Jessica Yaniv Simpson Twitter Insanity 2/24/2021#Facebook Update.

jessica yaniv simpson miriam yaniv ilana altman

Now it appears the madness has continued over to facebook on Miriams account pics and video say it all.

A reply got posted showing Miriam attempting to attack another Rebel Media reporter last year and having to he restrained by bodyguards.

I couldn’t make this up if I tried.


Part of me hopes it’s true. Nobody deserves a beating more than a pedo, his pedo mom, and pedo supporting aunt.

On the other hand, if Yaniv told me his name started with a J I would be skeptical. Let’s see what turns up.

My guess? I bet Jonny hurt Miriam again. That could explain the bruising pictures that are taken in a hospital.

She’s been emailing people – including MeowMix – late at night. When she needed medical care, they came up with this story. That’s why Jonny made this super dramatic meme with the pic of the guy and his wife. Jonny had to go to an extreme to sell his story. That’s the way he rolls – he always takes the lie too far.

Don’t forget to check out the last pic – leaked from snapchat.

All that anger about cops but he still has time to be a pedophile….

PS hey Jon… Who’s this?

I have reservations posting her username for now but people are reaching out to her.

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