Jessica Yaniv Simpson Probation Variance Hearing Shenanigans

Jessica Yaniv Simpson was due in court April 17, 2023, to have applications to have two probation sentences ended early, in addition to a private prosecution process hearing (which will be canned, like they all are). After being bounced between rooms, the hearing was about to begin when something very suspicious happened – the courthouse fire alarm went off.

There’s no evidence that it was Jon Yaniv behind it, especially since he was on camera the entire time, but Miriam Yaniv was not in the room. Considering her history, and charges of falsely pulling fire alarms, it does make one wonder. Still, there’s no evidence saying she was behind it. Perhaps it was a drill, or a test.

Interestingly, as the alarm was going off, Yaniv demanded the Judge investigate it, stating that people were leaving him threats on Twitter and implying that viewers of the court hearing were behind the alarm. The Judge brushed him off and told him it was a fire alarm and to get out, more or less.

Less than 30 minutes later, Yaniv and others were back in the court room. Yaniv was argumentative, fighting with the sheriff about his devices, claiming they were for medical purposes only. Perhaps he’ll sue the sheriff next. Rexy was aggressive, causing the CART interpreter to, at one point, speak up that Rexy was disturbing her and her equipment, saying something like, “Oh no, those are my livelihood, please don’t!”.

Yaniv, not one to do anything with dignity, attended the hearing in his usual (and fading) black and floral print dress – and a wheel chair. He was frequently seen using his legs to push the wheel chair around.

The hearing began with the Crown declaring that they were absolutely opposed to reducing Yaniv’s probation period. The Judge asked Yaniv about this, and he responded that his probation officer says he’s doing great, and there’s nothing else she can do for him. Yaniv also noted that he was no longer able to attend the same counsellor as he was previously.

When the Judge asked for documents or statements from the probation officer to support Yaniv’s claims, Yaniv had nothing. He simply replied “That’s what she told me”. Once again, Yaniv showed up in court with no evidence or supporting document. Not even a note from Miriam this time.

After discussion, Crown, the Judge, and Yaniv agreed that since his probation was ending so soon, the conditions to report to his probation officer regularly and attend counselling could be lifted, but all other conditions remain in place. Yaniv asked if he could go to his probation officer and get a letter from her, but the Judge told him that Crown was opposed to any early end to his probation and that would be pointless.

Yaniv also asked if the two probation dates could be synced up. The probation period for his assault charge ends in July 2023 and the probation period for uttering threats ends June 2023. Yaniv claimed the mismatched dates were confusing for him and for Langley RCMP. The Judge suggested he should print off his probation orders and carry them with him to solve that problem.

Throughout the entire hearing, Yaniv sat in his wheelchair, arms draped across his stomach like it was an ottoman-for-arms, greasy hair stuck firmly to his head, and he frequently interrupted the Judge, who was quite patient with him. When he was told no to his requests, he’d do an awkward head tilt and stumble his words for a moment.

And what’s with the wheelchair? Is he too overweight to walk now? It’s clearly a prop – and it was an ineffective one. Neither the Judge nor the Sheriff made a single remark about it.

While it’s good to see Yaniv lose again (it’s probably genetic), it was disappointing to see the BC Court – and BC Crown Prosecutors – treading so lightly on this. Yaniv is a multi-time criminal who has incurred new charges while on probation. Many have wondered why that didn’t result in more severe consequences for Jon.

The hearing concluded with Jon receiving a copy of his revised probation terms and a reminder not to re-apply as it would not be granted.

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