Jessica Yaniv Simpson Told to STFU By Strata

jessica yaniv simpson seral whiner business card

Everywhere this guy goes he gets shit on and it’s absolutely glorious.

Jessica Yaniv Simpson, notorious whiner, disability faker, accused child groomer, violent predator, and serial loser posted this to social media, claiming (without evidence) that his strata is sending him letters.

jessica yaniv simpson strata letter

Can you guys imagine how hard it must be to be this idiotic? Everywhere he goes he loses. It’s not like this is the first time the strata has told him to take a hike, but he just doesn’t get it.

So, first up. We know Jon isn’t actually trans. Yes he had GRS, yes he dresses out of the women’s section at value village, and yes he calls himself a girrrrrrl, but he’s just a guy with AGP. Nothing more. People hate him for who he is and what he does. Not what he identifies as.

Second, if Yaniv hired his “bodyguard” (who is just a security guard) to stand outside his door and “guard” him, that’s fucking hilarious! No wonder people are complaining, especially during COVID. Who wants to continuously walk past some rando sitting in your hallway.

We know other strata residents are complaining about having this monster in their building. After his incident screaming at the RCMP when they broke his door down, several residents complained to the strata.

He’s asked the strata before to install a lockbox for keys outside his unit for emergency services. He was told not to install one but he did it anyways. The strata wants it taken down but you know Jonny…

According to our friend LangleyResident, Yaniv has broken more strata rules this month than the drug dealer that was arrested in his rental unit. Somehow, Jon still thinks his strata loves him.

Jon, let me put it to you this way. Do you really think what you’re doing is normal or smart? Look around you. You’ve been rejected by society. No amount of legal action or threatening behaviour will make people want to be around you. You don’t have a career and never will. You don’t have a partner and never will. You don’t have a family and never will. You’ll never recover from your actions, but please, keep attacking. Keep suing. We know it’s the only way you get attention. There’s nothing else about you that anyone would ever have any interest in.

Besides Jon, do you really think cameras and security guards can do anything to save you when we all live in your head?

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