turned up early wanting the sentencing time changed – all from Jonny’s how to avoid being observed in the public court playbook. The lawyer seems to have quit once she recovered from Covid. So now, the Yanivs are searching for a new lawyer, preferably one they don’t have to pay for to represent Miriam at the October 19 sentencing.

But we cannot continue without commenting on the September 26 court appearance. The Yanivs appeared together on Teams. As the Crown pointed out, there were many viewers on Teams, many no doubt from Miriam’s strata. The MM team was also watching on Teams. For those who are unfamiliar with Teams, when you sign in, you have to give your name. Some give their real name; most make one up. Someone (not MM, I am assured) signed in as Rebel Media, and we were off to the races. For complete coverage, click here

Leading up to September 20, our keyboard activist was in fine form attacking the Million March 4 Children seeking attention rather than getting his fat ass out with the other activists and demonstrators. We suspect he used the same tired old excuse when questioned on Meta, Snapchat or X he has used every other time when he has been questioned. Because he was such a high-profile transactivist whose life was in danger, the RCMP had advised him not to appear publicly or give out any details of where he might be (med appts, taking classes, etc). Yet, we all know when & where he will be in court.

The internet also had a lot of fun calling him out with his quote from various legal rulings, which called him a racist when he started to virtue tweet about hate. His replies were turned off, but he obviously was feeling the heat. We think he broke a record by reposting 20 scientific papers in a manic frenzy. His monthly total is 4, if not a record, close to one. Also, on September 20, he felt the need to have his AI defend getting a Gender Studies degree. He left the replies open but hid them.

Despite suing the RCMP, doxxing several of their constables, and using racist epithets when referring to Canada’s national enforcement agency, the Great Langley Hypocrite joined the public outpouring of grief for the fallen officer. He was just soooo upset. But, his “grief” did not stop him from immediately pivoting to a symposium on Menstrual Equity the next day. He says he will attend. Will his menstrual fetish outweigh his fear of being killed?

Jessica Yaniv September 23 Wrap Up

On September 29, the owner of Meow Mix announced that Jonny was now facing three additional criminal charges in the UK, all of which have a minimum of six-month jail terms. Jonny won’t be extradited for them, of course, but he now has criminal charges laid against him in a foreign country, and we are sure that MM will let the GAK & the Residences Lawyers (Miriam’s Strata) and the Crown know. I wonder if Allard Law at UBC would also like to know. The RCMP told us to make the complaint in the UK, which now means Yaniv can’t travel to several countries.

The charges are: Under Section 3 of the 1990 Computer Misuse Act…A person is guilty of an offence if— (a)he does any unauthorized act in relation to a computer; (b)at the time when he does the act, he knows that it is unauthorized; and (c)either subsection (2) or subsection (3) below applies. (2)This subsection applies if the person intends by doing the act — (a)to impair the operation of any computer; (b)to prevent or hinder access to any program or data held in any computer; (c)to impair the operation of any such program or the reliability of any such data; [F3or (d)to enable any of the things mentioned in paragraphs (a) to (c) above to be done.] 2. Under section 1 of the Forgery Act 1981, he did create a false instrument to induce others to act. 3. False Representation of circumstance to induce others to take action or deny others of service.

The first is a slap in the wrist/6-month sentence, but 2 is a minimum jail term of a year. To clarify, the jurisdiction for the offences is within the UK borders. Yaniv, on multiple occasions, used spliced-together court documents to attempt to deny us computer services. Yaniv made a number of false claims using BC court applications that he had edited. This isn’t a pissy wee thing this time. It should also be noted that the self-styled legal genius admitted to it in an email to the RCMP.

2 other things of note happened during September – one was a report of Jonny having a confrontation in the nearby Subway parking lot, which involved 4 RCMP patrol cars and the possible seizure of Rexy. MM could not confirm that this happened or fill in the details. Where is Rexy?

The second item was Jonny’s egregious behaviour on September 30, the National Day of Truth and Reconciliation. His claiming once again to be Métis and his AI-generated virtue signalling caused such a backlash on SM that he felt he had to start posting scientific papers in bulk again. That is his usual go-to method to try to change the subject on his SFUJessica X account. For someone who cut his dick off Yaniv really is a complete dick.

October will be an extremely legally interesting month for the Yaniv clan – so far we have Miriam’s sentencing on October 10 (maybe), Jonny’s GAK settlement conference on October 24, and the GAK application hearing on the 25th. If you can’t watch or attend court, check out Meow Mix. Reports and analyses will be published. Always remember Jessica Yaniv Meow Mix is here!

One final item: MeowMix has asked for volunteer writers. Consider it, especially if you live in Langley and have a personal Yaniv story to tell. If you plan on dressing up as one of the Yanivs for Halloween, don’t forget to send your selfies to MeowMix.

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16 Replies to “Jessica Yaniv September 23 Wrap Up”

  1. nNancy

    I hate to say it but this shitshow is even getting tiring to me. When we were confined to barracks for near two years it was hilarious passing the hours reading everything one could find about this monstrosity. I think I personally hit peak Yaniv recently as i woke up one day last week and rather than check out the latest news on him the local weather was of more concern. I guess when you watch any group or entity skirt all the rules and laws the rest of us abide by in order to keep sanity/self preserve you have to shut it off in your head. I notice a lot of regular folks have dropped by the wayside, even Vern has gone MIA and Trev is now just a guest commenter. Mr. Ed, Reader, et al. have gone radio silent, perhaps peak Yaniv, who can say? Regardless of my feelings, my life is cake compared to everyone living in the strata, everyone being sued by this vile dickless menstruation fetishist, everyone who has ever inadvertently wandered in front of this bellowing walrus but most of all my heart goes out the most, right now, to Princess who we all know suffered a terrible fate, and to Rexy, who if the picture doesn’t suddenly change, is perhaps another discarded victim of the grift known as Jessica Serenity “Jethro” Bodine Yaniv Simpson, Criminal-at-Large.

    1. Jonboyyerdone

      i hope you stick around Nnancy i love reading your comments they are well thought out and hilarous!!!! hope you are well and wishing you a happy thanksgiving from my family to yours <3

      1. nNancy

        Thanks, I miss the commentary that used to be so forthcoming. There are so many talented great commenters here, among the best I’ve seen! And Happy Thanksgiving to all just in case I get sidetracked. We have loving families, silly uncles, grumpy aunts but our families are FAMILIES! The Yanivs are best described as rats who eat at the same place sometimes at the same time.

    2. claude

      Nah, Trev is right, forget Netflix, this is the show to watch. I hit Peak Yanis when over my morning coffee I see on MM a video of the orc, pushing, with his mom inside of it and dirty plastic bags, a rusted through shopping cart on squeaky wheels, to their new home at a noisy, wet, exhaust fume filled, ledge of a bridge. The End. And we are bound to see that, so let’s not miss any of the episodes.

      MM, what are ways I can contribute a few $ to your costs?

      1. Avatar photoMeow Mix Online

        If you email we can give you ways to donate. We don’t want to inflict Yaniv on any suppliers by making it public.

    3. Mickey

      I agree. Something has been missing for sure. It’s so tiresome to watch those 2 flaunt the law and get away with it, time after time. For me it’s most about the victims at MY’s strata. Having to wait to give your impact statement and see the person that assaulted you, sued you against judges orders get the justice they so desperately deserve is one of the most unfair things ever. Even though I know these two parasitic cretins will eventually get the justice they deserve this charade is getting boring. I really have no respect for the RMCP and the courts and am at the point that I am wondering why they even exist because to my mind they go out of their way to give these 2 chances to hurt people again and again. Where are the rights of the many people they have hurt? It seems to me only criminals have them in BC. I enjoy your comments a lot Nancy.

      1. Jaime

        I think JV health will catch up with him before the legal system.The big man is atleast 600 pounds around 300 pounds over weight and growing.People at that weight are playing with fire fire be it not being able to walk to major issues such as heart attacks or a stroke.

  2. ActuallyHuman

    Yaniv is really in big trouble this time. Deep down inside, he is an incel who hates everything except little girls, periods, and preschool shows. Christain Weston Chandler and Ethan Ralph are smarter than him, less fatter, and have caused less chaos and society. Yaniv has the mind of an toddler and thinks he can get away with everything scot free while others have to be punished for the rest of their lives.

    1. n/a

      While Chris-Chan is dumber than Yaniv, Ethan Ralph is probably smarter than that fucker despite being fatter considering the out of control gunt.

      While I do agree that CWC and Ethan Ralph caused less damage, Ralph is alleged to have orally raped IP2 Alice with the allegations being considered legitimate, and nobody can tell if CWC raped his mom or not as there is no info as to her mental state.

      1. ActuallyHuman

        I still think Chris-Chan is less developmentally challenged than Yaniv. CWC’s interests are more aimed towards children while Yaniv’s is more aimed towards preschoolers and toddlers. Yaniv is far more perverted than Chris and Ethan and much more violent. Yaniv is more like Elliot Rodger than Chris Chan, considering that Chris still thinks he is a little boy.

      2. Mickey

        I don’t follow those 2 but I will still say I believe Jon Yaniv is the stupidest person ever born.

  3. Claude

    I read his GAK counterclaim document and just, wow. Beside the obvious perjury (« my dog is a highly trained service animal »), the sociopath bullies the judge and orders him into granting a publication ban, for otherwise he will not submit medical evidence for the CART, and the legal case is over, as he cannot defend himself due to judge violating his human rights. Just wow. If I were the judge, I drag his ass in front of me, and slam the gable down for contempt of court, and have him carted off to jail. Once in jail, the orc will immediately whine for a juice box, as he did before. The inmates will take no time at all to « juice » him, once and for all.

  4. Jonboyyerdone

    To hear the so called “Metis” having so many racist outbursts is not shocking to me. i am making sure to manifest a win for GAK and their settlement! also dressing as a yaniv would be easy lol just gotta buy a party city wig + Salvation army dress and WHAMMO you are done. i think i know what im doing for Halloween this year!!

    And Jonboy if you happen to see this (we all know you do) YOU.ARE.NOT.METIS!!!! The Metis Association of BC know you are not! They have multiple reports on you and suggested we contact all your schools that you apply to so they can investigate your native heritage. its a big no no to claim to be first nations and can really ruin your reputation in the community you live in. You are a Pretendian (yes its actually a word) and with colleges + university’s looking into this we all know you are gonna get charged with FRAUD yes FRAUD!! what else should we have you investigated for? faking disabilities? also a chargeable offence. JONBOY YOU ARE DONE BUD!

    Can we stage a protest with other first nations? i know a ton that would be there with bells on and i think APTN would love to hear about this! they are a NO BS news station with more connections than trudeau. Lets hope someone slips them a email about you!!!!!

  5. Vote cpc

    Did Jessica Pedo Yaniv call Vancouver Police to get DFS charged because I was talking to DFS yes he was arrested and charged with breach but released on a pta
    I know law enforcement watch this site it is time to jail this pos for the criminal stalking on DFS plus the texting apps saying i want to fuck DFS Niece there is proof this
    JYS you are POS

    1. Avatar photoMeow Mix Online

      JYS is stalking DFS and we are considering an article but we are also thinking about sending it all to our contact at RCMP.

      1. Jaime

        I would send it to the RCMP.

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