02/22-25/2021 Madness! Jessica Yaniv Simpson, Miriam Yaniv vs. RCMP Update!

jessica yaniv simpson miriam yaniv

I’ll keep this updated as the story unfolds.

Update 1: Anonymous Source

This came in on the MeowMix tips line. I cannot corroborate the story in any way but it seems plausible. This is copy pasted without editing or correction:

On Sunday feb 21 at 1:30am Jessica called in a wellness check on her mother and aunt. 2 RCMP members attended and after several minutes of trying to access the building they finally made entrance and went upstairs to Miriam Yaniv’s apartment. Officers attempted to gain access to the apartment and confirm both parties were safe. At that point Mother Yaniv assaulted one of the officers by hitting him with the door. The officer then attempted to place Miriam under arrest. Miriam resisted and at the same time her sister interfered and punched the second officer in the face. Miriam was finally cuffed and taken down stairs. Miriam’s sister followed the group of officers and Miriam down stairs and into the parking lot. She was carrying a cane (not hers) and while officers were placing Miriam in the car, the sister struck multiple officers with the cane before being subdued and place in custody. The pair are now facing multiple counts of obstruction, assault, assault with a weapon and other possible charges. The photos and videos of the injuries of the two ladies are a direct result of their attack on RCPM officers. Charges will be laid and crown prosecutors will seek maximum sentences. Jessica may be safe for the moment however mom and aunt Yaniv are about to see the inside of a federal detention centre for a long time.

Briefing: Jessica Yaniv Simpson and Miriam Yaniv Take On RCMP

First, I’ll lay out what we know, and I’ll follow it with my theories.

Last night, Feb 24, 2021, Jessica Yaniv Simpson and Miriam Yaniv went on social media tirades about how an RCMP officer, Mike Gafka, allegedly abused senior citizens (Miriam and her sister Ilana Altman). Pics below.

  • jessica yaniv simpson miriam yaniv ilana altman

Yaniv not only named the police officer, he posted his social media info, named his wife, and named his kids. JY and Miriam Yaniv both claimed that the officer abused the elderly women.

To support his claim, Yaniv posted this video:

That video was supplemented later with the one below.

These and other videos are available on MeowTube.

Now, here’s what I think happened. This is speculation, but I’ll explain my theory in detail.

I think Miriam and Jonny had another fight. They’ve been violent with each other in the past, even throwing punches in the lobby of a police station. I still think the reason the RCMP broke into his unit earlier this month was because Miriam called 911 for help and they later tried to cover it up. I explained it more in this article.

I think Ilana or Miriam called 911 and the police came. Once the Yaniv’s realized they were in trouble they tried to cancel the police but the police arrived and could see that there was trouble. Miriam and Ilana were bruised. I believe this happened from Jonny first.

The RCMP proceed to arrest at least the two elderly women, but probably also JY. Again, I’m speculating. You can see in the video that the RCMP are escorting someone out of the room (far left side) while another police officer attempts to arrest Miriam.

When Miriam realizes she’s being arrested she loses her temper (as usual) and turns to swing at the police officer. He calmly spins her back around and the video ends.

It’s very suspicious to me that Yaniv didn’t release the whole video. Convenient….

There are no charges yet on CSO, but these take time. Sometimes weeks or months, like they did with the assault, mischief, and threats charges.

Again, it’s all speculating, but I think this was a domestic violence case that the Yaniv’s are trying to spin into a police abuse case to support their other claims and lawsuits. If JY had video supporting their innocence he would post it. Instead he posted video showing the police being very restrained, his mom wigging out, and his aunt being escorted away.

Where’s the real proof Jon? Where’s the assault? To me, this reeks of Jonny and Miriam trying to oversell a police abuse story to convince people. They know they fucked up (the Yaniv’s did), so they’re taking time to make memes, post names, post pics on multiple social media platforms (Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter), and sell a good story.

Truth doesn’t need to be sold. It speaks for itself. So why are the Yaniv’s putting so much work into this story?

I’ll update this as the story unfolds.

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