Yaniv Brands Romani Holocaust victim’s relative a NAZI!

Please remember there is a real person behind this article. He will be back soon with the next of the Never Ending Story articles but is having a couple of days away from the site.

There isn’t a considerable amount to say on this. The article title spells it out in full for all to see. We have often wondered if there was anything Yaniv the kitten killer wouldn’t sink to, and it seems we have the answer. We are astounded that someone who claims to be Christian and Metis would ever utter words like this. I also feel for his family, who are of Israeli descent, so it is clear that Yaniv is a danger to everyone and will say or do anything to get his way.

Our owner has made no secret of his life, a gay man with XXY chromosomes who lived as a trans woman for a decade and came from a Romany Gypsy background. Unlike Yaniv’s filthy lies about First Nations history, most of the family remains, nomadic, and the last immediate family member to maintain the nomad lifestyle was his grandmother. The family lost at least 40 people during the Romani Holocaust, and the true extent of Romani losses may never be known. It is estimated up to 50% of the Romani population in Europe was killed by the Nazis.

Yaniv knows all of this, of course, just like he knows how to contact him, yet Yaniv refuses because he only picks on people he thinks are unable to defend themselves and then mainly women, followed by Asians and Muslim people.

Romani Holocaust. (2023, September 8). In Wikipedia. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Romani_Holocaust

Yaniv, we have no words even to begin to describe you, but be assured we are not going to let this one go.

If you want to hear more about the insane world of Jessica Yaniv a.k.a Jessica Simpson look no further.

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18 Replies to “Yaniv Brands Romani Holocaust victim’s relative a NAZI!”

  1. nNancy

    JFC. I forgot to hit post.
    So does this mean waiting for Neverending part II, it won’t be out in 24 hours as the previous article stated? I get that things come up, people’s feelings are intense , staying on the site may be dangerous to health, but maybe it’s better not making promises that won’t be granted so as to not elevate reader’s hopes?

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    1. Avatar photoMeow Mix Online

      1. Publication Ban
      2. It costs about £700CAD a month to pay for offshore hosting and documents. One person works FT as a volunteer to run systems and do posts, others put in 20 hours a week unpaid and around their kids, cancer treatment, work. By all means step up and do it for us but don’t be a Yaniv until then.

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      1. nNancy

        Hey guys, I’ve spare time and willing to help out if I can. I do appreciate all you do, and just drop me a line and we’ll figure something out for me to do to help out.

      2. Jon Yanivs Beret

        Hey its Jon yanivs beret, yall have my email. If you need a volunteer I’d be happy to help in any capactiy that I can. That includes occassionally giving $$ too. 😊

  2. Frenchie

    John learn the ding meaning of words before ushering them from your piggy mouth.

    No he is not a member or the nationalist socialist of Germany…
    Nor is he abiding by their rule book.

    You for having Israeli parent should know first that this shit isn’t to be taken lightly . Is there nothing sacred for you ?

    Your not Christian nor métis …..and you should especially respect your true origins : Jewish .

    Your called somebody something they in a million years couldn’t be .

    But you on the other half is the embodiment of.

    – silencing dissent voices
    – intimidation and use of violence against opposition.
    – usage of libel and lies to get ahead.
    – use social means to yet again get ahead .

    … I could go on .

    I’m not even home am supposed to be enjoying the tropical sun but here I am .

    Your a monster John .
    I couldn’t care less if calling you by your birth name hurt you .like you didnt care about snuffing the kitten life .

    Animal abuse is a federal crime
    Pedophilia is a federal crime .

    Your raking up your shitty behavior points and the only way is jail.

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  3. Jim Norton

    Once again fat jon has weaponized his stupidity & ignorance. This imbecile is just ripe to be put in his place.

    The the time and recharge yourself! I’m sure jon will still be around annoying everyone.

  4. shortstuff

    Jon’s continuing evil acts will follow him to the grave…and beyond. I’m not a religious person, but do believe in karma. It can’t come soon enough for Jon. If I believed in demonic possession, Jon would be at the top of the list. Also, I have two cats that I love dearly. They brighten my days. It angers and saddens me to think what Jon has done to that innocent kitten. I like dogs, too. Anyone bringing harm to children, the elderly, and pets, are truly the embodiment of evil.

    1. TRBB

      Considering hes had his upteenth shot of MRNA he is well on his way to an accelerated death. Thanks JY!

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  5. Jon Yanivs Beret

    Despicable. To the person Jessica made these allegations against – I’m so sorry, and take all the time away that you need, my friend. I hope you get some solace in the fact that you’re helping to protect the vulnerable people that he does go after.

    To Jessica, I know you’re reading this. I would like to clear something up about this “discrimination” that you claim you face. People are not discriminating against you for being trans. Quite the contrary – it’s the complete opposite – ANY and ALL goodwill or tolerance that you’ve ever been given is precisely BECAUSE you’re trans. Allow me to elaborate. I recently saw someone say that you misinterpret people’s revulsion for discrimination. Very observant and 100% accurate. You seem to have reverse body dysmorphia; where you see a beautiful, thin, blonde 20 yr old female bombshell, the rest of us see you exactly as you are – a disgusting, dirty, obese, fetish ridden beast, pushing 40, a literal real live troll. I sincerely tried (really, REALLY tried) to think of an uglier person on earth, but could not. I sincerely believe (and I’m confident this opinion is shared by 99.99999999% of the population) that you are truly the most physically repulsive man on earth. And that’s before people factor in your predatory behavior and vile personality, not to mention your stench. So again, people aren’t discriminating against you when they reject you, give you “strange” looks, avoid you like the plague, or straight up run like hell. They. Are. Just. Repulsed. By. You. YOU, not your “trans-ness”. It’s not even obvious that you’re trans, since you look and sound like a man and make zero effort to pass, you just look like a gross dude with long(ish) hair. So how can people be discriminating against you for being trans when most people can’t even tell you’re trans in the first place? The fact is, people simply cannot stand to be in your presence because you are literally hard to look at you’re so ugly. You are beyond repulsive, there needs to be a new word invented in the English language to describe how hideous you are. Also, you exude creepiness from every fiber of your being, you can even see it in photos, so I can’t even fathom how creepy you are in the flesh. Working girls won’t even touch you, doesn’t that tell you something? People have intuition, and that intuition tells them exactly who and what you really are. I typically don’t believe in karma, but perhaps the fact that your outside matches your inside has been karma at work. So again, no one is “discriminating” against you, they are simply trusting their instincts, and their instincts are correct.

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  6. @fasterpussy

    You absolutely should not let this go. I told the filthy Cretin when he was spouting this shit that he should be ashamed. Using the holocaust to further his victimhood was disgusting and vile. He is the lowest of the low. A boil (or wart) on the arse on humanity. You told me you hoped my kids outlive me, well guess what you POS you pissed off the wrong person. All the pain you’ve caused, I’ve sent it back to you, you’ve got a helping of karma coming your way. Batten down the hatches, there’s a storm coming, you’re in it’s path. Fuck around and find out you scumbag. You won’t sue me or anyone else, not successfully. You bring differing wherever you go, now it’s time to pay the piper, it’s just and right to me that you’re going to be punished by the very court system you’ve used as a stick to best others with. How’s that feel you violent woman hating nasty insignificant stain on humanity? It is certainly a buzz for us watching you go further down the spiral. You’re the master of your own destruction and it feels fucking amazing to watch your downfall. Kitten killing mother fucker. Enjoy the consequences of your actions. We certainly are.

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  7. Xmshkx

    Thats 100% libel, if we wanna get technical. He knows that HE was the one that posted all the rotten crotch shots PUBLICLY for all of Twitter to see, even tagged a doctor that had nothing to do with his mutilation surgery! When you post that kind of stuff you can guarantee a court is likely to say no to guarding any “private” pictures. He is an absolute PIG for using the language he is using, I’m surprised that his mother/aunt hasn’t beat him stupid for doing it to begin with.

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    1. Crabbyoldbiddy

      Previous MM articles have pointed out that Jonny may, in fact, physically assaulted his mother and aunt in addition to the emotional & financial abuse. They both have had all the classic trying to hide physical symptoms – wearing long sleeves in brutally hot weather, wearing sunglasses inside, etc.

  8. Trevor Dunen

    “What we have here is failure to communicate, some men you just can’t reach, that’s the way he wants it, and that’s the way he’s going to get.it”.

  9. Mickey

    So here is a weird thing. I got a tweet from the SPCA asking me to make a report about the cat:

    Please contact our Animal Helpline directly to make a report at 1-855-622-7722.

    A bit surprising.
    Jon, you piece of trash cat killer the karma train is coming. Get ready.

    1. Jon Yanivs Beret

      Pretty sure those are automated, my friend. I think they write codes that identify certain keywords (like “abusing”) then it sends a signal to post that message you saw. Make a report anyways, I’m just saying I wouldn’t read too much into an automated tweet. Here’s another example, when people were constantly tweeting at and tagging coach for one of their “models” attacking women and a gay rights icon, they would all get the same automated response that said something like “we are sorry that you’re dissatisfied, please reach out to customer service.”

      1. Mickey

        I never engaged with them in the first place so not sure why they sent it to me. It clearly is automated, I just don’t understand why they sent it to me. In any case it was very helpful to have their contact information sent directly to me. Saved me having to look it up myself. Where is the cat Jon?

  10. Reader

    I am not defending JYS, whom I find utterly disgusting. Dumpster drainage on a sweltering day next to a PortaPotty level disgusting. Worse than that. The word “Nazi” gets tossed around in modern vernacular as readily as “hello”, and it’s always bothered me. It’s not just an insult to be flung at someone who disagrees with you. Actual Nazis were/are the lowest of the low. Vile embodiments of pure twisted evil. Like Jon. I believe Jon has that depth of evil and cruelty within him. However, he is also lazy and morbidly fat, so physically unable to carry out much of his fantasy life, hiding instead behind a computer and “transphobia” shield. Unless of course you’re a three pound kitten unlucky enough to live in Jon’s filthy hoard/home.
    I am part of the LGBT community. One of my best friends is openly trans , so just don’t go there, Jon.
    I’m sure he sees hurting MM’s owner as a victory, and so it is~for MM and poetic justice.
    Every word you speak, Jon, is another lock on your jail cell door. Keep talking.

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  11. EyesWideOpen

    my grandfather and grandmother served in the holocaust and to see JY make such disgusting claims is a shame. knowing they are israli you would think they would have some decorum and know theres just comments you dont make. Then again, this is JY.

    Hell Yeah 2
    Fuck This Comment 1

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