BANNED: Jessica Yaniv Simpson Punted from SFU Campus

MeowMix has received information from three reliable – and unnamed for obvious reasons – sources confirming what many have speculated – Jessica Yaniv Simpson has been banned from SFU property.

Our understanding is JY has not been expelled from SFU and is still attending some classes virtually, but our sources confirm that he must (and can) complete these classes online without setting foot on campus. There also may be times when he can attend campus with an escort and an appointment.

According to our sources, this ban was a result of an extensive investigation of Yaniv’s behaviour, with particular emphasis on a recent racist attack on another student during a student council meeting.

In addition to Yaniv’s ban, we’ve been advised that Yaniv has been instructed by the University to cease any action that made him appear to be a representative of the University. Yaniv did have a history of telling people he represented SFU. He frequently posted on social media about SFU events and activities, and that has gone dark.

This ban is believed to have been implemented around the first or second week of classes in 2023. Yaniv has not participated in student council events or SFU activities since then. Students have commented that they used to see him at student events all the time and it made them uncomfortable, even fearful, and they feel relief now knowing they are safe from this campus predator.

Also noteworthy is the Twitter interaction below. Anastasia, who is not responsive to MeowMix requests for comment, appears to have heard the same news below.

What I find interesting, as a frequent follower of Yaniv’s interactions, is his response. It’s what I call the Yaniv denial. He didn’t say he’s still a student, or say he wasn’t (or was) banned from SFU. He said he wasn’t asked to leave SFU or the Gender Studies program. He’s made similar denials in the past. For example, if you ask him if the rumours are true that he’s a pedophile, his response will be “don’t believe baseless rumours”. If you ask him if he abuses his mother, he’ll say you’re being ridiculous and scandalous – he won’t say no. This interaction, along with what we’ve heard from three other sources, gives me confidence that the claims made about JY being banned from campus are true.

This is what predators like Yaniv deserve – exposure and removal. Let’s hope SFU has the nerves to keep going.

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