Yaniv Wears a Bodycam To the Strata Meeting, Wants to Sue Himself.

There’s a headline I didn’t see coming, but maybe I should have.

Before we get into the hilarity that happened yesterday, a quick catch-up is useful. Yaniv lives in a strata, which is a term used in BC for things like condos, townhouses, and other individually owned residences that form part of a larger whole residential complex. In this case, Yaniv lives in a multi-story apartment/condo. Every year, the owners hold an annual meeting to discuss typical homeowner association items, such as building maintenance, policies, and in Yaniv’s case, why the strata council doesn’t prohibit Twitter from talking about him. #JustPedophileProblems

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This story was told by an annoyed strata member, and we’re thankful for that person. Meow Mix has committed to sending a member to next years meeting, even if it means we have to volunteer someone to become a strata members life partner.

The meeting started the way one might expect any homeowner association meeting to start – with a morbidly obese mid-30’s man walking in wearing a dress and a bodycam, wicked-witch-of-the-west-coast mother following closely behind. You read that right folks – Yaniv brought his mother, and he wore a bodycam to the event.

Yaniv, if you’re reading this, I’ll send you $50 bucks right now for the unedited footage from the bodycam. I’ll send you an extra $50 if you’ll include your notes and commentary. Honestly dude, I would pay to watch this hilarity.

Side note….I wonder if Yaniv has worn his bodycam into women’s bathrooms.

While discussing some parking concerns, Yaniv stated that he thinks the strata should install pay parking for visitors to increase revenue for the building. That’s an easy decision for him to make when he doesn’t have any friends that would ever visit him. While on the parking topic, Yaniv insisted that the strata rearrange the parking lot and remove some spaces so his handicap stall could be widened.

I can hear the whispers and chuckles now.

Moving along…Building security cameras were a hot topic for Yaniv. This isn’t surprising, considering he’s got them pointed all over the inside and outside of his own apartment. How else would he record his own fake seizure on video, which he then released to an actually epileptic acquaintance to garner sympathy and compassion (note: didn’t work).

The strata voted on the security camera issue and banned residents from installing surveillance cameras facing outside the building. Yaniv insisted that this is illegal. I caution the strata here. Yaniv is close to passing the bar exam. He probably knows what he’s talking about.

Yaniv did what Yaniv does, and threatened to sue the strata in the BC Supreme Court.

Let me stop the funny bus here for a moment an explain that. The strata is basically a corporation made up of the entire homeowners group. Suing the strata makes the entire homeowners group defendants.

In other words, Yaniv is suing himself. This is actually really good timing because just this week it was announced that Yaniv defeated himself at the BCHRT.

Back on the funny bus…

The strata council, clearly sick of Yaniv’s entire existence, told him to go ahead and sue them if he has the money. Miriam was trying to say some things at this point too but her English was too broken to understand.

Yaniv then took it to the next level and declared that the RCMP have ordered him to have security cameras. It isn’t just that he wants to have cameras. It’s that he is required to have cameras. Yaniv, if you can produce a verifiable copy of this order to Meow Mix I will personally mail you a wireless camera that is compatible with your current system.

Yaniv argued with the strata about this issue for several minutes while most of the homeowners snickered. In the end, Yaniv asked the strata to do something about people on social media posting information about him.

As the evening progressed, Yaniv pointed his chest around the room, suspiciously eyeballing everyone. Then the topic changed to something right up his alley – building security. The strata discussed some recent concerns over building security and if a security system would be valuable. Yaniv, obviously a high tech security expert, piped up that the RCMP response times to these alarms are terrible. In his experience, his emergency distress calls often take over an hour for local police to respond to. Yaniv goes even further and adds that he knows for a fact that there is a $120 fine for false police reports.

Yaniv’s solution – hire armed guards instead. Never mind the fact that actual armed guards aren’t even legal in most situations in Canada, Yaniv now thinks the best solution for a small Langley, BC condo is to militarize it.

Obviously, nobody took Yaniv seriously. It’s very clear that the strata council despises Yaniv, and the residents think he’s a joke. Miriam piped up that he should run for strata council. If only he would try.

ADDITION!!! Homeowners were discussing building insurance and the subject of people hanging laundry on their sprinkler heads in their homes. It isn’t a problem in this building, but Yaniv piped up and says, and this is a quote, “Many luxury hotels like The Sandman and Holiday Inn have stickers saying to not hang laundry from the sprinklers. We should do that”.

Good news for The Sandman and The Holiday Inn – they’re now luxury hotels.

While most of this is simple Friday morning fun to read stuff, there is a big takeaway here – Yaniv’s credibility is being destroyed at every turn. The BC HRT has banned him from starting new claims until he pays his old one. He can’t even beat a defendant that doesn’t show up to defend herself. The police are clearly ignoring his “emergency distress calls”. He can’t restrain himself from blubbering on about lawsuits, even if it means he’ll sue himself. His own neighbors think he’s a joke.

Add that to his defunct business, ruined reputation online, the fact that he’s been exposed for being a child groomer, plus his eviction from the blogger and tech community, and you see what’s left – an angry, bitter shell of a boy in a walnut-shaped body.

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