Ilana Altmann Peace Bond Conditions Made Public; Mirian Yaniv Update

Ilana Altmann, Jessica Yaniv Simpson’s deranged aunt and Miriam Yaniv’s sister, was facing four criminal charges. On February 11, 2022, Altmann’s charges were stayed and a peace bond issued.

ilana altmann

Her release conditions are below:

  1. Keep the peace and be of good behaviour.
  2. You must have no contact or communication, directly or indirectly, with Corporal Gafka and Constable Luzhetskiy of Langley RCMP, except when they are acting in the course of their duties as Peace Officers.
  3. You must not go to (or be within 100 metres of) any place where Corporal Gafka and Constable Luzhetskiy lives, works, attends school, worships, or happens to be. If you see them, you must leave their presence immediately without any words or gestures. The exception that, you may be in their presence when they are acting in the course of their duties as Peace Officers.
  4. You must maintain your mental health treatments and supports to the satisfaction of your treating physicians and mental health providers.

According to our legal expert, everything above is pretty standard. Keeping the peace is default on every peace bond, and the no-contact orders for the two RCMP constables are standard issue (remember that Gafka and Luzhetskiy were the victims of the crime, and of a harassment campaign and lawsuit afterwards).

The only condition that may be remotely interesting is #4. While it’s safe to assume, and most people already believed, that Ilana was as crazy as Miriam and JY, this proves that the court has some concern about her mental health and insists that she address it.

Miriam Yaniv’s charge remains unresolved. On February 23, 2022, a judicial case manager meeting was held to set a date for disposition. On March 4, 2022, Miriam Yaniv is expected in court one last time, and it is expected that she will receive a similar peace bond as Ilana.

What will be most interesting is her release conditions, and if they’re the same as Ilana’s. After all, Ilana faced four charges vs Miriam’s single charge, and Ilana was able to wrap her case up almost a full month ahead of Miriam. Was this a screwup by Miriam’s lawyer, or was Crown more concerned with Miriam’s behavioral history and wanted different conditions? We will find out soon.

[mdocs single-file=”20220211 – Ilana Altmann Recognizance After Allegation Peace Bond.pdf”]

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