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March was supposed to be the month that Jessica Yaniv Simpson turned his life around, thanks to an AI app like ChatGPT. We know that JYS had been jonesing for an AI app for awhile, based on now deleted tweets from December about getting a free Addy email assistant to beta test. He didn’t get it and had to wait until this month to get the widely released ChatGPT, but once he did, Jonny truly believed and acted as though he could recreate himself online into an attractive trans woman that could pass and intellectually into a respected member of an academic research community. Winning in court and being allowed back on Simon Fraser property in real life would be small bonuses to the virtual world he is trying to create for himself.

The latest bio update.

But we are talking about Jonny Yaniv. It was no surprise that his plans devolved into a shitshow, with him making recriminations and threats online and filing more lawsuits. We hear that he has been spotted sitting in his car watching his mother’s strata and has been particularly nasty on SFU Discord channels and other online student media platforms, when he isn’t throwing himself a pity party. It really is no wonder that no one wanted him in their class project groups, especially if they had to meet him away from the safety of meeting on campus.

March actually did not start too badly for him. He won tickets to a Wu Tang concert on March 3. He recorded himself winning the tickets and trying to talk to the Virgin Radio DJs before they cut him off under what normal people know as the too much information and too long rule. What was particularly interesting about that post was that it demonstrated that Jonny can hear and respond easily, despite telling the court he is hard of hearing and needs a Communications Access Realtime Translation court interpreter. Social media users were amused, especially at the thought that Jonny had a friend that he didn’t have to pay to spend time with him. Oh wait, the concert tickets…

Jonny managed to enjoy his win for an hour or so, until MeowMix broke the story that he had been banned from all SFU property. It was a story that we have been chasing since the middle of January and after getting the verification from the multiple reliable sources and confirmation of what the ban entails, we posted our findings. It is important to note that while he was not expelled, he is still a student for the time being and still uses (and abuses) as many student services as he can.

The Virgin Radio tweet stayed up for almost 3 weeks until March 23 when it and every tweet between December 20, 2022, and March 23, 2023, was deleted. Fortunately, his posts of him turning the big BC snow storm into a series of racist tweets, touring the local penitentiary grounds, his Christmas present to himself of a new leased car, really bad poetry (his first attempts with ChatGPT?) about a girl named Miriam, Haikus about being a transactivist, threats against the EMT who physically had to protect Miriam from an out of control Jonny, and more, were all archived. He never learns that the internet is forever.

While Jonny was relatively quiet on social media (only updating his accounts with his new ChatGPT pictures and alternative reality bios) until his Twitter storm on March 23, he was wasn’t idly sitting around watching young girls online (well, not JUST that). No he was busy on the legal and academic fronts.

On March 6 he filed the paperwork to sue Mr. Swirl, a local plumbing firm that Jonny had a small contract with in 2021. At the time we noted that the work appeared to be shoddy even as he started complaining to then current catfish, Arianna and you just knew a lawsuit was coming. Considering the time lag, we wonder if he shopped the sexual harassment angle around, got dismissed or ignored deciding to file the paperwork himself before any deadlines. It really is getting harder for him to get go away money for his nuisance lawsuits because of his reputation. Now it seems that he is just weaponizing the court to extract revenge, making people spend money and time to respond to him (the only way he can get the attention he craves other than trolling online) before he drops the action when it comes time for him to put up or shut up.

He also tried to have a video submitted as evidence in his lawsuit against one the seniors. We do not know what video it was – either strata security footage, footage from a body camera he has, or witnesses cell phone captures – but it was summarily rejected by the Registry on March 7 in a form letter reminding the sole proprietor of Simpson Litigation and UBC’s Allard Law School fast track candidate that videos are not accepted. The letter also asked him to stop submitting multiple documents at different time and told him that the documents should be submitted once in a PDF of less than 20 pages. We think that every time he thought of something else to add to the scam (relevant or not), he hustled down to the courthouse and filed it. What a legal genius!

Despite Miriam having a court appearance on March 13, postponed till March 26, then postponed again until April 6 and finally set on April 25, Jonny had a fairly quiet week to prepare for his court appearances on March 17 for his witness-tampering, frivolous lawsuits against Gerry Funk and Ted Cailis. He also had time to put the final ChatGPT touches on his latest ResearchGate posting which included an incredibly cringe acknowledgement AKA Please pass me so I am not expelled to his SFU instructors, as well as to put a warning up on Facebook about dating Donald Francis Smith in the Are We Dating the Same Guy group.

There is a lot of speculation that Miriam will plead guilty, taking a deal that will allow her to go back to the Strata before she goes broke. There will probably also be mental health and no contact conditions. Will her probation officer do their job this time? Or, will she flout her conditions, spinning out of control and into either jail or a psychiatric institution?

Despite his and Rexy’s wheelchair theatrics (trying to offset the visual of a fat man who could easily beat up the 2 nearby seniors), the day did not go well for Jonny. Not only will his cases not be heard until after his criminal case, but both will be heard by the same judge. Jonny was desperate to have them heard or at least underway before the criminal trial. He probably believed a win or at least getting his side in a court record that his defence lawyer could reference would help his criminal case or at least mitigate his sentence.

In the past, Jonny got away with a lot of questionable legal maneuvers because his cases were heard by different judges who were not familiar with his reputation. Not anymore. We have often speculated about the conversations the judges had with each other in their chambers about Jonny. While they will scrupulously follow the law and judicial procedure, it looks like they may be considering the veracity and behaviour of the Yaniv’s when they appear before them. Miriam bouncing around like a demented marionette interrupting the judge, Rexy humping Jonny and or, my favourite from the Elston trial, suddenly bursting out with more “evidence” when he saw that things were not going well for him. Even his lawyer told him to keep quiet.

On March 23, we think ChatGPT image generator may have met its match trying to turn Jonny Yaniv into a believable looking woman. Not all the extra chins nor the beard shadow were eliminated. Nor was the asymmetrical face and lazy eye gone. What we got was a cut, paste and air brush job (kind of like the Playboy centrefolds of yore). The only thing the AI was successful doing was making his greasy hair look clean even though some of the male pattern baldness is still visible. If SkyNet does take over, it’s because Jon Yaniv pushed them too far.

But what the AI was successful in doing was providing Jonny with enough material to create his own Twitter storm. The first day he threw up at least 27 tweets primarily on legal and forensic matters while offering congratulations to various accounts on getting a paper published or defending their thesis. It didn’t take very long before everyone was running his posts through AI detectors and, no surprise, other than the hashtags and the @ portion, they were all AI generated. What was of particular interest were the hashtags he was using trying to get broader exposure. Among the most frequently used ones were lawtwitter, legaltwitter, academictwitter, AcademicWriting, PhDone, phdlife forensic science, and anything to do with genetics. You can see where this is going.

His goal was obvious. He was trying to network online with legitimate researchers, academics, and lawyers who did not recognize his name and would assume that by his twitter name he was part of the Simon Fraser University faculty and research community. The interest in genetics can be traced back to his many physical and psychological issues which he claims are genetically inherited. Is lacking social skills and basic hygiene an inherited genetic trait like blue eyes or red hair?

The next couple of days got interesting as he started to get some pointed questions and harsh judgement on his posts from the real experts in those fields. Jonny did what he usually does, he hid their replies, or he deleted the tweet. Before hiding their replies, Jonny really should have looked at their bios. Some are preeminent or famous in their fields.

The Twitter bursts dropped within 4 days except the one day, stung by the mocking of his science knowledge he started sending in answers to a junior high level science quiz. The questions were so basic that if you didn’t know the answer, a 10 second google search would have given it to you. His Twitter outbursts may have also dropped in number because he simply could not make the connection between himself and what he thought he was his excellent posts. Dumb Ass actually posted a tweet about bringing back the death penalty for child molesters and rapists for example. Oh, the irony.

Jonny carried on trying to join the online research conversations, wishing people happy birthday, giving academic writing advice, data storage and management program reviews, commenting on Supreme Court decisions in other countries, etc. It was as if he had instructed his AI to find anything that would give him positive feedback and increase his following. It was like watching high school dynamics. Or, watching him try to recreate his failed Trusted Nerd . com website. We are looking forward to the inevitable sex toy reviews. His numbers have slowly creeped up to nearly 300 but his actually tweets are severely ratioed with almost no replies, likes or retweets. Even on March 31, the Trans Day of Visibility our trans fats activist only posted 2 cut-and-paste tweets He got one reply which he immediately hid.

Jonny’s received the reply from the Provincial Health Services Authority to his lawsuit on March 28. It was damning and dismissive, raising all kinds of questions by people reading the legal, public document about whether Jonny had been psychically abusing Miriam. Was Jonny so angry because the EMT stepped in to protect Miriam from further abuse? Had Miriam overdosed? On what and why? The reply not only presented a more complete picture of what went on the night of December 18 in contrast to Jonny ranting on social media trying to get the EMT charged with sexual assault, but raised more questions about Jonny’s violent and abusive physical behaviour even before he was finally banned from all Simon Fraser University property.

But being physically barred from SFU did not stop Jonny from running for three different student positions in the April 4 – 6 election – Student Senate, Committee Member on the SFU Community Trust, and a student position on the Board of Governors. Jonny had to write a one-page statement of interest including his Curriculum Vitae for each position. Jonny obviously forgot to tell his AI that it there was a one-page limit and to include his CV. As you can expect when word got out that he was running, students were not happy and we hear, vented on various online student Discords and forums about him running and asking why he was allowed to run. And, as if to prove their points, Jonny became very abusive and threatening. That should have been enough for the Simon Fraser Administration to disqualify him from running and expel him.

Jonny ended March by filing an application to have his sentences for the Keean Bexte and Chris Elston criminal charges modified. Most likely, he’s seeking an early end to his probationary period. The hearing will be held on April 17. The question is why? With both probations ending in a few months – his Bexte probation ends in July while Elston’s ends in June.

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